6 Must-Try Filipino Food Spots in Los Angeles, California

Published on Feb 28, 2019 162,446 views

It has been a few weeks since I finished the Travel Deeper Philippines Series, and I have been craving some Filipino Food.
So, I partnered with Greyhound USA to travel from San Diego to Los Angeles to discover the best Filipino Food I can in less than 24 hours with friends!

Book with Greyhound - http://bit.ly/GHGareth

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  • Gareth Leonard
    Gareth Leonard 2 months ago Thanks for watching everyone! Be sure to go say hi to Nate and Audri on Instagram and tell them you liked the video! Nate - https://www.instagram.com/worldwidenate/ Audri - https://www.instagram.com/_audventures_/ Me - https://www.instagram.com/tourist2townie/ (also come say hi, haha)
  • Eric Torigrosa
    Eric Torigrosa 2 months ago 🇵🇭 ❤
  • Josephine Delgado
    Josephine Delgado 2 months ago Now you are officialy Pilipino🤣🤣
  • Amalya Mirafuentes
    Amalya Mirafuentes 2 months ago But he is kindhearted than Floyd Mayweather i think
  • Ronald Bananola
    Ronald Bananola 2 months ago When's ur next trip to Pinas?
  • Ae Cee
    Ae Cee 2 months ago Try the Bicol express next time
  • bobbi g
    bobbi g 2 months ago I think you're becoming Filipino now. I mean you've eaten stuff I will not even try like Adidas. I am impressed :D.
  • JJ Mina
    JJ Mina 2 months ago She bite onto the "bato" of the balut. The white part is all cartilageous in consistency.
  • Angel Lucina
    Angel Lucina 2 months ago Hello im from philippines los angeles is my favorite place💕
  • Zoe Recamadas
    Zoe Recamadas 2 months ago U made me hungry and crave for ube moist cake!! :)
  • Audventures
    Audventures 2 months ago @JJ Mina omg that was definitely rough to get through ahahaha. He told me to take a big bite so I just closed my eyes and did it! lol
  • John Elbert Robles Soberano
    John Elbert Robles Soberano 2 months ago Visit LA UNION, NORTHERN PART OF LUZON 😍
  • Jus10 Gaming
    Jus10 Gaming 1 month ago 17:17 who the fuck bites lumpiang shanghai in the midle!?!?!??!
  • Hund Sam
    Hund Sam 1 month ago For Filipino food new subscriber here
  • Norberto Gomez
    Norberto Gomez 1 week ago Appreciate what you're doing promoting our proud and delicious delicacy.. #Br2
  • Scottishroad35 Pinoy
    Scottishroad35 Pinoy 2 months ago I have never or even heard of Filipino town in LA! I love Filipino food! I just made Kare Kare with Bagoong!!
  • Lvn Aloria
    Lvn Aloria 1 month ago hello mam, the best karekare is together with "hot&spicySweet Bagoong" just mix it to karekare sauce and you have a big Smiletaste just try it and enjoy the food
  • conni70
    conni70 1 month ago L.A has the biggest Filipino community outside the Philippines..
  • Sana ohyoohyoohyo
    Sana ohyoohyoohyo 2 weeks ago @Lvn Aloria di lahat pareho ng panlasa
  • Sana ohyoohyoohyo
    Sana ohyoohyoohyo 2 weeks ago @Lvn Aloria di lahat pareho ng panlasa
  • Vincent Cruz
    Vincent Cruz 1 week ago You have great taste buds appreciating different cuisines specially Asian food like Filipino food,eat well and have fun that's what counts enjoy our food.
  • Happychicx
    Happychicx 2 months ago Your friend looks like Floyd Mayweather?😂
  • SB Rider
    SB Rider 2 months ago 😆🤣😂
  • Ross Andal
    Ross Andal 2 months ago That's it! I was thinking, "I've seen that face before." 😂
  • Car3n
    Car3n 2 months ago same thought🤣😂
  • Mark RJ Francisco
    Mark RJ Francisco 2 months ago 😂
  • EAM H
    EAM H 2 months ago Me too, looks familiar haha
  • spicy dragon
    spicy dragon 2 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Daniel Bartolo
    Daniel Bartolo 2 months ago For me the small version of Evander Hollyfield
  • mjvelasc0
    mjvelasc0 2 months ago I thought so too!😂
  • paul mark corpuz
    paul mark corpuz 2 months ago Yeah haha
  • Riendel Reyes
    Riendel Reyes 2 months ago same😂😂😂
  • The Dave Ildefonso
    The Dave Ildefonso 2 months ago He looks more like Terry Crews from the movie Blended and White Chicks!
  • Don1ci1cio
    Don1ci1cio 1 month ago i know majority of the people on these comments are filipino.. that shit is racist bruh.
  • Jose Andrew Manganaan
    Jose Andrew Manganaan 1 month ago Agreed!
  • Noldar Ocledas
    Noldar Ocledas 2 months ago (edited) Thanks for being Filipino Food Ambassador you are highly appreciated, by the way your friend looks like Floyd Mayweather.
  • Quench Gamer TV
    Quench Gamer TV 2 months ago (edited) i really like this guy respect filipino culture unlike other youtubers
