The RV Lifestyle Channel Trailer: Come Join Us On The Road

Published on Aug 22, 2018 14,244 views

Welcome to the RV Lifestyle Channel! We're long-time journalists and we love traveling North America in our motorhome, finding interesting people and places to share in these video reports and on our RV Podcast and Blog. And we really like hearing from you. Where should we visit next? Who should we look up? Please let us know and also please subscribe to be notified of new videos and our You Tube Live special reports from the cool places we visit on our RV adventures.

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We're journalists Mike and Jennifer Wendland, and we travel the country in an RV doing RV travel videos about the RV Lifestyle. Please subscribe to our channel for more RV Lifestyle videos! We like to virtually take you with us and regularly do lIve reports from our RV travels and also post new RV videos a couple times a week. Pleas subscribe so you'll know when there's new content here.

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  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 8 months ago This is the new channel trailer for first time visitors....intent is to give a preview of who we are and what we do.
  • Southern Plate
    Southern Plate 8 months ago LOVE IT!!!
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 8 months ago Thank you!
  • LouAnn Mulvaney
    LouAnn Mulvaney 8 months ago Nicely done, you guys are so young at heart, you are a real inspiration to so many people,you have such an amazing zest for life and learning. Love the trailer !! We look forward to each and every video that you put out, great content ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Elaine Pereira
    Elaine Pereira 8 months ago Excellent trailer for the channel. Gives a true sense of what you are all about. Nice job!
  • Bill Mcloughlin
    Bill Mcloughlin 8 months ago Love to! Ready to roll in our new (2015) Mercedes Sprinter LTV Unity MB motor home. Where will you be and when is your “Winter Camp” in Michigan.
  • Nico Veenkamp
    Nico Veenkamp 8 months ago Don't you love Bo, just popping up now and then. Great video, guys.
  • Lisa Obrien
    Lisa Obrien 8 months ago hi i cant access your atore
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 8 months ago
  • Lawrence Cherba
    Lawrence Cherba 8 months ago It just keeps getting better. Thanks Travel on.
  • c k
    c k 8 months ago Good stuff. You guys are crushing it.
  • Jack Youngblood
    Jack Youngblood 8 months ago Why do we never see Bo?
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 8 months ago Bo is in most of our videos! We are working on one that updates his progress after we did the obedience training last year plus how we've solved a couple pf traveling issues with him. Editing it now. But here's a video that features him at a family RV vacation we took a couple weeks ago . -