Daylyt Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers - Freestyle #074

Published on Mar 1, 2019 645,825 views

Daylyt checks in with The L.A. Leakers to freestyle for episode 74.


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  • Tay watts
    Tay watts 2 months ago “They put blackface on everything but Jesus” 🔥🔥🔥
  • Jay One
    Jay One 2 months ago That was a real, dope, true, fire line
  • Michael Cobbs
    Michael Cobbs 2 months ago Line of the century.
  • Dia Camp
    Dia Camp 2 months ago facts
  • John Gedeon
    John Gedeon 2 months ago On god
  • John Gedeon
    John Gedeon 2 months ago Or should I say everything except on god
  • William Kenney
    William Kenney 2 months ago Tay watts yes sir!!!
  • BodgyHeats666
    BodgyHeats666 2 months ago Niggas been sayin that all last month
  • Buddha
    Buddha 2 months ago 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Holloways Idea
    Holloways Idea 2 months ago He should of Shouted out TK Kirkland for that line. It's not a original DAY line.
  • Roney McIntyre Jr
    Roney McIntyre Jr 2 months ago God tier flow
  • Biggy Bwana
    Biggy Bwana 2 months ago I tweeted this like 2 weeks ago.😂
  • adrinz
    adrinz 2 months ago Nigga, Jesus is middle eastern. He either white or brown not black.
  • Doris Donna
    Doris Donna 2 months ago
  • Space1TV .!.
    Space1TV .!. 2 months ago He got that bar from someone !
  • Carlos Rob
    Carlos Rob 2 months ago @adrinz ...Definetly not black
  • Carlos Rob
    Carlos Rob 2 months ago @Holloways Idea Old Black people been saying that since the 60's...Not new people
  • Your greatest ally
    Your greatest ally 2 months ago (edited) Carlos Rob the people that you see today in Israel ain’t the same people back then stop assuming to people that actually done there research know your history bruh
  • Your greatest ally
    Your greatest ally 2 months ago adrinz why do you think that where did you get the source from?????
  • Ihateohioandmoving to florida
    Ihateohioandmoving to florida 2 months ago (edited) Tay watts 1:40
  • adilla121783
    adilla121783 2 months ago That nigga somthing else with the word play
  • Aeri Edens
    Aeri Edens 2 months ago Vlad interview recently
  • Carlos Rob
    Carlos Rob 2 months ago @Your greatest ally ...Where you live...I live overseas and traveled many places and still live overseas...Know the man before you speak on what you think he don't know..I will never get in to much thought on some YouTube..Breathe and think next time before you edit your post
  • adrinz
    adrinz 2 months ago @Mortal Man bronze isnt black
  • HaHzY
    HaHzY 2 months ago Holloways Idea it Aint TK Either
  • rey lewis
    rey lewis 2 months ago Dope ass line and the truth..they put blackface on everything but the chosen people..
  • DLord Tha KiiiNG
    DLord Tha KiiiNG 2 months ago (edited) @adrinz Jesus is from the tribe of Judah and Historically it is the same bloodline as the so called African Americans. You need to know who the true children of Israel are to fully understand.
  • Chandler James
    Chandler James 2 months ago THAT WAS CRAZY!!!!!
  • Brian Washington
    Brian Washington 2 months ago 🔥 line
  • Em Kast
    Em Kast 2 months ago @Holloways Idea you clearly dont get the timing of the bar
  • MyOwnLeader
    MyOwnLeader 2 months ago @Mortal Man Right brother. Feet of burned brass AND hair of wool and guess what, the Middle Easterners' hair is not really like wool, African descendant hair is tho. 👌🏾
  • rey lewis
    rey lewis 2 months ago (edited) @MyOwnLeader Facts..if the messiah was visible to the world right now he would be called a so called NEGRO Revelations1:15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they BURNED in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters A video of fine brass when its being BURNED. "You(jews) will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here BLACK and came back white” (1952)...Gamal Abdel Nasser-2nd president of Egypt
  • rey lewis
    rey lewis 2 months ago @adrinz Where in the bible does it say " jesus was middle eastern" won't ever find it because it doesn't exist..and the "middle east" before it was known as such as and still is..." Northern east africa"..learn something before you comment nigga.
  • Brian Morgan
    Brian Morgan 2 months ago I'm definitely about to put that line in top 5
  • adrinz
    adrinz 2 months ago (edited) @rey lewis he might be dark skinned but that doesnt mean he's "african american(black)". Look up people from bethlehem. They resemble more like spanish people. Definitely don't look like an african american. Do more research NIGGA.
  • rey lewis
    rey lewis 2 months ago (edited) @adrinz He's BLACK..a so called NEGRO to be specific..with wholly nappy hair with dark skin..from the tribe of JUDAH..the same tribe as the so called african americans..stop making up excuses DUMMY..GET over it.
  • Dejour Va'leon
    Dejour Va'leon 2 months ago He heard T.K Kirkland say that on a recent Vlad interview
  • MyOwnLeader
    MyOwnLeader 2 months ago @rey lewis 😂😂 All facts you giving that dude a history lesson! He said he resembled spanish ppl, which would NOT fit his physical description. Also I have a book that traces every member of Jesus' genealogy, he was African. The truth is here, the oppressors shouldn't be able to use Christianity to oppress JESUS' people anymore for they even worship a Black man!
  • Tyler —
    Tyler — 2 months ago they put blackface on everything but accountability.
  • gentle giant
    gentle giant 2 months ago he got it off the meme tho
  • Stephen Maxam
    Stephen Maxam 2 months ago Just wrote the same line this dude stupid hard still
  • Daniel Mahan
    Daniel Mahan 2 months ago True af
  • Obie Flice
    Obie Flice 2 months ago Gj highlighting the one thing noone had too think about in this whole verse. Actually retarded.
  • Creation Sensation
    Creation Sensation 2 months ago Tay watts that fire 🔥 burned hell down!
    FLYINHAWAIIAN37 2 months ago @rey lewis with nappy hair? Yall got to stop
  • Your greatest ally
    Your greatest ally 2 months ago (edited) Carlos Rob oh okay so where did you get this source from where??? So Jesus is a white man??? Or a Middle Eastern??? Show me the info???
