We took some time off the road to discover the serene beauty of southeastern Montana and learn more about the historic battlefield of Little Bighorn, also known as Custer's Last Stand and The Battle of Greasy Grass.

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If you are on your way to Yellowstone or Glacier National Park budget half a day out to enjoy the rolling prairies of Montana and learn more about our nation's history and what led to the fateful battle of The Little Bighorn.

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  • Harold Forsberg
    Harold Forsberg 9 months ago I had the opportunity to visit the monument a few years ago and certainly agree that it was a very emotional visit (even for an expat Canadian). Thanks for a very honest and professional video.
  • Southern Adventures
    Southern Adventures 9 months ago Thanks for sharing! Loved it. Added to our bucket list!
  • Flexmeister
    Flexmeister 9 months ago you should go when they have the reenactments
  • Terry Keiper
    Terry Keiper 9 months ago One of your best videos! Thanks.
  • Wanda Willoughby
    Wanda Willoughby 8 months ago I don’t often comment but watch most of your videos. Thanks for the info and taking us along on so many of your adventures.
  • Sharon Marks
    Sharon Marks 9 months ago I'm hoping to head out that way in September. I'd like to see Devil's Tower and then make it into Montana. Thanks for the info.
  • Douglas Hagedorn
    Douglas Hagedorn 8 months ago I’ve been there you get a strange unexplainable feeling walking through it.
  • draculasgirl1
    draculasgirl1 7 months ago Along with visiting Gettysburg, DEFINITELY on my bucket list!!! Thanks for posting!!!
  • Mike Kempin
    Mike Kempin 9 months ago Great stop. The ranger talks really bring the events to life.
  • R. knudson
    R. knudson 9 months ago Well done! Thanks, Rox
  • Randall Messer
    Randall Messer 9 months ago Wonderful video - great photography, and sensitively presented in light of historical context. Made me put a trip to MT on my priority bucket list via RV! Those views! Great spotlight on an important American landmark.
  • larryz24
    larryz24 9 months ago Thank you both, this video was very well done and it only makes my upcoming visit more complete. Safe travels guys.
  • Eileen Fostel
    Eileen Fostel 9 months ago Thanks for thé video! We made a visit to Gettysburg this summer. I understand how visiting these battlefields are an emotional journey.
  • Edna Puckett
    Edna Puckett 9 months ago Love the new intro!
  • Joan's RV Adventures
    Joan's RV Adventures 9 months ago (edited) Love your new intro. Nice video.
  • homesteadonomics
    homesteadonomics 9 months ago great tour and overview of the site :)
  • tinkerfeet
    tinkerfeet 9 months ago Amazing video, can’t wait to go 👍🏻
  • susan orrell
    susan orrell 9 months ago ❤️
  • Theresa Boudreau
    Theresa Boudreau 9 months ago Interesting, Thanks!
  • susan orrell
    susan orrell 9 months ago Off topic, but—will you be heading to Tampa Super Show in January?