Rebuilding a Wrecked 2016 Dodge Hellcat


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While I wait for the Nissan 370Z Nismo to get painted in a week or 2 I go ahead and pick up and new project. 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat!!

Amadeus – Superior

Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]
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  • FixItNick
    FixItNick 5 months ago (edited) subscribed 👍gotta support my brothers in rebuilding world lol, for $20,000 that was a really good price, hopefully damage is better than it looks, will be following this build !!
  • Alex Rebuilds
    Alex Rebuilds 5 months ago Appreciate it. Thanks!
  • shmiggz
    shmiggz 5 months ago 20k is too much...I've seem them go in this condition for 15k or less.
  • Gus Tave Anderson
    Gus Tave Anderson 5 months ago Can I have that broken phone
  • gd1996
    gd1996 5 months ago @shmiggz I'd buy 1 for 15k... they want that for the dropout engines/transmissions
  • shmiggz
    shmiggz 5 months ago @gd1996 It's possible. Once you get 40k plus miles on these things, they lose their value. I was actually watching this one and would have bid on it had I not just bought a scat pack. Should be an interesting build!
  • Raymond Boucher
    Raymond Boucher 5 months ago FixItNick Actually I am hopping it is not as bad and you do a great job. Good luck.
  • Ridhwan Kaiser
    Ridhwan Kaiser 5 months ago Am sub to both of you xDD
  • FixItNick
    FixItNick 5 months ago Ridhwan Kaiser dang thx bro
  • cashy1300
    cashy1300 4 months ago @Gus Tave Anderson N0
  • Scott Elliott
    Scott Elliott 4 months ago FixItNick |\ |
  • bockNL
    bockNL 4 months ago Luuk
  • Bacon Sandwich
    Bacon Sandwich 4 months ago (edited) I have a 16 charger hellcat rolled over sitting in my shop. White with black interior. 16k miles. Alot of work to rebuild mine
    PIPER DOUG 4 months ago if you're subbin then im gonna give it a watch.
  • Juan Carlos Jarquin Romero
    Juan Carlos Jarquin Romero 4 months ago 20,000 inluiding the car¿::"
  • Mantrel Drew
    Mantrel Drew 1 month ago FixItNick and y the you tube video of I emailed the iidjsjuw up to you in the next few days to eat
  • Mathieu Lavaler
    Mathieu Lavaler 1 month ago @Alex Rebuilds hello little question to ask
  • Roberto Salvatierra Gonzalez
    Roberto Salvatierra Gonzalez 4 weeks ago Challenger demond*
  • james curtis
    james curtis 4 months ago could you please make the music worse... didn't quite hurt my brain enough...
  • Hertz Von Renthal
    Hertz Von Renthal 4 months ago Some things just don't make sense no matter what way you look at them... here, do what I did and open a second window playing this song, just make sure to mute the sound on this window or your brain will just lock solid as the two tunes collide.
  • Kaffy Cent
    Kaffy Cent 4 months ago lol
  • DZTechNet
    DZTechNet 4 months ago All the from Algiers, Algeria looove the music!!
  • Mr. Joy Europe 16
    Mr. Joy Europe 16 4 months ago shut up
  • Tomahawk Tom
    Tomahawk Tom 4 months ago That’s the sound of royalty free still hurts my ears and I think I’m now sterile from the music....great video tho
  • John Coops
    John Coops 4 months ago @Tomahawk Tom - Youtubers can choose from many different kinds of music, and they do NOT have to select the most annoying shitty royalty-free crap that they can find. Even better - I wish that they wouldn't add any music, and used their voices to narrate.
  • SH BT
    SH BT 4 months ago james curtis 😂😂😂
  • james curtis
    james curtis 4 months ago don't mean to bitch- all of the Hellcat videos are really well done- I'd just rather have some talking to explain things- not marginal "music"
  • Sammy NunyaBidness
    Sammy NunyaBidness 4 months ago (edited) Could you learn how to mute the video and watch that would be really great and maybe that won’t hurt your small brain.
  • T R
    T R 4 months ago This is the same person who uses a paper towel to pick up the fuel pump handle.
