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Discover Samples Used On Del The Funky Homosapian's "No Need For Alarm"

Published on Nov 23, 2018 6,582 views

VinRican Showcases Classic Samples Used On Del The Funky Homosapian's "No Need For Alarm"

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  • MCatXX
    MCatXX 6 months ago One of my favorite artists. Not alot of people mention him
  • You Tubed
    You Tubed 6 months ago one ofthe most underrated...
  • mariochumps99
    mariochumps99 6 months ago didn’t know about Del! now i gotta check him out lol great jazzy samples
  • humaneshadowx71
    humaneshadowx71 6 months ago very slept on rapper i had all his albums this was my fav he became well know from if you must from tony hawk pro skater he became huge when he debut in mainstream song from gorillaz debut platinum album with the song Clint Eastwood
  • dmaster5556
    dmaster5556 6 months ago Which samples were used for "You're in Shambles"? (The actual first track, before Catch a Bad One)
  • omegajackson
    omegajackson 5 months ago dmaster5556 good call
  • marxman 300
    marxman 300 5 months ago Yo vin can u do two seriously underrated albums from 96 Real Live - The Turnaround Large Professor - The LP
  • HaSTe_oNe
    HaSTe_oNe 6 months ago love Del from Hiero.. since i was in high school, everyone bumping cash money back then but I had del's both side of the brain in my discman.. the good old days
  • grantp33
    grantp33 5 months ago cash money was a hiero song too!!!
  • BobyDamajé
    BobyDamajé 6 months ago i did not know he was going to this album favorite del album very underratted
  • Emily Keranen
    Emily Keranen 5 months ago I would be very impressed with a breakdown of Canibal ox's, cold vein. Legendary producer El p
  • Dogs And Yoga
    Dogs And Yoga 6 months ago WHAAAAATTTTT !?!?! YEAH!!! My favorite album from my hometown hero! I've dissected this album inside and out, and I'm STILL excited to press play!
  • skrillaboi2007
    skrillaboi2007 5 months ago im from delaware and same i.met him here at a show once
  • Zibong
    Zibong 6 months ago Speaking about Cali HipHop, can you do Lootpack - Soundpieces: Da Antidote ?
  • Dogs And Yoga
    Dogs And Yoga 6 months ago That video would literally be 2 hours long 😂 that's the album that put me up on Mad Lib!!! Hee put his foot in that joint...
  • Michael
    Michael 5 months ago Classic!
  • Roosevelt Kirkland
    Roosevelt Kirkland 6 months ago Man, this is an early Christmas gift!!! Definitely, one of my favorite Hieroglyphics LPs. For the Town!!!
  • schwiggys
    schwiggys 6 months ago got one record in; smashed that like button.
  • Sean Say
    Sean Say 6 months ago Classic album! Thank you for this........
  • Scatter NSPE
    Scatter NSPE 6 months ago Definition of BOOM BAP
  • CJC_11
    CJC_11 5 months ago Boom bap, boom bap..boom bap, boom bap
  • The Wade-O Radio Video Channel
    The Wade-O Radio Video Channel 5 months ago This is everything. I was 13 when this dropped and living in Ohio. Still know all of the words.
  • Rezin 47
    Rezin 47 5 months ago (edited) Infinite salutes for the episode on this masterpiece
  • tevin moss
    tevin moss 5 months ago I love this album so much, thank you sir!
  • Chris J F
    Chris J F 6 months ago Mr fav Del album. Looking forward to this one.
  • Dj Stn1
    Dj Stn1 6 months ago Straight up dope 💯