Kobe Bryant on Anthony Davis Trade Request, Impact of Mamba Sports Academy + James Harden Stats

Published on Jan 31, 2019 157,940 views

Legendary Laker Kobe Bryant and Mamba Academy C.E.O Chad Faulkner talk with Jeff G of The Cruz Show on the importance of the Sports Academy, which focuses on developing youth as individuals and athletes. Bryant also chops it up about the incredible season James Harden is currently having as well as his position on the Anthony Davis fine, LeBron James’ Netflix project and more.

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    A H 3 months ago was looking for this comment, ended up watching the whole video, still worth watching the whole thing, mentions james harden's run too.
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    MaLJaY Worldstar 3 months ago They could of at least wrote 5x NBA Champion.
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    Adam Christmas 3 months ago This Kobe dude used to play basketball at one time I guess lol
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    Alberg 3 months ago Like wtf. I hate how the media doesn’t respect Kobe as the best ever tbh it’s only because of the trial he was involved in early in his playing career.
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    Alberg 3 months ago Adam Christmas like wtf right bro? Kobe gets no respect to the media.
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    Tabari Enoch 3 months ago We know but you dont have show that evety five seconds
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    Godmarz Popy 3 months ago Chill man not a big deal
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    Tyler Caudill 3 months ago In fairness, the interviewer seems super freaking nervous. Dude probably sticking right to the script to not mess up.
    BIGROO 3 months ago So right, hahaha pose to be FHOF 5x Champ 1 or 2 time MVP 3 time Finals MVP
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    D!ZZY Vila Nova 3 months ago @Godmarz Popy but it is.
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    leviticus x 3 months ago Mad disrespectful
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    J Ro 3 months ago “Kobe Bryant- Son of Joe Bryant”
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    Juls Marabe 3 months ago F*ck. His the GOAT bruhhh yes he is. Fight me
    DGG The FRENDS 3 months ago Should've put NBA Legend under Kobes name, ijs
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    nene promotion 》nba《 》music《 3 months ago he is a legend lebron kobe and mj and kareem and wilt goats lol
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    monta ellis 3 months ago exaclty loll, they put former ''NBA player'', really ?? he's a legend
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    John Gray 3 months ago LeBron can't make free throws he can't be a Goat
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    TehutiBrim 59 3 months ago As well as oscar winner
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    Jerron Crowder 3 months ago DGG The FRENDS yea they slighted kobe.
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    X Stream 3 months ago John Gray Kobe couldn’t average over 50% from the field so.....
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    vtecsux__ 3 months ago Put some respec on The Mamba's name man!!! Pffft.... Former nba player...
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    foundaz 3 months ago (edited) Kobe could have a 10-hour daily podcast and it would turn no. 1 in an hour lol
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    Elann Suvat 3 months ago (edited) I'm still waiting. He's one of those guys that can do just about everything. Talented and blessed.
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    foundaz 3 months ago @Elann Suvat The guy just riffs his thoughts but always comes out very eloquently and articulate. I wish I had those skills lol
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    slickeddy2000 3 months ago Phil Jackson never yelled at players treated them as men. So Kobe is passing that on good job
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    2lucky 3 months ago Kobe of house bryant, 5 time champion, breaker of ankles, father of the first mambas, destroyer of dunks, the shaq-tamer, rightful ruler of the nba....
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    Rahszn Gtm 3 months ago 2lucky game of zones I see!
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    TehutiBrim 59 3 months ago U should be the announcer at the staples center damn luv it
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    novgaladh 3 months ago and descendant of the almighty god mj
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    Ronnie hasbrouck jr 3 months ago Young ones, study Kobe's speaking method. Clean clear, concise! Very well spoken! Hell, grownups as well, ATHLETES and ENTERTAINERS, study this brotha!! Ya bettet "AX" somebody!
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    Ozzy 818 3 months ago Kobe Bryant is the man in basketball
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    Mike ADHD 3 months ago This needs a million views. Kobe was one of my idols growing up 🏀
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    Joe T. 3 months ago Kobe lived out to his true potential, that's rare.
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    Mikaél Rence 3 months ago Joe T. I’m the biggest Kobe fan that you could ever find. But if he only had better shot selections, he could’ve been greater with the talent and work ethic that possessed.
