Why Small Motorhomes are Leading the RV Industry Sales Boom

Published on Dec 4, 2013 156,164 views

Small motorhome RVs sales are booming. Come check out the Roadtrek display as we discuss what makes small RV lifestyle so attractive.

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  • Claude Rains
    Claude Rains 4 years ago I don't think this is limited to "Older People" what ever that means. I think the younger generation is also seeing the light. They don't want lots of "Stuff" that ends up owning their lives. The idea of sending every dime you earn to someone else for 30 years, just to have a roof over their head and life time property taxes is not living. It's a ball and chain! The sooner the RV industry figures that out. They may start building entry level class B that can be upgraded as the need arises. Something on a modular platform.
  • Khaldoun Samman
    Khaldoun Samman 2 years ago Or you can buy an inexpensive home that you can pay down in 5 years and then save up for a small rv as well? That way you have a settled life with nomadic trips.
  • EqualLandFreePeople
    EqualLandFreePeople 2 years ago (edited) At the end of 30 years the motorhome will be worth nothing. The house will rise with inflation. Your mortgage really goes to you and with all the liberal tax breaks and deductions and low interest those dimes plus savers money goes to you.
  • Master Chief 00117
    Master Chief 00117 1 year ago (edited) Leveraged equity. hey... You know how many people are making payments of homes that they will be upside down on when it's paid off? I'll give you a hint. It's around $43 trillion dollars in lost equity over 45 years. That is with interest rates at 3.25% You wait till it hit 7.8% plus. I will laugh all the way to the bank.... As only commercial property has value right now and that is with the bailout! I used for do this for a living...As cities raise school taxes. Service fees and Property taxes to cover their pension fund short falls. Which on average is an extra $3400.00-$5500.00 a year on that home. That you will never own till you die....
  • Robert Foster
    Robert Foster 3 years ago (edited) ALL these RV's are overpriced..... extremely expensive. but like the guy said in the video. - Its made for those 2% richie rich crowd. All I hear in this video is: Buy from us, you are guaranteed to be screwed over, if not once but several times. We are the screw you over professionals....
  • 46619TAB
    46619TAB 3 years ago There's 2 major drawbacks to Class B and Class B+; low ceiling height and outrageous sticker prices.
  • Khaldoun Samman
    Khaldoun Samman 2 years ago (edited) So true, you can buy a Class A Allegro or Thor 34 footer for nearly the same price! In some cases even less!
  • Ron Moore
    Ron Moore 1 year ago Ever drive a Class A in a town....B's handle it very easy.
    JIM'S WORLD 1 year ago Roadtrek's floors are sunken and allow up to, and, sometimes more, than 6 foot ceilings. The 190 and 210 versions have a 'shower in the isle' one can utilize, unless you're a tiny person and just prefer to use the enclosed portion. Roadtrek and Leisure are the top two Class B manufacturers in North America, being the best built with the most advanced systems.
  • Roger Z
    Roger Z 1 year ago Leisure Travel stopped making B's years ago. We nearly bought a LTV Free Spirit, but by the time we were ready, they'd stopped making them. They only make C's now.
  • jusayen so
    jusayen so 1 year ago ....So good point, but if you knew what I know, you would be making a totally different comment.
  • Marina Capri
    Marina Capri 11 months ago 46619TAB , miles per gallon is also a major drawback unless of course you’re buying one of those incredibly expensive Mercedes diesels.
  • roberto abrams
    roberto abrams 3 years ago Well done Mike! I have a LTV Freespirit SS Class B and I absolutely love it! It was great seeing Dean on this video! Cheers
  • Phil O
    Phil O 2 years ago dean must be back on his meds, he sounds great.
  • Peter Mautner
    Peter Mautner 2 years ago Small class b motor homes are the only viable alternative in these times,and for the future.Hymer does a good job for one example.
  • Jin-워싱턴 디시에서Yang-노숙남자 진양훈
    Jin-워싱턴 디시에서Yang-노숙남자 진양훈 4 years ago If it's possible,I need bullet proof body RV.
  • Liam Ross
    Liam Ross 4 years ago And Immigration papers?????
  • Paula Sarcony
    Paula Sarcony 2 years ago There are some videos out on YouTube advising people to stay away from the Sprinter class RV because of the engine.....poor quality and major problems with the the Diesel engine. Any thoughts?