  • bbigrocker1
    bbigrocker1 4 months ago @Hertz Von Renthal LOL You're a nut!
  • Matt
    Matt 4 months ago They still listen to it and unironically enjoy it in Russia.
  • Tom Bomb
    Tom Bomb 4 months ago Shut up moody teenager
  • Klaus Schreyer
    Klaus Schreyer 3 months ago You would think this tard would change the music after 444 thumbs up 445 just gave you one more
  • It's ENZO
    It's ENZO 3 months ago I need the first one's name lol
  • Tittles 3334
    Tittles 3334 3 months ago james curtis ha
  • Neon Gaming
    Neon Gaming 3 months ago Lol
  • ningis
    ningis 2 months ago its better than droney ass country..
  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 2 months ago james curtis Exactly. I mean come on. Every freakin YouTube video uses that shit music. Just wait another 5 years. It will be the fuckin disco of the 21st century.
  • Alterra Flame
    Alterra Flame 2 months ago Its called a mute button
  • HumbleBeast 00
    HumbleBeast 00 1 month ago james curtis then turn it down
  • Israel Pantoja
    Israel Pantoja 2 months ago Pumps 87 gas yet used napkin to grab nozzle .... oxymoron af 91 ftw
  • Ian Collins
    Ian Collins 2 months ago gets paper towel to pump gas buts digs through a trunk with bare hands
  • wise and humble!!
    wise and humble!! 4 months ago Forklifts did 25% of the damage!!!
  • 2cycle
    2cycle 4 months ago Or more bent driveline maybe transmission,oilpan,etc,etc.
  • tdidan
    tdidan 4 months ago @2cycle Driveshaft, exhaust, fuel lines, brake lines...
  • Mr. Joy Europe 16
    Mr. Joy Europe 16 4 months ago forklift, car, truck this is vehicle
  • Scraplife 24/7
    Scraplife 24/7 4 months ago wise and humble!! Claims 👍
  • MrWolfSnack
    MrWolfSnack 4 months ago It's a salvage vehicle, it's scrap, they don't need to be gentle with it.
  • Ron Lawson
    Ron Lawson 4 months ago MrWolfSnack 20K for scrap !?
  • MrWolfSnack
    MrWolfSnack 4 months ago Yeah because it's still brand new, and that's the value of it after the damage has been calculated off the cost of the car. You buy it for the parts and then strip off what's still good. They don't expect people to fix the entire car. Learn how auto salvage and repairables auctions work before you comment.
  • bbqBaconNinja
    bbqBaconNinja 4 months ago @Ron Lawson That engine (with SC) is worth $15,000 easy. Rims are still good, interior is all salvageable, wiring, headlight ballasts, trunk, doors, glass etc will get you well over the $20,000 mark.
  • leoaleromm
    leoaleromm 4 months ago Nope. The guy in the forklift literally does only that in is life. There’s a way to lift a car with those without damaging anything.
  • butchtropic
    butchtropic 2 months ago @leoaleromm How do you know anything was damaged?, the exhaust pipes were only moved till the forks caught the frame, they will be fine.
  • leoaleromm
    leoaleromm 2 months ago butchtropic my point is that the forklift does not damage the car
  • butchtropic
    butchtropic 2 months ago @leoaleromm Yea, that's what I was saying, these idiots here think it damaged it, not true at all, the frame takes the weight.
  • leoaleromm
    leoaleromm 2 months ago butchtropic yep. If anything, theres some undercarriage scratches. Not much
  • Alterra Flame
    Alterra Flame 2 months ago @tdidan r/woooosh
  • Garrett Justice
    Garrett Justice 2 months ago @Ron Lawson yes buddy, a helcat like that brand new is like 60-75k
  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis 2 months ago lol he grabbed a paper towel to grab the fuel fill handle.
  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis 2 months ago Nice job with the build, really nice job.
  • Ethan Fortune
    Ethan Fortune 2 months ago I seen that too but hes gonna get his hands dirty asf working on the car.