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    Danny Vargas 3 months ago (edited) Joe T. Naa.. He should've had like: 7🏆.. (minimum)
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    Alan Bustillo 3 months ago Former nba player?!?!FORMER??????FORMER?????put respect on his name !!!! LEGENDARY
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    Danny Vargas 3 months ago Alan Bustillo You want him to suk his dic. b4 he introduces him, or what?! Gthooh
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    Tabari Enoch 3 months ago White people recongize greatness while your playing and respect once you hang up the sneakers your just a regular person
  • fondfarewell2 !
    fondfarewell2 ! 3 months ago I know alot of people are saying it, but "former NBA player" seems a bit unnessecary. Everyone knows who Kobe Bryant is. And former NBA player seems a bit of an understatement, could have said 5 time NBA champion or something like that...
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    Michael Wilder 3 months ago glad they put "former NBA player" under this guy Kobe Bryant's name, otherwise i'd have had no idea who he was.. had to Google what "NBA" meant tho...
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    elijah Ward 3 months ago kobe was the second coming of mj, ad is going to get the kawhi treatment
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    michael edwards 3 months ago kobe should be a GM for a team
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    daniel harper 3 months ago Kids too pussy for Kobe to work in the league he just mentors the few who aren't like kawhi kyrie giannis etc
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    Andrew Harrison 3 months ago Speak my brother Kobe should be gm
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    Jilcha Hamid 3 months ago He's on his entrepreneur grind, i doubt he wants to run a team.
  • Mr13Channel
    Mr13Channel 3 months ago With these soft butter player in this generation... Players won't last a sec with Kobe hard ass... LMAO
  • Andrew Harrison
    Andrew Harrison 3 months ago @Mr13Channel that's y they need Kobe to coach them so he can mold them in to those hard tough players
  • Andrew Harrison
    Andrew Harrison 3 months ago @Mr13Channel but I completely agree with u these players are soft 😂😆😁lmfao
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    Adam Stream 3 months ago I think he should be on the list if Walton gets 🔥 d
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    dre_cityofangels 777 3 months ago michael edwards Kobe said the only team he’d help are the Lakers.
  • Nino Matias
    Nino Matias 3 months ago michael edwards indeed,I think soon he will be the gm of the lakers
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    TenorMan96 3 months ago Agree! Kobe doesn't take bullshit from nobody!
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    OGGOAT_ _ 3 months ago Kobe rich af..he good
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    Splash'n'Skillz #37 3 months ago Film coach would suit him better
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    Peek a Blue 3 months ago He would probably enjoy his life right now and wait for his Fourth Son/Daughter i don’t know which...
  • Esco
    Esco 3 months ago He really transitioned out the league very smoothly. Doing a lot of higher level things than commentating and host bball camps. Salute
  • M O
    M O 3 months ago Esco yeah perfect planning
  • Polaris007
    Polaris007 3 months ago He seems so fuckin happy
  • Alberg
    Alberg 3 months ago Kobe can’t stay still. He’s just one of those....let’s cut the bs Kobe is the best ever. The disrespect from espn is just crazy
  • Astu Atri
    Astu Atri 3 months ago Should have put GOAT under Kobe's name
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago the closest animal to a goat i would describe kobe with is a sheep, but he ain't no goat.
  • Corps Industries
    Corps Industries 3 months ago anonymous best not to be considered one anyway but truly he is the best player of all time
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago @Corps Industries bruh he isnt top 10. i have jordan, lebron, magic, kareem, wilt, bird, duncan, bill russel, shaq, hakeem and the big o ahead of him. He was one hell of a player but he's probably the most overrated of all time.
    HEMINSANITY 3 months ago (edited) anonymous Lebron vs Kobe game is tied last 5 seconds who you gonna pass the ball to?
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago @HEMINSANITY lebron. Not only has he made more playoff and regular season buzzer beater game winners, he can also pass and make the right play whereas kobe would just go head first into a brick wall. Besides, what good are the last 60 seconds if you aren't as good in the first 47 minutes? You can't make the case that lebron isn't a greater and better than kobe. He undoubtedly is. That has been no longer a debate since about 2014
    HEMINSANITY 3 months ago (edited) anonymous you’ll pass it to lebron Hahahaha you must really a kobe hater. Lebron is an around player but when the game is on the line. They wouldn’t call him the mamba for no reason.
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago (edited) @HEMINSANITY no. Lebron is a better player, and despite the image the sports media has created for him, he is clutch. Game 7s, pushing his teams and putting up work in fourth quarters, etc. Teammates trusted in lebron more in situations like this than kobe because he's a better leader and team player. Guys like jr smith, tristan thompson were having great games facing elimination against gsw and such. People on the street tell you that kobe is the greatest they ever saw. Because kobe played in a way that made you feel a certain way. The truth is, he is not the goat, not from a legacy and not from a skill standpoint. He's overhyped. I feel weird saying that about a legend like him, but he isn't what the public say he is.
