Here are ten tips on how couples can live together peacefully in an RV.

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  • Captain Quirk
    Captain Quirk 2 years ago Rule #1:  Don't try to fit two people in a tiny little class B recreational vehicle!  (I hesitate to call it them "motorhomes" because they're too small to be called any kind of home.)
  • Anne A.
    Anne A. 2 years ago Lol your channel is so informative and entertaining to watch! ❤
  • dan24329
    dan24329 5 years ago rule 11 leave the wife at home so you dont have to listen to the bitching
  • Sparky Nelson
    Sparky Nelson 5 years ago Great tips
  • Coover
    Coover 5 years ago A great idea is to put a little sticker on each thing you pack into your RV. When you use it, take the sticker off. When you go home and unpack, whatever still has a sticker didn't get used, so don't pack it for next time.
  • dawn nativelandprod
    dawn nativelandprod 5 years ago what about us folks that live in the rv?? lol
  • RV with Tito DIY
    RV with Tito DIY 5 years ago I just stumbled upon this video and your blog. Those are all great tips even if you don't live in or own an RV. Great work.
  • notoriouskelly
    notoriouskelly 5 years ago Great tips and very well produced. Of course individuals will have additions or alterations to your rules but this gets people thinking in the right direction. Love it!
  • Cousins RV
    Cousins RV 5 years ago Some good tips for life away from the RV as well, keep truckin!
  • Linda S
    Linda S 5 years ago Hi, my name is Linda and I really like your video. Thanks for the tip, good luck and GOD Bless you both. Thumbs Up :-)
  • Scott Gencarelli
    Scott Gencarelli 5 years ago 1-800-RV-SALES
  • sangeliastorck
    sangeliastorck 5 years ago I agree. there will be days that you may find a town that does not have a laundromat. as well as three days worth of clothing is not enough. also, at least two coats, one for cool weather, other for winter weather. if you head for the mountains. there in various areas WILL be snow. being in shorts on a mountain with snow is not fun.
  • sangeliastorck
    sangeliastorck 5 years ago 11. bring some forms of entertainment. be it a book, guitar, wireweaving, game, etc... and if you have kids along. it is a definite to keep them from getting bored. as well you do need to relax.
  • Ford's RV Refrigeration Training & Service
    Ford's RV Refrigeration Training & Service 5 years ago Jen and Mike, Great tips and I like the video. Hang on to her Mike she's a cutie.
  • T Harvey
    T Harvey 5 years ago Heh, I thought that's what they were alluding to with the needing some space without him in it...
  • T Harvey
    T Harvey 5 years ago Hah, I don't care to carry dirty clothes very far. We do pack more than 3 days worth but we travel cross country and through different climates so we do have a few extra things for cold places. I guess we stock heavy on the underthings and socks and probably a weeks worth of clothing.
  • Diana Baetz
    Diana Baetz 5 years ago Very sweet
  • Christopher711
    Christopher711 6 years ago I am planning to RV but that's just by myself. I would never do this with two or more people. We'd be at each others throats.
  • Raylan Givens
    Raylan Givens 6 years ago #11) Don't fart on a cold day. It's not going to be easy to vent it on a chilly breeze.
  • discerningmind
    discerningmind 6 years ago Great info here. But this is why we don't buy small motorhomes. I grew up in a too-small house with three brothers and our folks. I can't imagine spending a rainy weekend, or any time for that matter in a 22' Class B. You folks must be so in love! But I'll put up with the girth and expense of my 40' class A with great pleasure. Thanks for posting.