  • EqualLandFreePeople
    EqualLandFreePeople 2 years ago Some say the engine lasts a million miles. Some say they are crap.
  • Desert Rat
    Desert Rat 1 year ago And yet, Volkswagen STILL won't sell their camper vans in the USA. Go figure!
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago Agreed... crazy!
  • Joel walters
    Joel walters 1 year ago Why the heck is that??
  • Frank Martinez
    Frank Martinez 2 years ago yup so true... with smaller rv i wanna be able to move faster go anywhere,save gas.. what i been looking for not the big bus rv
  • Rory Roberts
    Rory Roberts 2 years ago I don't have a problem with your preference and choice, but I need more space, as I'm a FT'er, have a bit more "stuff" that is necessary to bring with me. I also am not one looking to live off the grid, or feel it is necessary to have a "campsite" inside a NP. I'm qite happy in a private RV park just outside the NP, I'll pull out my NP pass and drive my toad happily thru the park, and enjoy it.
  • George Ortiz
    George Ortiz 2 years ago The VW camper was popular. And maybe someday someone will get the idea of making another VW style camper. Get it?
  • Greg Simpson
    Greg Simpson 2 years ago Excellent!!!
  • Desert Rat
    Desert Rat 1 year ago Volkswagen STILL makes a very nice camper. If you live in Europe, you can buy them. But VW refuses to export them to the USA. They claim they would not be able to compete because of Americans' obsession for the SUV.
  • Master Chief 00117
    Master Chief 00117 1 year ago (edited) They still don't get it/ The younger generation is not interested i stuff. One reason they are some of the lowest home owners. So RV companies better pay attention. There is a huge market for entry level starter class B and the ones that grasp it. Will have a huge customer jump...
  • Shady Pine
    Shady Pine 1 year ago I think many people buy the motor home instead of buying a regular home.
  • jupiter22177
    jupiter22177 2 years ago Google RV "industry death spiral" to see the truth about what is going on in the industry and what absolute garbage is really underneath the shiny paint. Also Google "don't buy an RV lawyer " for the reality of these unreliable,poorly manufactured vehicles. You better be rich and enjoy camping at service facilities for as much time as you'll spend there while you RV spends weeks in the shop constantly being fixed. And Google don't buy new. These things come from the factory with a laundry list of problems and failures. Only a real sucker buys a new RV.
  • gmaneis
    gmaneis 3 years ago Interesting TV news-like standup close. Did you work in TV at one time, Mike?
  • Karen K
    Karen K 3 years ago He has multiple Emmy awards.
  • gmaneis
    gmaneis 3 years ago Awesome. Very nice work.
  • Sheri Benjegerdes
    Sheri Benjegerdes 1 year ago I need pure organic or non toxic materials, glues, padding, insulation, finishes, ...is it poss8ble? Does Europe have an edge over us? how much does it add to bottom line?
  • Ocelot Madness
    Ocelot Madness 1 year ago Sheri Benjegerdes that's a really specific request I don't think the people who monitor the YouTube comments for this video can really help I would try finding a company that manufactures these types of RVs and calling them and ask them hope you get it sorted!
  • bookMEin.net
    bookMEin.net 2 years ago that is good information
  • Cipher Oceanus
    Cipher Oceanus 4 months ago Most of those RVs are too expensive and too fancy for the average person! You would not go fishing in that stuff it’s weird!
    CFURIN 2 years ago I have a 33ft Class A and was curious about a smaller RV. I went to the local dealer to look at various models. The biggest disappointment was the shower size. Some were so incredibly tiny that it was almost painful to imagine soaping up in there. I know there is little space to deal with, but manufacturers should try to at least figure out something to make a shower more enjoyable. I use to tent camp and I had a pop up shower larger than than what I saw.
    JIM'S WORLD 1 year ago CFURIN>>>> please see my comment above! I hope this helps.
  • David Dennison
    David Dennison 1 year ago As a recent buyer of a Class C there was little advantage to a Class B and one piece of advice is buyer beware. I am still in shock over how this industry operates? I don't know how they have avoided an investigation over their policies and practices. I fell like I went back in time to when Americans Cars where garbage and we all lined up getting ripped off.
  • John Salazar
    John Salazar 5 years ago Great video, Thanks!