America's National Parks Are in Crisis! Learn How YOU Can Help

Published on Sep 12, 2018 1,809 views

In our interview of the week, we talk to Chris Bornemann, Senior Manager of Government Affairs for the RV Industry Association, about the growing backlog of desperately needed repairs and maintenance affecting America's National Parks. Inadequate federal campgrounds and deteriorating or closed roads, bridges and facilities negatively impact visitor experiences and RVers in particular.

Are you an RVer looking to help our beautiful parks? Go here to easily send a message to your congress representative urging them to take action:

At a time when the RV industry is growing at record levels, RV overnight stays at National Parks have been declining from over 4.5 million overnights in the early 1980s to only 2.5 million overnight stays in 2016 due to outdated Eisenhower-era infrastructure, deferred maintenance needs and limited RV camping availability. As outdoor recreation and RV camping on our public lands continues to grow in popularity, unfortunately maintenance and infrastructure funding has not kept up.
In this interview, you'll learn what you can do about it and how you can help let Congress know you want to restore our parks.

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  • Rick S.
    Rick S. 8 months ago Guess it's a matter of "Nice to have" vs "HAVE to have" so the money goes where it's needed versus wanted. How about we allow free camping in the National Parks and the workampers can fix it the way we want it.
  • Daniel Boyd
    Daniel Boyd 6 months ago How can one give a thumbs down on this video.?. Awesome video thank you.
  • Wingeezer
    Wingeezer 8 months ago Something seems odd here - every time I try to get a reservation they are fully booked! Love the tee shirt - where can I get me one for when we get our Sprinter B van an a coupe of weeks!
  • Don Joe
    Don Joe 8 months ago Thanks Mike! This was so easy to do and I appreciate it.
    G3RIVER 8 months ago If all of the revenue received in the campground area stayed in the campground they could use that money for improvements. We stayed at Fishing Bridge Campground in Yellowstone and it was in very bad shape. When we go back we will not stay in the park.
  • Cynthia Hughes
    Cynthia Hughes 8 months ago Please stop allowing camp fires. The parks have such bad air pollution. I can't camp in national parks because of asthma.
  • Chris Liu
    Chris Liu 7 months ago Are you seriously going to recommend privatizing our public lands? That's stealing from the American people, you nitwits
  • LisaMarli
    LisaMarli 8 months ago Unfortunately, it sounds like the money for this comes from exploiting our federal lands for mineral rights. So to get money to repair our national parks we have to allow more mining and oil exploitation of the parks. And the mineral leases are planned for many many years, this infrastructure bill is only for 5. So all those other years of exploiting federal lands and destroying the parks goes to ??? Sounds like a bad bargin.
  • CAJUN Jamis
    CAJUN Jamis 8 months ago Mike, it just ain't parks! It is all of our infrastructure. (USA) But, no doubt, this country ALWAYS has money to go to war and send Billions $$$ to ISRAEL!!!