  • DubedPanda KP
    DubedPanda KP 1 week ago Yeaa I'm tryna understand why?🤷🏾‍♂️😂
  • TheRealBaTMaNN -i85
    TheRealBaTMaNN -i85 5 days ago Super Weirdo
  • Ruben
    Ruben 4 months ago Lottery cards and Walmart receipts... The car was for sure financed for 72 months
  • weesna joo
    weesna joo 4 months ago Moron lol
  • Welding Junkie
    Welding Junkie 4 months ago lol another hippy that can’t handle horsepower he should of bought a Subaru 😂
  • Timothy Reed
    Timothy Reed 3 months ago @Welding Junkie hey now don't bash Subaru for no reason at all.
  • Welding Junkie
    Welding Junkie 3 months ago Timothy Reed lol it wasn’t Subaru I was bashing. I’m glad bmw helped them make a real car tho
  • Patrick Morrissey
    Patrick Morrissey 1 month ago 72. So cute. 84 at least....
  • Tom D
    Tom D 4 months ago @12:15, the engine light came should probably check that out....
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 4 months ago (edited) You put the car too far ahead on the trailer.That's why the truck is squatting...........
  • ford nut
    ford nut 4 months ago Wayne McCuen they dont relize you should put weight over the trailor wheels
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 4 months ago @ford nut Well, they are buying a wrecked Dodge to fix. That says something right there!
  • RakinBill
    RakinBill 4 months ago You want the bulk of the weight on the front of the trailer. If not you will get a death wobble, and that isn't pretty.
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 4 months ago @RakinBill I agree with weight forward, but that right there is too far forward...
  • Travis Pfannmuller
    Travis Pfannmuller 4 months ago Using equalizer bars would help considerably. I'd way rather have a little too much on the hitch as opposed to the trailer tossing the truck into oncoming traffic. Hellpig and trailer outweigh the truck!
  • RakinBill
    RakinBill 4 months ago @Travis Pfannmuller I agree, you don't want all of the weight on the nose, but you need at least 60 to 70% to keep the trailer from weaving back and forth at speed. A lot of people will load the trailer wrong, and put too much weight on the rear and it's not good.
  • Mr. Joy Europe 16
    Mr. Joy Europe 16 4 months ago @Wayne McCuen this is vehicle
  • Ivana Notyers
    Ivana Notyers 4 months ago Nice job Einstein. A three letter word is just TOO much for you?
  • l337pwnage
    l337pwnage 4 months ago The problem is the trailer design. The trailer axles are too far back on all newer trailers. It's the way they build them now. You can try to put cars on backwards, or let the ass end hang off the trailer, but you really have to get it pretty far back to be back far enough. You can thank the lawyers for that one. The only way around it is to build your own or find an older trailer and keep rebuilding it.
  • l337pwnage
    l337pwnage 4 months ago @RakinBill You only need 10%, sometimes less, if you're lucky.
  • Wooly Highlander
    Wooly Highlander 4 months ago The truck is squatting because it is a girlie truck, a glorified car
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 4 months ago @Ivana Notyers LOL, NOOOOO, but I don't exercize my proofreading skillzzz often
  • Gosia
    Gosia 4 months ago He`s amateur - no weight distribution, same about assessing the damage - pure amateur, This is how prices on the auctions are high - paying too much for scrap
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 4 months ago @Ivana Notyers fixed my egregious spelling error for you.....
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 4 months ago @M773 I'ts Dodge and Chrysler that are turds..............horribly run company with horrible vehicles, they even ruined Jeep, and Ram trucks, wow, what garbage.
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 4 months ago @Wooly Highlander not factual at all
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 4 months ago @M773 Ford has the #1 selling truck 41 years inna row, AND YOU BOUGHT A RAM...LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 4 months ago @M773 Did you and your boyfriend take it on your honeymoon?
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 4 months ago @M773 And the 7 year warranty is necessary, the construction workers I know that have them are always taking them in for some kind of nagging repairs. And the definitely do not hold any kind of resale value, Just typical POS's.
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 4 months ago @M773 Just been thru this with a buddy at work, 3yr old truck..........he got burned bad on the loss. I didn't know you were in Europe. I'm American.......
