On today's Daily Dose The Cruz Show discusses Jordyn Woods' appearance on Red Table Talk. Is Jordyn to blame for breaking up the family?

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  • Nancy Cisneros
    Nancy Cisneros 2 months ago Can we stop making the Kardashians the main topic though ? Love y’all but they’re not all that’s out there 🤨
  • SP
    SP 2 months ago The media will always push the Kardashians in the headlines and people will buy into it, I don't hate the Kardashians but that's just how it is no matter what the news is many individuals buy into it in the end.
  • Ruff House
    Ruff House 2 months ago And let's keep it buck man khloe looks like she transitioned INTO a woman. She is hard to look at
  • SP
    SP 2 months ago Yes she is next question.
  • Bille
    Bille 2 months ago So, Rap Or Go To The League was pretty good
  • mz.Bossy C
    mz.Bossy C 2 months ago Hell naw khole hell no Jordan ain't do nothing wrong Tristan been left a long time ago and everybody sooner forget how Khloe got Tristan and how she did Trina and Trina was her friend with French Montana let's not forget Harden🤐🤐🙀🙀
  • Ashly Spears
    Ashly Spears 2 months ago she fucked him while he had a girlfriend. She's a homewrecking whore. I know khloe isn't innocent either, but stop defending trash women just because you dont like another one. They're both shitty people, just like tristan.
  • alexis johnson
    alexis johnson 2 months ago NO, next caseeeee
  • Eric Willis
    Eric Willis 2 months ago Y
  • fffraaankkk
    fffraaankkk 2 months ago Lechero what a great fuckn name; that's gonna be my paisa name from now on.
  • Norwall Music
    Norwall Music 2 months ago Love this! Keep it up.
  • Eobard Thawne
    Eobard Thawne 2 months ago A home wrecker? Lmao yo this dude was already cheating on that chick way before her and shitstain hooked up
  • Rhazael Ancheta
    Rhazael Ancheta 2 months ago (edited) no the home was already broken up before all this and jordyn tried reaching out to them but they all aired her out
  • mee mee the cat
    mee mee the cat 2 months ago No she's a in home pecker
  • DonChief 420
    DonChief 420 2 months ago El Big bunny
  • vanessa sarai fugon
    vanessa sarai fugon 2 months ago the familyyy been broke up . TRISTIAN is the blame for his numerous cheating ? jordyn even said she would take a lie detector test .. so she is tellin the truth ! yall are noisy
  • P Erickson
    P Erickson 2 months ago Unsubscribed came here for the Music not The Gossip show ,,yall sound like a bunch of Hoes
  • Afan Lathofy
    Afan Lathofy 2 months ago Her story doesn't even add up🤦🤷