Discover Samples Used On Big Pun's 'Yeeeeah Baby'

Published on Feb 7, 2019 7,950 views

VinRican Showcases Classic Samples Used On Big Pun's 'Yeeeah Baby'

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#WaxOnly #BigPun #TerrorSquad

  • BeetBoyz Musik
    BeetBoyz Musik 3 months ago not enough ppl recognize him as on of the best rappers ever
  • VizcainoFabian
    VizcainoFabian 3 months ago 11.10.71 - 2.7.00. REST IN PEACE BIG PUN
  • A Grg
    A Grg 3 months ago Not as good as CP but this was a pretty good album. R.I.P Big Pun.
    KD SWAGGER 3 months ago Classic album in my book and Big Pun didn't even get to finish this album. His sister said in his first documentary that he had like 3-4 tracks to go from finishing this album but unfortunately he passed away.
  • K.O.L. King Of Losers Music Reviewer
    K.O.L. King Of Losers Music Reviewer 3 months ago Damn Vin you at it again lol. At least give the competition a chance
  • Andrew Mclean
    Andrew Mclean 3 months ago Can't believe it's been nineteen years since Pun passed, he'll always be remembered as one of the best that ever did it, definitely in my top five all time favorites, RIP to BIG PUN, your music and legacy will live on FOREVER!! TS FOR LIFE!
  • Robert Fernandez
    Robert Fernandez 3 months ago We went from this to Drake. Hip hop is in a sad state.
  • 1776ERS
    1776ERS 3 months ago Great work Rican another homerun my dude 💯
  • Apathetic84
    Apathetic84 3 months ago G.O.A.T... Rip Big Pun
  • marxman 300
    marxman 300 3 months ago Vin should do terror squad first album
  • DdotAdot
    DdotAdot 3 months ago marxman 300 for real!
  • marxman 300
    marxman 300 3 months ago @DdotAdotalbum is 🔥
    KD SWAGGER 3 months ago FACTS!
  • Xanaxander
    Xanaxander 3 months ago The Punisher
    PLAYA 3 months ago Brasil Big Pun´s 4 vida boriqua baby
  • Samuel blinne
    Samuel blinne 3 months ago My favorite big pun album
  • cikidi harrison
    cikidi harrison 3 months ago Damn i had the time of my life with this album God bless your parents for creating you. With love from Detroit peace. Well done sir well done
  • Pedro Rodriguez
    Pedro Rodriguez 3 months ago This proably your best one. My wife liked it to. Big Pun proably the most underated MC of all time. Dope samples with the mix involved. Keep doing your thing Vic, coming from La Raza en Denver.
  • Andrew Mclean
    Andrew Mclean 3 months ago RIP to BIG PUN, definitely one of the best that ever did it, always spitting pure 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥still bumping Capital Punishment in 2019, one of the all-time great NY albums. I salute u Pun!!! TS FOR LIFE!!!!
  • Mike Regner
    Mike Regner 3 months ago Legends never die.
  • Wayne Bruce
    Wayne Bruce 3 months ago Love this series. Steadily diversifying my music taste because of it
  • Okta Perdana
    Okta Perdana 3 months ago his rhyme pattern sounds like it just came out today.. RIP BIG PUNISHER
  • O Gizzle
    O Gizzle 3 months ago Pun LEGEND RIP
  • Supreme 12860
    Supreme 12860 2 months ago (edited) Rest In Peace Big L Big Pun Had these M.C's were alive in 2019 this garbage called "Mumble rap", these rainbow hair/wedding dress wearing, Shock value, Clout chasing rappers would be scared to death becoming an M.C. never mind getting a record deal. It only shows THAT any gimmick is acceptable over the airwaves over natural lyrics and beats
  • Victoria Appiagei
    Victoria Appiagei 1 month ago nipsey hustle rip Mac Miller rlp heavy d jdilla rlp dope rapper rest in peace