    HEMINSANITY 3 months ago (edited) anonymous I’m not saying Kobe is the better player. I’ve seen them both play. I was only asking you one simple question who you gonna give the ball to ? On my opinion I will pass it to kobe because I’ve seen Kobe and Lebron how they perform in the last minute or clutch time. I didn’t even say Kobe is the 🐐.
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago @HEMINSANITY lebron gets a bad rep during clutch for no reason. I'd give the ball to lebron because basketball has evolved since kobe's time and it isnt just about the shot anymore. Ive seen them both play btw
    HEMINSANITY 3 months ago anonymous 👍
  • Tamarka Diggins
    Tamarka Diggins 3 months ago Please he's not in the goat mentions. Never has been.
  • Tamarka Diggins
    Tamarka Diggins 3 months ago @anonymous you gaddamn skippy!🙌🏾LBJ 🐐🔥
  • PhoraOne Sinatra
    PhoraOne Sinatra 3 months ago (edited) @anonymous Kobe has the Most Game Winners in NBA History. Kobe also never left his team or needed 2+ All Stars to win Rings. Kobe has also beaten the most 50+ Win Teams in Playoffs History even beating a Celtics team who still to this day is regarded as one of the greatest Defensive team of All Time with 3 All Stars & potentially 4 Hof's. Kobe did that with only 1 All Star on his roster Gasol & a broken shooting finger. I run a Basketball page on Facebook & I have broken down both of Kobe's & Lebron's career down by the # of All Star team mates they've had & the competition they've faced in the Playoffs; the conclusion is that Kobe has won more with less while playing tougher teams in the Western Conference. If you feel Lebron James is better that is okay I respect your opinion but this notion that Lebron is undoubtedly better & that Kobe is not Top 10 is utter nonsense. Before you try to downplay Kobe as being a sidekick remember Lebron wasn't even good enough to be Wades sidekick in 2011 vs the Mavericks when Wade put up 27ppg 7reb 6ast, Bosh put up 19ppg 8reb, meanwhile Lebron put up 17ppg & was outscored by a bench player from the Mavericks team with only 1 aging All Star in Dirk. Kobe in his Prime with a Wade putting up 27ppg & Bosh putting up 19ppg is NOT losing to that Mavericks team.
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago @PhoraOne Sinatra im sorry but there is no way i'm reading the bible you just put out, but all i'm going to say is that kobe is not on lebron's level. This isn't a debate anymore to anyone but kobe fanboys
  • PhoraOne Sinatra
    PhoraOne Sinatra 3 months ago (edited) @anonymous Of course you don't wanna read the facts because you just got owned 🤷 Low key you did read it & couldn't refute the facts so you fall back on that lame excuse 😂
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago @PhoraOne Sinatra that isn't a lie or an excuse, just rhat nothing there will renew my knowledge. I don't hate kobe or am a lebron fanboy, but it's common knowledge now that he is better than kobe. Both better and greater.
  • PhoraOne Sinatra
    PhoraOne Sinatra 3 months ago @anonymous At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  • PhoraOne Sinatra
    PhoraOne Sinatra 3 months ago @anonymous Its funny that you claim its "common knowledge" by now that Lebron is better than Kobe yet most NBA players who have played with & against both majority say Kobe is better 🤷 I'll take their word over yours.
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago @PhoraOne Sinatra it's common knowledge the same way it's common knowledge that michael is the greatest. every stat/analytic says lebron is a better, he is more accomplished in every way apart from rings, he's more complete and verastile than kobe and a better leader/team player.
  • PhoraOne Sinatra
    PhoraOne Sinatra 3 months ago (edited) @anonymous in your opinion. I completely disagree 🤷 players don't play for Stats they play to win Rings at the end of the day. Kobe is a SG who played in the Triangle offense similar to MJ which is why their ast numbers are very similar. Lebron doesn't play in a system he IS the system he has the ball 80% of the time in his hands thus inflating his stats but it doesn't translate to winning basketball as his record shows that. Why do you think Kyrie left? Dude couldn't even play his PG position because Lebron turns everyone into spot up shooters. Sure Lebrons stats are nice but I'll take winning basketball & Rings any day of the week.