    FLYINHAWAIIAN37 2 months ago @Your greatest ally you do know israel is considered part of the middle East right
  • Lonny Saunders
    Lonny Saunders 2 months ago @adrinz u dumb asf ain't u😂😂do some research
  • Lavelle The Artist
    Lavelle The Artist 2 months ago Crazy!
  • Holloways Idea
    Holloways Idea 2 months ago #The bar was a forced Bar, The lyrical timing was off , you can tell cause it didn't fit with the rest of the Flow. Plus all of social media has been saying this even more so after TK Kirkland did his Vlad interview & Day stays on Vlad... overall the rhyme was Still Dope don't @ me...
  • RedBoy Da Heathen
    RedBoy Da Heathen 2 months ago @Holloways Idea I was thinking the same thing.
  • Marcel Jules
    Marcel Jules 2 months ago @adrinz the original Jews and Hebrews were black
  • Joey Rexx
    Joey Rexx 2 months ago @adrinz you ever been to the middle east? How you know wat black brown or white over there??? Just shut up
  • rey lewis
    rey lewis 2 months ago @Your greatest ally Revelations 2:9 says the people in Israel are the synagogue of satan..and THEY are.
  • EagleEye TV
    EagleEye TV 2 months ago adrinz search your history all middle eastern was black. Man you not woke??? Do you know the Persians invaded Middle East??? Oh ok!!!
  • Boy Wonderbk
    Boy Wonderbk 2 months ago YIkesssssssssssss
  • adrinz
    adrinz 2 months ago (edited) NO! yall nigga really believe in daylyt? That nigga dont even believe in god. And JESUS IS NOT "AFRICAN" BLACK PERIOD! I AINT NEVA SEEN NO BLACK MIDDLE EASTERN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! he either white or brown, just like any other people from middle east.
  • Michael Hester
    Michael Hester 2 months ago What is a "Middle East" ? Middle North? Middle South? The coordinates plot to Mecca/Africa/Nubia/Etc Also, the victorious ones write the tales of the yester-year's(past)! Example: Someone could say that dog's can talk. Spread the message repetitively. Year's later, people could call this; TRUTH!
  • Tyler George
    Tyler George 2 months ago Boy Wonderbk idk about that one. I was on one of his lives a week or two ago and he told someone to stay in the church because he said he found his way back there after all of his research despite leaving the Christianity’s first
  • Listening Well
    Listening Well 2 months ago Big Barzzz 💯💯💯
  • MR 1upTOP
    MR 1upTOP 2 months ago @FLYINHAWAIIAN37Go look at a map.lsrael & Egypt is located directly in Africa... the term "middle east" was created in 1850.Therefore before 1850 Israel belonged to Africa.Look at some of the names of the countries in "the middle east" like Sudan.Sudan means land of blacks.
    FLYINHAWAIIAN37 2 months ago @MR 1upTOP who cares when the term was created. The other dude said jesus was middle eastern and israel is considered what we call the "middle east". Just like people from Africa are african. Don't matter if the word "Africa" didnt exist at one point
  • harrythebarry
    harrythebarry 2 months ago and then saying he is not a christian a few bars later, dude is just a fool taking you dumb folk for a loop
  • Andrew Thoppil
    Andrew Thoppil 2 months ago harrythebarry True. Daylyt is an idiot.
  • blessntd
    blessntd 2 months ago @Tyler — 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Devin Beasley
    Devin Beasley 2 months ago That Was The Bar Of The Damn Year. Especially When It's The Truth 🔥🔥🔥💯📖
  • Adilson Vieira
    Adilson Vieira 2 months ago adrinz bro read the Bible, it said he had skin like BURNT bronze.. just think about what bronze looks like ( a penny or 3rd place medal But Jesus was the skin tone of BURNT bronze so she def was black or damn near black but def not white with long blond hair and blue eyes lol
  • blessntd
    blessntd 2 months ago (edited) @Adilson Vieira all I'ma say is if he was burnt bronze complexion then he was a color of redbone and indian......burnt bronze is a dark gold color not black.....just saying smh, you can literally google the fucking color of burnt bronze. Again Its not black its a dark gold complexion black and burnt bronze are two completely different skin tones. Sorry for edit, typing on phone had to many auto correct misspellings lol.
    FLYINHAWAIIAN37 2 months ago @Adilson Vieira its indian people darker than black folks
  • blessntd
    blessntd 2 months ago On another note i wouldn't hold it if they described a native American, since they ha e a burnt bronze complexion and woolish just waiting for all the 5 %'s to come at me with their fake facts so i can laugh at them lol.
    FLYINHAWAIIAN37 2 months ago @blessntd i think these are half way israelites
  • Darrowyn Holmes
    Darrowyn Holmes 2 months ago @adrinz this fool brainwashed lol
  • adrinz
    adrinz 2 months ago @harrythebarry exactly lol. Daylyt said it himself he dont believe in god. Like how u gon talk about jesus when you an aetheist hahahahah hes an idiot fr
  • blessntd
    blessntd 2 months ago @FLYINHAWAIIAN37 this man said think of a penny rofl he thinks his black skin is the color of a penny hahahahaha.
    FLYINHAWAIIAN37 2 months ago @blessntd a burnt penny. Plus a penny is copper not brass smh
  • blessntd
    blessntd 2 months ago @FLYINHAWAIIAN37 omfg i mean i get we as a HUMAN race need something to grasp but what he's trying to do is the same as the racists whites he's fighting against. This why racism should die that mans living proof all races has its fair share of retards in them..... don't be racist hate everyone equally homie lolol. i know i do lol. Ey flying thx for the laughs homie least you fucking get it. Lol.
  • HipHopBeatSource
    HipHopBeatSource 2 months ago @adrinz I'm brown but called black. Go figure.
  • adrinz
    adrinz 2 months ago @HipHopBeatSource show me a pic. So i can tell if you really brown
  • Dade Soulja
    Dade Soulja 2 months ago (edited) @Carlos Rob the original meaning of the word Arab is traveler or nomad...they weren't the original inhabitants of northern Africa..just so you know
  • Edward Dogon
    Edward Dogon 2 months ago adrinz u don’t know melanin let along pheo and EU u ol mamluke...
    PHILLY STRONG 2 months ago God's people we're punished and scattered across the four corners of earth by way of ship. What people we're scattered around by way of ship's smfh . Read the Book of Deuteronomy.
  • JustinPeabody
    JustinPeabody 2 months ago Jesus was chinese youre all wrong
  • G. Swirvo
    G. Swirvo 2 months ago Instrumental?
    FLYINHAWAIIAN37 2 months ago @PHILLY STRONG yall got to stop with that deut. 28:68 smh
    FLYINHAWAIIAN37 2 months ago @blessntd im an ex israelite and im fed up with the Jesus bs
  • The COACH
    The COACH 2 months ago Bar of the Century
  • As you sow, so shall you reap
    As you sow, so shall you reap 2 months ago @blessntd I'm the color of "redbone and indian" as you called it... and guess what I am to everyone that sees me... BLACK! Black people aren't literally pitch black you dullard. Even Wesley Snipes isn't black. We are varying shades of copper and bronze... from light to dark, but not CRAYOLA BLACK. You must be from Maine.
  • As you sow, so shall you reap
    As you sow, so shall you reap 2 months ago @FLYINHAWAIIAN37 You were never an Israelite... You were just a nigga lookin for a place to fit in.
  • San Yates
    San Yates 2 months ago Maaaaannn I swear 💯💯💯
  • blessntd
    blessntd 2 months ago @As you sow, so shall you reap no you simpleton your Israelite claiming to be something your not its that simple, no blacks are not the color of copper or bronze you're a fucking imbecile if you think so, get off your high horse and come down to reality
  • MuChawn Golden
    MuChawn Golden 2 months ago (edited) @blessntd when you say Hispanic, of what derivative are you referring to? There are many types of Hispanics. The different shades are from different parts of the world. So yes, certain Hispanics may share the same bloodlines as those with burnt bronze skin and hair of wool. Really think about it... Also, where did "black and white" come from to describe races of people. When we look up the definitions, black is the absence of all color and white is every color combined. Seems kind of backwards and uneducated the way we categorize people.
  • blessntd
    blessntd 2 months ago @MuChawn Golden whats very sad is that you came as educated as possible and still made yourself look like an idiot. all Hispanics from every Hispanic country comes in all shades, sorry if this is new to you. Also the argument we are having is that these Israelites are claiming jesus is black and blacks have skin of bronze which they don't......i dunno if my school taught correct colors and people see their skin as a different color than what it is, that wad the whole point of black and white being mentioned, please refrain from commenting just to seem intelligent when your far from. also i just know you were trying your lil hardest to comment for likes. that's why you pulled out your thesaurus. Please come again.
  • MuChawn Golden
    MuChawn Golden 2 months ago (edited) @blessntd the point I was making is how do you think Hispanics got those different shades? What's uneducated about that? Then I referenced your statement about Wesley Snipes and calling him purple, which is pretty idiotic and uneducated as well. To find out the definition of a word, most people would use a dictionary rather than a thesaurus, by the way. But I've known the definition of the colors white, black and how colors are formed for years, so I didn't have to use either. Finally, I couldn't care less about likes. Do they make you money somehow?
  • blessntd
    blessntd 2 months ago @MuChawn Golden oh god your one of those you cant make a single point nor have you made any point your just babbling on and on and on. Either make a legit point to our convo or move it along, and yes your making commentsfor likes hence you just commenting referring nothing to the convo nor making ANY points. We can do this over and over again if you'd like, and no the crack on Wesley wasn't idiotic you simpleton it was a joke that had truth to it.
  • Lolo Man
    Lolo Man 2 months ago MANHOOD AIN'T DEAD You’re stupid and dumb
  • GotStones1
    GotStones1 1 month ago Lolo Man BOTH?!?!? 😂
  • Osama Q Mahar
    Osama Q Mahar 1 month ago Tay watts Jesus isn’t black he was from the Middle East lo
  • Nebulous Spectre
    Nebulous Spectre 1 month ago @John Gedeon According to their "religion" God is a "Spirit" and spirits, according to definition aren't really visually depicted as any sort of color, however it is applicable to Jesus considering he was born in Jerusalem which would have given him darker skin, however that doesn't make him black either.
  • Spider Comics
    Spider Comics 1 month ago no lie there my feet is like brass
  • Spider Comics
    Spider Comics 1 month ago HISTORY AND BIBLICAL LESSON All In One THANK Jesus For Your KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING Through Your Bible And Prophecy Jesus tells you Russia is the protector of all those east of the Euphrates river the king of the east to fight against the ten toes of Babylon who are under the banner of the Resurrected Roman Empire outlined in Chapters Ezekiel 37 and Ezekiel 38 and Jeremiah 50 also Roman a organization was going to be called The Mother Church Someone with wisdom tell me what nation that sit upon seven hills and seven mountains the only place that has these two is Italy the Vatican in Chapter of Revelation 17 a nation within a nation a city within a city a Government within a government her doctrines make the kings of this earth drunk look at her Doctrine Sunday day of the sun replaced the Sabbath day going to heaven Jesus told us dust thou art dust you shall return until Judgment Day now the ten toes of Babylon is the ten of today aka the United Nations In Chapters Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 and Revelation 13 in history Jacques Dolores who was suppose lead the military an be political leader aka the Beast of Europe an usher in the pope of his time went on to create the Sorrow of Brussels aka Treaty of Rome but the ten wasn't establish in his time but almost become a world wide Government so now the Ten is Establish July 1st 2011 under the Also My Brother Esau who claim to be Black an Israelite Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9 and those Converted Germans who was put their under General Titus a Roman Solider who was Commission by Rome During the Aftermath of General Titus Destruction of Israel in 70 A.D. Who Scatter the true Israelite's of the bible Jesus did Deuteronomy 28:30-68 and Joel 3:1-9 Isaiah 42:16-24 sold an Enslaved Judah Levi an Benjamin Tribes to america Hemisphere for Servitude cause of disobedience the rest of the rest of 9 Tribes were snuffed and scatter to the Eurasia Mediterranean out by Assyrians with other nations psalms 83:1-8 also Esau an those Converted Germans in Revelation 2:9 and revelation 3:9 is about to build that false temple then the gentiles who are white people gonna take it over they are Europeans son of Japeth Revelation 11:1-3
  • Ruben Angelo
    Ruben Angelo 1 month ago adrinz are U retarded?
  • Tay Yasharal
    Tay Yasharal 1 month ago Jesus isn't real, even if he was Black. God is our savior Isaiah 43:11.
  • Justin Dir
    Justin Dir 1 month ago Tay watts well he wasn’t black he was middle eastern bone dug up around that time were mostly Iraqi Jews ! He wasn’t black but sure as hell wasnt white !
    LAW ISTRUTH 1 month ago @adrinz go read Revelation 1:13-15kjv He ain't brown nor white he very black - burnt black. You can then check Jeremiah 14:2kjv as well to see colour of jews
  • fwsenoh
    fwsenoh 1 month ago adrinz How many middle was people you know with hair like wool
  • P. Hicks
    P. Hicks 1 month ago "Sun/son think he's powerful tell/tale me what this belief is they put blackface on errthing but Jesus" definitely and ol' term
  • Kalamite
    Kalamite 1 month ago y'all should peep that one jaunt Day has called Age of Aquarius, should be on YouTube. That's a few levels above this I feel, and this was nuts.
  • adrinz
    adrinz 1 month ago @fwsenoh a friend of mine is egyptian. And her hair is just like black african's but she is pure middle eastern.
  • Jadendaslayer YT
    Jadendaslayer YT 1 month ago Fire but Keep Torah
  • paul bomar
    paul bomar 1 month ago Black people need to read. There are dark skin natives with Afros still in the middle east. Hey want to wipe out the dark skin on this planet
  • paul bomar
    paul bomar 1 month ago @adrinz the natives of the middle east are dark skin with Afros. Negros need to travel and read
  • paul bomar
    paul bomar 1 month ago @Carlos Rob the middle east is full of dark skin natives with Afros....
  • Carlos Rob
    Carlos Rob 1 month ago @paul bomar peace; I know I lived there about 10 years and now over in Eastern Europe but still love my black skin women to the heart
  • Calvin Buckhead
    Calvin Buckhead 3 weeks ago Cold blooded.
  • laurie s
    laurie s 2 weeks ago mirkedddddd 💯🙏🏼😎👁🎯
    EZXHIODIEUXS 1 week ago @adrinz how and since when would Middle Eastern EVER be considered white? They are WAY closer to black than white culturally AND melanin wise!
    EZXHIODIEUXS 1 week ago @adrinz it isn't white either!
  • Lucid Jackson
    Lucid Jackson 1 week ago its beyond that tho
  • Justin Lupo
    Justin Lupo 5 days ago @Space1TV .!. I'd bet comedian Paul Mooney
  • donth8myhustle
    donth8myhustle 2 months ago I feel like my IQ went up listening to this
  • EliLL Hi
    EliLL Hi 1 month ago donth8myhustle for real
  • so cool land cj
    so cool land cj 1 month ago Right, that part!!!!
  • Tommy
    Tommy 1 month ago Nothing smart about it! Weak bars
  • Oscar Sigaran
    Oscar Sigaran 1 month ago @Tommy are you upset he is smarter than you? Them bars were 🔥! Some people are too stupid to understand them so we all know where you stand Tommy 😂😂
  • donth8myhustle
    donth8myhustle 1 month ago Tommy wait weak bars maybe you should catch up fam everything he spit was heat🔥🔥 go back and listen to lil pump
  • Gantry Smith
    Gantry Smith 4 weeks ago It was mine!
  • SLIPS 714
    SLIPS 714 4 weeks ago That’s because it did
  • Quinton Miller
    Quinton Miller 4 weeks ago Trust me it didn't lol 😂
  • Gantry Smith
    Gantry Smith 3 weeks ago @Quinton Miller 😂
  • j jtowers
    j jtowers 3 weeks ago Day do bring Light
  • Levi Best
    Levi Best 4 days ago @Tommy go listen to rock n roll
  • unapologetically afrikan
    unapologetically afrikan 2 months ago The ancestors has totally took over this man body ..peace to the gods ase
  • xUkayDesigns
    xUkayDesigns 1 month ago unapologetically afrikan bruh...
  • Pablo Martinez
    Pablo Martinez 1 month ago asé!
    D CORRY 1 month ago Have head those bars and reasoning comment I almost dropped a tear ✌🏾✊🏾
  • IamRoyalty 89
    IamRoyalty 89 1 month ago ase
  • monica webster
    monica webster 3 weeks ago 👍
    THE WIFI WARRIOR 4 days ago Yes
  • The One Minds
    The One Minds 30 minutes ago He was possessed by the gods and angels of power and love
  • S.Y.R.E
    S.Y.R.E 1 month ago "We've been assed out and y'all knew this(nudist)"🔥🔥🔥
  • shante thomas
    shante thomas 1 month ago 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Troy Arledge
    Troy Arledge 1 month ago Day recycles that one a lot though.
  • Joshua Ayers
    Joshua Ayers 3 weeks ago #cerebralbars
  • Paisa Spitting Fuego
    Paisa Spitting Fuego 6 days ago That was light/lyt thoe
  • Zachary Madden
    Zachary Madden 4 days ago @Troy Arledge When he choreographs it on stage when he's battling, is that recycling too? LOL
    YAMIKAMI闇神 2 months ago Now I understand why his name is “Daylyt”, his bars are ALWAYS above your head.
  • Jonathan Chery
    Jonathan Chery 2 months ago he said more in 4 minutes than most rappers say in a whole album
  • Mr. Eric
    Mr. Eric 2 months ago Factz
  • Meta
    Meta 2 months ago career*
  • J Jac
    J Jac 2 months ago Some rappers never say
  • Jonney Mason
  • Jonathan Chery
    Jonathan Chery 2 months ago Meta lol
  • younggd0099
    younggd0099 2 months ago More like 4 bars
  • G. Swirvo
    G. Swirvo 2 months ago Instrumental?
  • 2trill™
    2trill™ 2 months ago career*
  • Tutelary patron pharaoh
    Tutelary patron pharaoh 2 months ago Said more than a thousand best rappers
  • Quinton Miller
    Quinton Miller 2 months ago You said just as much truth in the statement,as daylight did in verse#REALNIGGA🤟👁️M
  • Jake Atta
    Jake Atta 2 months ago Coff coff (Akala/Lowkey)
  • Primo H
    Primo H 2 months ago In they life
  • Bachata Intimate
    Bachata Intimate 2 months ago Whole life!!!
    NUBLADO 2 months ago Straight proof that when you get a platform say how you feel not what they sell✊
  • Raynk
    Raynk 1 month ago in a whole discography!
  • Joost
    Joost 1 month ago Do you get his message though ?
  • jay louis
    jay louis 1 month ago Jonathan Chery *Lifetime
  • Leah star
    Leah star 1 month ago Facts
  • Adrale4gotten
    Adrale4gotten 1 month ago Whole career
  • Oneal Walker
    Oneal Walker 1 month ago Lol true
  • Eathen Stovall
    Eathen Stovall 1 month ago FACTS!!!!!!!!
  • shomina
    shomina 1 month ago you ment to say in their life they cant ewen put it in the words
  • Jonathan Chery
    Jonathan Chery 1 month ago shomina lol. That’s a fact
  • William Lightford
    William Lightford 1 month ago So very true
  • TylerE
    TylerE 2 months ago I feel like his IQ is way higher than we think😂👏 dope rap
  • thirdEYEsix
    thirdEYEsix 2 months ago "Those who run the world is really racist." 🔥Double Entandre
  • yuLoveCoffee
    yuLoveCoffee 2 months ago thirdEYEsix I didn’t even catch this 😩🔥🔥
  • DonDairy337
    DonDairy337 2 months ago Bruh i just caught that
  • Ivan Hunter
    Ivan Hunter 2 months ago I dont get the double entendre explain it
  • Jesus Jimenez
    Jesus Jimenez 2 months ago @Ivan Hunter those who RUN the world is really (RACE)IST
  • Roué Ted
    Roué Ted 1 month ago Then he proceeded to say he would drop jews. Funny how people don't realize they're racists yet complain about racism.
  • Zahed Mehal
    Zahed Mehal 1 month ago @Roué Ted he said drop jewels, not drop jews, relax lol
  • Roué Ted
    Roué Ted 1 month ago (edited) @Zahed Mehal Oo Zayum😂😂😂 got excited
  • Mr.KwamiD - 86
    Mr.KwamiD - 86 1 month ago @Roué Ted LOL :) easy fella. easy
  • Disciple wit' a rifle
    Disciple wit' a rifle 1 month ago @Zahed Mehal nah bro that's also a double entendre 😂 roué ted is correct
  • Disciple wit' a rifle
    Disciple wit' a rifle 1 month ago @Mr.KwamiD - 86 stfu u just following what the last nigga said sheep. Dont follow sheep kid
  • flowerz
    flowerz 1 month ago Disciple wit' a rifle you’re an idiot bro. No it’s not. His mission is to drop jews?? That doesn’t even make sense in the context stfu
  • DeAnna Against the World
    DeAnna Against the World 1 month ago Damn near all his bars are double entendres lol
  • Hazardous89
    Hazardous89 1 month ago @Roué Tedsay something bad about the Jew's OMG! antisemitism lol.
  • Kalamite
    Kalamite 1 month ago flowerz calls Lyor Cohen(Jew) Lucifer Then I will not move, PLOT move, listen my mission is to drop jewels/Jews(referring to the previous line). Also the run the world line is racist/race us.
  • Kalamite
    Kalamite 1 month ago Hazardous89 he couldn’t catch that it was aimed at the elite Jew-Ish lolol
  • SpiteUnited
    SpiteUnited 1 month ago @Roué Ted funny how someone calls someone else a racist making a point about the irony but the only irony here is you showed ur minds true colors without assessing what ur talking about
  • shomina
    shomina 1 month ago run forest run you not dumb just slow we will nacci hunt them all them racist bitches one day
  • Kashae Hawthorne
    Kashae Hawthorne 4 weeks ago Roué Ted We earned the right to be . People come for us , we don’t bother no one.Whites are bullies and jealous and envious of us . If they weren’t they wouldn’t be so nasty towards us. For no reason , we’re just fighting back against the hatred and the greedy , dogfish ways of whitey .
  • Corey Cossey
    Corey Cossey 4 weeks ago @Kashae Hawthorne saaaaaay dat
  • G McRae
    G McRae 3 weeks ago I'M GLAD i'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT THAT 1
  • Malik Liggins
    Malik Liggins 2 weeks ago Eee
  • GotStones1
    GotStones1 2 weeks ago Kashae Hawthorne go meet people. Learn
  • Moodie B
    Moodie B 1 week ago @GotStones1 we do, most have the exact same mentality towards us. Save it please
  • MaikuLaKilla
    MaikuLaKilla 5 days ago @Jesus Jimenez I thought it meant like racist(raised us), as in the people who raised us who's technically the government are racist
  • monica webster
    monica webster 4 days ago @Roué Ted jewels. It's slang for knowlegde
  • TheSon OfAMan
    TheSon OfAMan 3 days ago (edited) @Roué Ted Word! No one ever critically think on this? Calling yourselves Gods chosen people denotes that no other race is Godly. Nazi-esque in their narrative. Tribal and racist in their world view. Wait, he was attempting to paint Daylyt as Racist? Yea, didn't work, lmao.
  • TheSon OfAMan
    TheSon OfAMan 3 days ago @Hazardous89 these days that term is politically motivated and attributed to those THEY hate, whom THEY disagree with, those who criticize THEM and any one shining light on THEIR role(THERE ARE OTHER PLAYERS IN THE GAME OF CONTROL) in your mental and physical slavery.
  • yuLoveCoffee
    yuLoveCoffee 2 months ago Why am I here again! My 11th time 😩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • thirdEYEsix
    thirdEYEsix 2 months ago Cuz you fine as hell
    PRENTIS JR 2 months ago 20 times and going
  • superflashj
    superflashj 1 month ago Same here... my 15th...
  • Uncle Gaz
    Uncle Gaz 1 week ago I bet every time some one replies you listen again,. I think I over did it a but deciphering it on the day it dropped,. Spent a good hour working out the lyrics and the a few more realising the double, triple, quad and even a hexoentre. That chirp bar was almost as gold as his Conscious Star Falling line in his battle against Cortez
  • Nasir Muhammad
    Nasir Muhammad 1 month ago (edited) “Could have wiped us all out with a satellite but trapped us all in this firmament to be cattle like” 🤦🏽‍♂️😮
  • EliLL Hi
    EliLL Hi 1 month ago Nasir Muhammad he lowkey a flat earther 😂
  • Paul Doaks
    Paul Doaks 1 month ago This man obviously got his head on str8! Can't say that about all of us🙄
  • ChauncyCharm
    ChauncyCharm 4 weeks ago @EliLL Hi not lowkey. Mans a genius, that line stumps me tho cuz flat earthers are retarded ive always assumed. Ill choose to believe that he just included it for those ppl, but doesn't believe it.
