On today's Daily Dose The Cruz Show discusses R. Kelly getting bailed out by a female friend. Would you bail out your favorite artist if you had the cash?

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  • Anna Lexi
    Anna Lexi 2 months ago No he really needs to think about his errors.. He’s bailed out tho!! So I hope he is still thinking about what he’s fine & why he’s in the situation he’s in..
  • Mel Mel
    Mel Mel 2 months ago I am weak, they said I thought he had a kids meal,rotfl!
  • Team NFE Magnolia
    Team NFE Magnolia 2 months ago 😂😂😂
  • Jon C.
    Jon C. 2 months ago Mel Mel kids meal and play pen 😂😂😂
  • Angela C
    Angela C 2 months ago Hell NO! I WOULD NOT!
  • Sic Semper Beats
    Sic Semper Beats 2 months ago wtf kinda question is that? I wouldnt bail out any person who's rich and famous. Hell, R kelly of all people should be able to do that himself, i guess he spent too much on whips and chains and handcuffs
  • Kelty Miller
    Kelty Miller 2 months ago Sic Semper Beats LMMFAO @ HANDCUFFS!
  • Sic Semper Beats
    Sic Semper Beats 2 months ago Kelty Miller Lol I’m just saying. Niggas out here wildin out
    ALDRO TV 2 months ago Yes and hit the studio with him for doing him the favor lol
  • Motorola E4
    Motorola E4 2 months ago Exactly
  • Motorola E4
    Motorola E4 2 months ago I would bail out r Kelly just for the clout so my soundcloud can get heard. