700RWHP Cobra Sound REVS, FLY-BYS, & FLAMES Longtubes O/R X Magnapacks

Published on Sep 24, 2018 11,117 views

700RWHP Cobra Sound REVS, FLY-BYS, & FLAMES Longtubes O/R X Magnapacks.

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  • Stinkertits
    Stinkertits 8 months ago Those cobras are so badass and can take such a beating. It’s nice to see that ford overbuilt those terminator motors 👌
  • Guns, Dip & Life
    Guns, Dip & Life 8 months ago Mexico is nice and green this time of year!!!
  • eddie magee
    eddie magee 8 months ago Pshhhh. There isn't a Volusia county in Mexico. haha
  • Ruby Red 5.0
    Ruby Red 5.0 8 months ago Wow been waiting for a video like this .. there’s nothing like letting someone else drive your car and seeing how badass it sounds !!
  • KC TV
    KC TV 7 months ago VMP gen 3 on the truck
  • angie marin
    angie marin 7 months ago If DBP had this cobra his mods would consist of tinted tail lights,color matched hoses,DBP center caps ,
  • joshua nuno
    joshua nuno 8 months ago She sounds so glorious at wot.. when's that irs bushing kit review coming?
  • charles taylor
    charles taylor 8 months ago I love your exhaust setup dude!
  • Nutts Mahonie
    Nutts Mahonie 8 months ago SICK!!! 👍
  • Miguel Herrera
    Miguel Herrera 7 months ago The first and last time you see Camaro tail lights
  • eric watkins
    eric watkins 8 months ago Dude u got get better fuel jugs
  • Brian D
    Brian D 7 months ago We need the same video on Ashley’s car.
  • Ben Supra Thompson
    Ben Supra Thompson 7 months ago Awesome. Hoping to import a boosted Cobra to the UK come March next year! What is that controller youve got stuck on your windscreen btw? Cheers
  • Mexican sn95
    Mexican sn95 7 months ago (edited) Love that raspy mustang sound. That is really loud. I think I hear your mexican neighbor on .34 sec of vid. Apaga tu ruido. Which mean shut your noise off. LOL A+👍
  • KOSx15
    KOSx15 8 months ago U see, mustangs and camaros can get along❤️.
  • Jeffrey Goss
    Jeffrey Goss 7 months ago Andrew you just made my day! Love it when you do fly-by in your cobra! Gives me chills!!
  • josh greenwood
    josh greenwood 7 months ago You shoulkd just buy some race cans. They are way easier than the government regulated shit cans! Car sounds awesome man!
  • Real Ape06
    Real Ape06 8 months ago 3rd gear ⚙️ is sumn exciting 🤠
  • Real Ape06
    Real Ape06 8 months ago 3rd gear ⚙️ is sumn exciting 🤠
  • clewis2053
    clewis2053 7 months ago Volusia County huh. Video needs a little more editing 😂