  • Utillitarian
    Utillitarian 3 weeks ago @ChauncyCharm try not to assume too much. Earth is flat, the firmament is solid. "Space" is Hollywood.
  • ChauncyCharm
    ChauncyCharm 3 weeks ago @Utillitarian no. Space is real. If you mean "outer space" is Hollywood, then whatever. Im not gonna bother with this discussion, believe what you want.
  • Utillitarian
    Utillitarian 3 weeks ago (edited) @ChauncyCharm you just said you have an opinion of an entire group of people because you've always assumed it. This is pure idiocy. Then you want to start making distinctions about a thing you believe in on top of your many assumptions. No ability to learn new information, or to review what you were told in kindergarten after growing up. You are the one living in belief. . Do not forget that.
  • ChauncyCharm
    ChauncyCharm 3 weeks ago @Utillitarian ugh. Thx. You feel superior right now im sure. Anything ive "learned" I will usually question and examine critically. So im not suggesting that you flat earthers dont follow suit. Do you question the science behind your phone to post on youtube? How about the "told" history behing the language and script wete using to communicate, presumably, miles apart. Can you breathe underwater? Or is H2O (science) fake? Is water fake, like space. Eh. I cant prove earth is a rhombus, you cant prove its flat. Why question that particular teaching? Seems odd, when there are clearly many lies we can prove. Flat earth just makes no sense. Even if it was flat, ok, now what ?
  • Utillitarian
    Utillitarian 3 weeks ago (edited) @ChauncyCharm the problem with blindness is that it is coupled with idiocy. You say what does it matter if the earth is flat. The only reason for such propaganda to be spread would be to trick the masses out of something and into another thing. With the ball earth they attribute a big bang to it's formation. They absolutely deny the Creator in this. This is the function of such a doctrine. So you do not know where you are, along with this they tell you man come from basically a monkey, so you also do not know what you are. These things are the foundation of literal "reality" 1 where you are, and 2 who/what you are...these things must be known for one to know what to do. The issue is though blindness has taken hold on the population, one day the truth just might matter. Interesting you speak of water. Examine water and the science of it alone. It makes up 70% of our world. The same world you and I share. Water has rules. 1. Water seeks it's level. 2. Bodies of water lay flat. 3. Bodies of water must be contained. 4. Aside from droplets water does not form any shapes and such a thing as a "droplet" cannot be scaled up and keep it's ball shape. 5. Water does not conform to the exterior of any shape. 6. Bodies of water are more accurate than LASERS over long distances. 7. Syringes, measuring cups, levels these things work on the principle of water finding it's level. 8. The ocean, aka sea, is literally level and is called SEA LEVEL. This is the standard of measurement, by which all land masses are measured. 9. The sea is level, from the coast of California to the coast of New York the sea measures the same level. This is a distance of nearly 3000 miles. On a ball with a circumference of 24,901 miles at the equator, it is literally impossible to have no variation in elevation over an 8th of a portion of something that is a ball. 10. From a shot glass, to a puddle, to a bucket, to a sink, to a tub, to a pool, to the sea. All bodies of water lay flat upon the surface, disregarding whatever shape is beneath it. The earth is 70% flat water. No ball can be shaped from this.
  • ChauncyCharm
    ChauncyCharm 3 weeks ago @Utillitarian wow. No offense, I read a few lines. Your whole water science was taught to you from WHO?? Same liars said earth is a globe? You pick and choose. Yo, like I said, not getting into a debate. I was "told" earth is a globe. So im naive or a sheep to you guys. Youve been "told" its flat. So yea. Ican say 100% I dont KNOW anything. Neither do you. Youre just as much guilty for believing something you dont technically "know". Nasa and them CLEARLY have some lies, not denying that. But if you think every country, every pilot, every human set sail are ALL in on this flat earth conspiracy..then thats your perogative. Believe what YOU want. But IM not the weirdo "believing" in nonsense. Yo, imagine putting a dome over the entire earth, how big would that be? How would one do it, and if it was done by the divine... why not just make the space more dense? Rather than a physical dome, made probably of something man made, like glass, or plastic? Im ok with religiousy faith stuff where earth is a realm for humans, blah blah... but why a plastic lid? Anyways, youve seen to many movies. And yea, weve never been to the moon.
  • Utillitarian
    Utillitarian 3 weeks ago @ChauncyCharm as already shown you are retarded. If you would have kept on reading you would know the water sciences I was referring to are things that are proven. In everyday life. Everyone in earth has experienced water exactly as I described it and in no other way. How can you have a vacuum exist next to a pressurized system without a barrier? You cannot. All pressurized systems are contained. Sodas, footballs, tires, and even the body. Earth is a pressurized system. Again these are not things anyone has to tell you. Such things that can be tested and found out by everyone are scientifically called empirical. Natural Science deals with demonstration. Substances. Observable, measurable, testable, repeatable experimentation. You are the one with nonsense beliefs as these things are plain to anyone living in civilization. You are admittedly retarded, in the medical sense.
  • Qvek
    Qvek 2 weeks ago @utillitarian
  • Dolo DaGod
    Dolo DaGod 2 months ago This isn’t even his final form.