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 4 months ago @M773 Now, shuddup, go have a beer, enjoy a day or two off, and Happy New Year to you sir!
  • cat sniffer
    cat sniffer 3 months ago It's because the truck is a Ford!
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 3 months ago @cat sniffer LOLOLOLOL, tooooo funny cat, I'm crackin up here. Thx. But in all seriousness, it's weight distribution. The manure, errrrr, load, is too far ahead on the trailer is all. Too funny, thx.
  • PhatAssassian- Lets plays and other games
    PhatAssassian- Lets plays and other games 1 month ago Wayne McCuen the reason it’s the number 1 selling tuck for 41 years is because people have to keep buying a new one, like seriously who would want the best selling tuck title? That just means that people have to come back and get a new one every few years. It seems just like another company I know cough Apple cough
  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen 1 month ago @PhatAssassian- Lets plays and other games ummmmmmm, your logic is, ahhhhhhh, welllllllllll, ahhhhhhhh, n/m...
  • Charles Cummings
    Charles Cummings 5 months ago Your dog has a death wish lol
  • christph3118
    christph3118 4 months ago Asshole
  • larry craddock
    larry craddock 4 months ago Your mom has a garibaldian humperdump for a pussy cradle.
  • that-savage-kid 69
    that-savage-kid 69 4 months ago Lmao whoops the lever slipped.
  • Scraplife 24/7
    Scraplife 24/7 4 months ago larry craddock woah Jeez 🤔🤣🤮 Can’t. Unheard that one
  • vladmir enrique
    vladmir enrique 2 days ago where is the auction I would like to buy some cars, not too expensive pleaseeeee /////////
  • randomdoodification
    randomdoodification 4 months ago missing rear bumper, head on pole collision... pit maneuver?
  • Giacomo Battilana Ferla
    Giacomo Battilana Ferla 5 months ago OSHA approved =)
  • guerro327
    guerro327 5 months ago OSHA approved or Oh Shit approved 😂
  • Tumescent Texan
    Tumescent Texan 4 months ago I really like the time you took to show the first stop at the fueling station. It set up the callback with the second stop. That's the kind of detail I look for in a car build video. 👍 The shot of the paper towel dispenser was probably my favorite.
  • Mr. Saephan
    Mr. Saephan 4 months ago "100% OSHA approve" lol
  • Tyler Sierra
    Tyler Sierra 4 months ago Guys an idiot
  • iainttheone 145
    iainttheone 145 4 months ago @Tyler Sierra what's your problem
  • Chris Snider
    Chris Snider 4 months ago (edited) Because OSHA is for Occupational Health and Safety not DOT, which is two totally different government departments. I would have said the same thing.
  • Kevin M
    Kevin M 4 months ago Its not nice to pick on retards.
  • roadchewer PE
    roadchewer PE 4 months ago Chris Snider i think they were referring to the safety part of the car removal. I’m fairly sure Osha applies to machinery, and the people using them.
  • Theodore Marakas
    Theodore Marakas 3 months ago OSHA ? What are you talking about? What country are you from?
  • Erik Larson
    Erik Larson 4 months ago Dude. Have you ever worked on a car in your life? What's with pointing out the cheapest parts that are damaged? It makes no sense.
  • john stewart
    john stewart 4 months ago Did I get this straight? $20 G's for a total loss car, with the front end crushed, including all that HD suspension? Wait until you try to find parts for that thing. Ever heard the phrase "special order"? AND, don't you think you should at least TRY to start the thing? - FIRST. How many expensive computers does this vehicle have? And, how many of them are damaged, and/or fried? This whole thing looks like some rich kid's hobby - you surely don't think you will make a profit here?? If you got a "salvage" title, you will go thru hell trying to sell that finished car - take it from someone who knows. It's difficult enough to sell a vehicle like this if it's UN-damaged. But, all that being said, I now say Goodbye, and Good Luck. Cheers!!
  • Animal Soul
    Animal Soul 5 months ago keep up the good work Alex , your channel will grow bigger and bigger with time ^^ peace from africa haha .
  • l337pwnage
    l337pwnage 4 months ago lol, good 'ole Ford fuel caps.