Biking in Mindanao Philippines | Shopping for Kids First Bike | Patreon Bike Donation

Published on Jun 15, 2018 3,689 views

We go shopping in Mindanao Markets for a bicycle for my Niece. A generous Patreon Supporter buy my Niece her first bicycle. She is happy but we are worried about her confidence. She has no fear.

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  • Johnny Canez
    Johnny Canez 11 months ago Wow so nice some one donate for the little girl her smiles bring a lot of joy to us viewers
  • Michael Arce
    Michael Arce 5 months ago S
  • MaxandrΓ© Designs
    MaxandrΓ© Designs 11 months ago (edited) You have to put the seat up. 1 When she sits, 2 she should have the front of her foot on the pedal, 3 while the pedal is in its down position. 4 & her leg almost straight, just a little bit bend. 5 while her foot is also extended... This will make it much easier, lighter pedaling. - There is a trade of with stopping and putting one foot on the ground. But she will have much more control and safety while cycling. And she can use more force easily.
  • hike fish cook
    hike fish cook 11 months ago the bicycle saddle is far too low. Sit down on the saddle with the trapper down, place your foot on it and the other foot on the floor. if the leg is straight on the trapper but slightly bent, the saddle is at a good height
  • William Rich
    William Rich 11 months ago You are a good person with alot of heart. Adventure traits, character & strength which you already have can be used to build confidence. BTW your sister & family are beaitiful. Your BMW will come in time. lol.
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 11 months ago Hahaha.. Thank you so much for the kind message.. 😊
  • TacticalSocks
    TacticalSocks 11 months ago How to overcome your bike, scooter, and car fears? Take lessons from your niece. lol Most kids get over their fears quickly and then have high confidence levels. Why? They discover fear blocks fun and happiness. Nothing to fear if you are safe.
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 11 months ago Thanks.. 😊
  • Peter Chambers
    Peter Chambers 11 months ago I like this Blog you did. funny and cute. lol keep up the good work.
  • Frogville Studios
    Frogville Studios 11 months ago you just do it. confidence grows with experience. repetition breeds familiarity.
  • Space Time
    Space Time 11 months ago Such a lovely family you have :) Great video!
  • carl toups
    carl toups 11 months ago Love your videos keep up the good work 😁😁😁
  • dlorbieski
    dlorbieski 11 months ago As always...entertaining video. Thanks very much for sharing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 11 months ago Thank you so much 😊
  • Chuck Washington
    Chuck Washington 11 months ago Do the thing you fear to do, and that will be the end of fear.
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 11 months ago Yes i will try to push myself to do that.. 😊
  • Rolly Balondo
    Rolly Balondo 10 months ago just call it "gift"... donation sounds like you give to the school. hahaha.
  • Jim Alvir
    Jim Alvir 4 months ago Thank you Rolly Balondo, I'll pay that one too. Let's start calling it gifts from here on Crishel. Your not an accident or a disaster.
  • Eli Bainbridge
    Eli Bainbridge 11 months ago These videos are much better than the ones with the faceless guy.... lol
  • WanderLusting
    WanderLusting 11 months ago Eli Bainbridge she is a much better model πŸ˜‰
  • Minsetti
    Minsetti 11 months ago (edited) +Eli Bainbridge No.
  • Nidz Gonzalez
    Nidz Gonzalez 8 months ago (edited) @WanderLusting You can still show your face for you're subscribers. I'm not a hater nor a troll. I'm just filipina subs living in Florida, that wants to see the person face that making beautiful videos for us to watch that's all.
  • Crim Sin
    Crim Sin 10 months ago Nice. Keep it up. πŸ‘
  • Jimmy Navarro
    Jimmy Navarro 11 months ago Wow you surprise your a great vlogger so beautiful and entertaining your really a good person i will arrive in cebu in july but how can i help i luv watching your vlogs you have a beautiful heart California luvs you
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 11 months ago Thank you so much 😊 πŸ˜‚.. You can pledge any amount on my patreon or PayPal. Patreon is good if you want to donate every month PayPal is good for one time donation. 😊 The links are on the description.. 😊 πŸ˜‰
  • WanderLusting
    WanderLusting 11 months ago (edited) I didn't see any jumping rope 🧐 Very cute video. You remember seeing guys driving bikes in Manila traffic I think you can handle your hometown 😎
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 11 months ago Hahaha donkey.. We sent it back because it was raining.. 😊
  • Just saying
    Just saying 8 months ago That's so cool that she got a bike every child has to enjoy a bike,thanks to the donor for their support and putting a smile on her face, I loved it god bless you.
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 8 months ago (edited) Thank you yes she's happy with the bike.. 😊 I had my first bike in my 20's hehe
  • Xandra Yuzon
    Xandra Yuzon 11 months ago Nice family β™₯️
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 11 months ago Thank you gwapa.. 😊
  • Bann'ed Outdoor Adventures
    Bann'ed Outdoor Adventures 11 months ago Great video. Good job. :)
  • Blake Grandersen
    Blake Grandersen 10 months ago There is no woman more beautiful than the Filipina.