  • Imfrom Bmf
    Imfrom Bmf 2 months ago He still in his base form (son goku)
  • Merge
    Merge 2 months ago No lie
  • Damian Walton
    Damian Walton 2 months ago You wild for this😂
  • dope Vids
    dope Vids 2 months ago Lmao
  • robby gaeta
    robby gaeta 2 months ago LMAO bro 😂
  • Kydeem Alexander
    Kydeem Alexander 2 months ago W 😂
  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis 2 months ago Dolo DaGod you must watch battle rap lol this is just for the people who didn’t know him when he was underground
  • Sean Dafny
    Sean Dafny 2 months ago Lol
  • king Gaming
    king Gaming 2 months ago Lololol
  • brandon klippel
    brandon klippel 2 months ago That's the crazy part
  • Bless
    Bless 2 months ago Fxckin FACTS
  • G. Swirvo
    G. Swirvo 2 months ago Instrumental?
  • Barbosa Dunkin
    Barbosa Dunkin 2 months ago (edited) Its over 9000
  • Sin Sin Salabim
    Sin Sin Salabim 1 month ago He ain’t even using kaioken
  • Roman Empz
    Roman Empz 1 month ago You man are killing me base form😭😂😭😂
  • Barbosa Dunkin
    Barbosa Dunkin 1 month ago @G. Swirvo alchemist-the essence
  • G. Swirvo
    G. Swirvo 1 month ago @Barbosa Dunkin thanks
  • Barbosa Dunkin
    Barbosa Dunkin 1 month ago @G. Swirvo no prob. It's a dope beat...alchemist is one of the most underrated producers of all time
  • The God
    The God 1 month ago Lol he dropping the "science" tho and "religion" in ya dam face
  • ///AMG
    ///AMG 1 month ago Definitely not I do notice battle rappers do seem off on beats but day is the most intelligent battle rapper that is street maybe in history his words it’s crazy Cassidy is also intelligent
  • Asbouk
    Asbouk 2 months ago THEY ARE DELETING VEIWS
  • aone1976
    aone1976 1 month ago They have to be. There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be in the millions
  • Arran Johnson
    Arran Johnson 3 hours ago Yeah they only add one view per IP address for rap like this #truefire....but for that bullshit each IP address counts for 1000+ or however many times them lean sippin fools got it on loop....#shame......#boothatman....
  • Kalamite
    Kalamite 3 hours ago Asbouk they did the same w/ his Funk Flex jaunt and his Story of OJ cover. One day it was 800k, next day back down to 500k. They really tryna make sure no one sees ish like this😁
  • Brandon Marcus
    Brandon Marcus 2 months ago "U dont think they eat us? Look. Thats why they chews the black." 🔥🔥
  • FrnnkEducation
    FrnnkEducation 2 months ago He dropped Jules/jewels. YouTube is blocking the views. The reactions almost have more views lol.
  • Hamze Ahmed
    Hamze Ahmed 2 months ago facts he speaking fact dudes been on 300K for days now
  • Kalamite
    Kalamite 1 month ago FrnnkEducation whenever Daylyt talk too much the views take a huge dip. His Funk Flex freestyle only NOW reached 1mil. They’ve taken a ton of views off plenty of his content. Like his Story Of OJ cover was bouncing back and forth from 400k to 800k views almost every time I looked at it. They dun like bruh speaking facts.
  • GotStones1
    GotStones1 2 weeks ago Kalamite He wasn’t on funk flex. Wake up bro.
  • Kalamite
    Kalamite 2 weeks ago GotStones1 where did I say he was? I said his Funk Flex freestyle( which IS what the vid is called). Chill pills, take em bruh.
  • Manny Gonzalez
    Manny Gonzalez 2 weeks ago Yup u can tell since lik 1910 they been keepin the masses alseep
  • Fe Nickz
    Fe Nickz 1 week ago FrnnkEducation YT shadow algorithms to bury truth a rain drop on the window is nothing to the machine collective coherent group of individuals alike mind unmined is a storm a rising tide many blessings to you and yours.
  • ForexTreeLinear
    ForexTreeLinear 2 days ago yes that true man
  • Emmanuel Kani
    Emmanuel Kani 1 month ago (edited) 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 This dude is a different animal. Who thinks of Words like that. He got triple threat bars. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez 2 months ago type of raps the government gets you assassinated for
  • Charles Leger
    Charles Leger 2 months ago Hell "overdose" soon even if hes not takin any
  • Zach  Gunter
    Zach Gunter 2 months ago It's sad that this ain't really a joke
  • thirdEYEsix
    thirdEYEsix 2 months ago @Charles Leger hes drug free. How would they pull that off? It's usually the addicts they suicide that way.
  • Charles Leger
    Charles Leger 2 months ago @thirdEYEsix they will try to make him look mentally ill then
  • thirdEYEsix
    thirdEYEsix 2 months ago @Charles Leger it's up to us to see thru their tricknology. Godspeed
  • Presidential Elite Entertainment LLC
    Presidential Elite Entertainment LLC 2 months ago Sad but true
  • Jelani Smith
    Jelani Smith 2 months ago No disrespect, but he doesn’t have a large enough audience of listeners to be a major threat to the gov.
  • hajee lopez
    hajee lopez 2 months ago (edited) Charles Leger bro do ya research all this man daylyt do is drop knowledge. He’s been doing stuff like this for years now look more into him he says sum stuff that will really make you think.
  • fireindahole
    fireindahole 2 months ago Straight facts
  • Just Facts
    Just Facts 2 months ago I don’t think they’ll kill him he discredited himself most ppl kno him from vlad besides his battlerap n periscope fans
  • G. Swirvo
    G. Swirvo 2 months ago Instrumental?
  • Primo H
    Primo H 2 months ago U already kno
  • global
    global 2 months ago So you're telling me the government would want to assasinate him. Immortal Technique has been spitting way more truth and he's not dead is he.
  • Royal Flush
    Royal Flush 2 months ago @thirdEYEsix sonny Liston was drug free
  • Raspberry Jam
    Raspberry Jam 2 months ago only if you've already sold your soul
  • Raspberry Jam
    Raspberry Jam 2 months ago if you're apart of the industry & you speak out, then you're target but Daylyt is independent. He hasn't sold his soul
  • Michael Hillman
    Michael Hillman 1 month ago Can't let that happen
  • Kai
    Kai 1 month ago "Suicide" even though hes in a happy place very successfull right now with a wife and everything
  • Zach Floyd
    Zach Floyd 1 month ago global nah he’s not talking this type of talk this is different right here not gonna lie immortal tough tho
  • HipHop Snippets.2
    HipHop Snippets.2 1 month ago Charles Leger you need to watch his live videos
    LAW ISTRUTH 1 month ago @hajee lopez correct!