  • Tide Detergent
    Tide Detergent 1 month ago Quench Gamer TV this. This - singular (iisang tao/bagay/lugar) These - plural (madami)
  • Quench Gamer TV
    Quench Gamer TV 1 month ago @Tide Detergent thank you for correction sometimes im not aware xD
  • Red Mouse
    Red Mouse 2 months ago Seriously, you went to Max’s and no one told you to try their specialty- THE CHICKEN🥴
  • erwin remorin
    erwin remorin 2 weeks ago Yeah. The Fried Chicken is the signature food of Max's :-) Maybe the person that recommended you the Kare2 does not like the chicken there :)
  • Dx CH
    Dx CH 2 months ago the guy with gareth looks like Floyd Mayweather.
  • Frank S.
    Frank S. 2 weeks ago (edited) Audri has an angle that looks like Nicole Scherzinger and the other guy looks like Floyd Mayweather :)
  • Aiza Macasaet Castillo
    Aiza Macasaet Castillo 4 days ago You amazed me. Thank you for appreciating Filipino foods.😊😊😊
  • Nick and Helmi
    Nick and Helmi 2 months ago (edited) Ive pretty much never been to The Philippines Gareth but did try my first filipino dish in sydney - oh dear what an eye opener, such an underrated food for something so incredibly good. I had the turon as well - its delicious crunchy and soft, the highlight for me is definitely sisig for filipino food. Goodness the Halo Halo 😛 yashh
  • Mark Ayacocho
    Mark Ayacocho 2 months ago Glad you've tried those pilipino signature foods. Pilipino food have something very unique that you cant never compare to other country food, they're just so flavorful that your tongue wont never forget it
  • Nick and Helmi
    Nick and Helmi 2 months ago Mark Ayacocho agreed mark 😍
  • Sidesway
    Sidesway 1 month ago Sizzling sisig. Best 👍
  • Jeffrey Zai
    Jeffrey Zai 1 month ago is that #dalagangpilipina at the background? 🤣
  • John Aldrin Urbina Calugay
    John Aldrin Urbina Calugay 2 months ago i really feel great whenever foreigners or other nationality recognize us filipinos especially in the usa. it makes me feel more proud .. kuddos gareth .. keep it up ❤💙💪💚
  • Onil Marte Navarroza
    Onil Marte Navarroza 2 months ago Gareth, that ube cake is a bomb!
  • Nette Rivera
    Nette Rivera 2 months ago Hi Gareth nice filipino food mukbang your beautiful guest Audre is amazing and very pretty maybe you can invite her to explore the Philippines.
  • komentarista
    komentarista 2 months ago she looks a bit like gal gadot. hiihihi. ♥
  • Adrian Doe
    Adrian Doe 2 months ago Wadaaap creep
  • JeanellEats - Island Food & Travel Vlogs
    JeanellEats - Island Food & Travel Vlogs 2 months ago YAY I'm so glad she loved the balut!! I LOVE BALUT!!!
  • hymn 07
    hymn 07 2 months ago It seems mayweather loves filipino food now. But still looking forward to a possible rematch with senator manny. But both in peek shape to end the doubts. 🤣
  • Dennis Nicol
    Dennis Nicol 2 months ago big thanks for showcasing filipino food G..i say its more fusion than authentic.but it all looks good.Max's restaurant is all over the phils.and it's been around since the 50's.(im not really sure about that,maybe longer)now that's authentiic.im craving mix-mix now hehe.summer in the phils! yey!👍😀
  • Mitchico ARRIOLA
    Mitchico ARRIOLA 2 months ago There are filipino restaurants in San Diego and a big filipino community. Try it out Gareth.
  • Gareth Leonard
    Gareth Leonard 2 months ago I can't wait to test them out!!
  • Armi Guzman
    Armi Guzman 2 months ago Check out National City...south of SD Full of restaurants and dessert places
  • Ricky Byington
    Ricky Byington 2 months ago Yeah you could've just went to National City or Mira Mesa for Filipino food. Tons of places to eat.
  • Lino Tolentino
    Lino Tolentino 1 month ago Oh... Yes, Manila Sunset is one of many Pinoy's resto in SD... great place... nice folks and yummy array of foods, grabe!!!
  • Ronnie Peralta
    Ronnie Peralta 1 week ago The biggest concentration of Filipinos in San Diego area are in National City, ang Mira Mesa where you can find authentic Filipino foods, groceries and restaurants.
  • Mond Del Rosario
    Mond Del Rosario 2 months ago Floyd doesn't turn in boxing again😂😂 He is a vloger now lol..
  • Jack Silverio
    Jack Silverio 2 months ago Your friend Audrey is beautiful!!! 😍
  • Audventures
    Audventures 2 months ago ❤️❤️
  • Zarah Theresa Verano
    Zarah Theresa Verano 1 month ago Damn right, definetly a 10/10. She ate the balut. Gwapa nga way arte haha
  • The Real
    The Real 3 weeks ago Gorgeous!
  • Pedro Jr. Ocampo
    Pedro Jr. Ocampo 3 weeks ago She is....