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago @PhoraOne Sinatra kobe in a system? kobe was the harden of the 2000s. no passing and shooting a bunch to get your points. lebron is: a)more dominant b)able to do more with less c)better passer d)less selfish, gets other guys involved e)makes his teammates better f)better rebounder g)more efficient h)taller, stronger, longer wingspan i)as fast and quick as kobe if not faster and quicker j)more accomplished: more mvps, more finals mvps despite winning less rings, lebron has led his team in scoring every year since he entered the league while kobe (a scorer) did not until year 7, etc. k)has always been the best player on his team, and since about 2009 the widely considered best player in the world l)better longevity m)lebron is a better defender (when he wants to defend n)more versatile. can play and defend all 5 positions o) better basketball mind. he can see your rotations, your defensive and offensive patterns in real time and go out and implement a game plan to defeat you p)lebron never had a teammate like shaq, who is the most dominant force, especially in the paint, of all time and a top 10 all time player. q)lebron has been successful in more than one place. and those are just a few examples. i can keep going.
  • PhoraOne Sinatra
    PhoraOne Sinatra 3 months ago @anonymous You do realize that's just your opinion right? Obviously you're a Lebron fanboy/cheerleader 😂 again let me ask why do most NBA players think Kobe is better? I mean you aren't in the NBA right? Your opinion holds zero weight nobody cares what a fanboy thinks.
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago @PhoraOne Sinatra these are all facts, stuff anyone with a pair of eyes can see. Im not an lbj fanboy. If i was, why hide it? You're the fanboy. Kobe's
  • PhoraOne Sinatra
    PhoraOne Sinatra 3 months ago @anonymous How are they facts? Because you say so? Majority of NBA players aka the "professionals" disagree with you 🤷
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago @PhoraOne Sinatra with what point that i made would they disagree?
  • PhoraOne Sinatra
    PhoraOne Sinatra 3 months ago @anonymous A LOT. To begin you comparing Kobe to Harden tells me you don't know anything about Basketball. You're comparing Harden a terrible defender to Kobe a player tied for most All NBA Defensive 1st Team in NBA history. I can't even take you serious anymore.
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago @PhoraOne Sinatra i was not talking about defense. I said their style is similar, and it is.
  • PhoraOne Sinatra
    PhoraOne Sinatra 3 months ago @anonymous I disagree strongly. Harden only has a few moves & step backs while Kobe has the whole package offensively including post game/foot work. Kobe also didn't get half his points at the FT line, different styles completely.. Do you even watch Basketball?
  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago @PhoraOne Sinatra i didnt say kobe was not better, he is. But they both are ball hogs that would just keep dribbling into a brick wall. Kobe would have entire games with no assisted points, like harden. Kobe would have games with 1 assist. You guys call it the mamba mentality, don't you? Also, 20 of his 82 points were free throws, and a lot of his high point games were either mass shooting until it goss in or a great portion coming from the line.
  • PaulWrites
    PaulWrites 3 months ago (edited) I wanna be the Kobe of rap. I'mma work hard and never give up. Mamba mentality. Hope everyone who reads this prospers. Have a great February!!! 🙏💯💯🏆
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    ThE BaD gUy 3 months ago (edited) Much love to you too bro🙆🙏. And you also just gained a sub👌
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    Malcolm Darden 3 months ago PaulWrites don't wanna be! You are already there get yourself around the right people,you know who they are!! New sub also! Rock On!!
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    yo yo 3 months ago Keep grinding, you'll get there!
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    Benny Santos 3 months ago PaulWrites you too late guy
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    PaulWrites 3 months ago @Benny Santos what you mean? 🙏
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    Benny Santos 3 months ago PaulWrites you smart it's a big world my guy
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    Benny Santos 3 months ago PaulWrites https://youtu.be/JlfD1UlsMUg
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    cosmic ascension 3 months ago * have a great February .... not trying to be a grammar nazi but reading that caused me minor brain damage.
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    Kenneth Brown 3 months ago I'm on that same mentality my G Keep on griding 💯
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    PaulWrites 3 months ago @ThE BaD gUy Much love yo!!! Thank you! 🙏💯💯🏆
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    PaulWrites 3 months ago @yo yo Factz. Appreciate that! Gonna keep at it!!! 🙏💯💯🏆
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    PaulWrites 3 months ago @cosmic ascension that's understandable!!! My bad!!!
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    SirMamba25 3 months ago Have faith and hone your craft brother.
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    smoothie king 3 months ago Paul writes well you better learn how to rap in 5 different languages muthaffukka! Kobe was no dumb muthaffukka!
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    PaulWrites 3 months ago @SirMamba25 will do brother. God bless 🙏
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    PaulWrites 3 months ago @smoothie king true! Will do 🙏
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    Peek a Blue 3 months ago 👍 Thanks hope the thing for you and other people 😀
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    Rahul Ranjit 3 months ago Wish you luck man! Kill it!
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