  • Tongankakarot 66
    Tongankakarot 66 1 month ago We need to protect our real artists 💯
  • Jack Hedeman
    Jack Hedeman 1 month ago He might get sad and shoot himself in the back of the head twice
  • Tommy
    Tommy 1 month ago It was straight trash
  • Jack Hedeman
    Jack Hedeman 1 month ago Tommy i feel bad for u
  • William Lightford
    William Lightford 1 month ago @Jelani Smith not yet. And that was offensive 😡
  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 3 weeks ago Christian Martinez yep
  • Uncle Gaz
    Uncle Gaz 1 week ago You seem but hurt by the skill of the Quill.... Go throw some hoops or practice your bars,. No one that can English, let alone spit bars, is taking your trolling serious. Maybe if Daylyt wasn't a GOAT you might catch some flies. Not his best work, but it's still good and packed with thought provoking bars :p You obviously don't write any bars yourself
  • TheSon OfAMan
    TheSon OfAMan 3 days ago @Zach Gunter Whats sad is that people are willing to except this as normal. We know they silence, coerce or murder the teachers/leaders of all people who don't see mental & physical slavery as a way of life. Question is, when are we going to get tired of it, let them know we know the game and let them know we're not playing anymore?
  • TheSon OfAMan
    TheSon OfAMan 3 days ago If One person typed this comment and 933 people gave it a thumbs up, then simple math tells me 934 people should realize that they cant kill us all and if we were all on the same page, felt throughout the masses, we could make it happen! "It" being a world based on truth, knowledge, love, respect & cooperation; Instead of the greed, lust, degradation, oppression, & suppression happening now.
  • TheSon OfAMan
    TheSon OfAMan 3 days ago @Jelani Smith Neither did Nipsey by Main Stream Media standards, but he hell us sure did enough to be a major threat. Inspirational, motivational lyrics coming from the "gutter"! Demonstrating economic freedom where it was never thought possible! He was showing a way of independence that was dangerous to the powers that be that enslave us all. The key is to wake each other up. If I'm in a group of 100, where 99 are sheep, my one rebellious voice wont change a thing. Point being, your freedom counts on mine and vice versa. Those of us who spent years down the "rabbit hole" can understand the carrots Daylyt is digging up. Lets wake up together!
  • ForexTreeLinear
    ForexTreeLinear 2 days ago why dont you state that in public then state it here?
  • Jonathan Baker
    Jonathan Baker 2 months ago The globe 🌎 use to black you see no vitiligo, I go back to these cracking times it all came from Cairo practically!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 WOW! Daylyt is not from this planet! Vitiligo is a skin disease that causes the loss of skin color! Which Daylyt is referring to the world being predominantly black back in the ancient times of Egypt 🇪🇬! Which goes into him using the double entendre of going back to these cracking times it was made from Cairo practically. Meaning when he says back to these cracking times, when you go to the chiropractor 👩‍⚕️ and get your back cracked and the other meaning of the double entendre also when saying back to these cracking times meaning back in the Egyptian day’s people of color went through a rough time period and then comes in the word Cairo which is the capital of Egypt 🇪🇬. See what I mean Daylyt is so brilliant and full of substance! He goes over a lot of people’s heads! By far one of the best lyricist period! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Christian Phillips
    Christian Phillips 2 months ago Jonathan Baker I’m glad you caught it but it’s a triple entendre. Cracking times. Cairo practically.... chiropractor... cracking times. You see what I’m getting at?
  • Christian Phillips
    Christian Phillips 2 months ago Oh damn nvm I didn’t read all the way.
  • Jonathan Baker
    Jonathan Baker 2 months ago Christian yes I get exactly what you are saying 😉 I love Daylyt! He is my favorite MC
    STUDIO USAGI 2 months ago Another hidden message in that verse is that cracking or crackas aka white people were made in Egypt because the cracking times the times of the crackas all came from cairo meaning ancient egypt made the white people thru genetic and alchemic experiments...all of this was on the walls of hathor if my memory serves me right..wait no because that temple was flooded so europens can excavate the temple hide the story of their origins
  • Mike Van Den Ouweland
    Mike Van Den Ouweland 2 months ago He ended that scheme with, 'sit up straight!' Like, a chyropractor makes you sit up straight after he cracks you're back..
  • InsaneJuggernautMM
    InsaneJuggernautMM 1 month ago Thanks for this breakdown!
    LAW ISTRUTH 1 month ago Thank you!
  • Chi
    Chi 1 month ago Bro u didn't need to analyze let that nigga talk and those who don't get it can figure it out on their own
  • Kalamite
    Kalamite 1 month ago Mike Van Den Ouweland wordplay. Set/Sit up straight, the wordplay doesn’t stop with Daylyt😂
  • EliLL Hi
    EliLL Hi 1 month ago Christian Phillips straight fire
  • Rixkyhd
    Rixkyhd 1 week ago Christian Phillips dam I knew chiropractor bar but didn’t connect it to Cairo 🤯
  • Gods Son
    Gods Son 2 months ago This still hasn’t reached a million?! Doesn’t matter ima keep coming back to this till it does. Daylyt has been dropping truth and knowledge in his verses and I’m always hear for it.✊🏿
  • thirdEYEsix
    thirdEYEsix 2 months ago So what if it reaches a million. Stop letting numbers control your perception.
  • Gods Son
    Gods Son 2 months ago thirdEYEsix You seem to have me misconstrued. Like I said, I’m always hear for daylyt dropping knowledge it’s just the amount of people not seeing it that’s sad.
  • gg Nb
    gg Nb 2 months ago Gods Son For most people its “catchy” over substance
  • Sha R
    Sha R 1 month ago 💯 and so has KRIT. Keep letting them know!
  • shomina
    shomina 1 month ago @thirdEYEsix leave gods son alone dont let your third eye not let you use your good left eye digg
  • shomina
    shomina 1 month ago @gg Nb is i gg like jesus christ alen or did i mistake you for someone else
  • DECEMBER 1 Media Co.
    DECEMBER 1 Media Co. 2 months ago We can take flight, if we get the Wright (right) brothers🔥🔥.. ...Put a black face on everyone but Jesus...WOW💯✅🐐
  • DahStoryTella
    DahStoryTella 1 month ago The beat: "The Essence" featuring The Lox, produced by The Alchemist, from his "1st Infantry" album.
  • Arn C
    Arn C 1 month ago Yup. I still bump Styles P version. Dope beat.
  • Tola Ashiru
    Tola Ashiru 1 month ago You're the real MVP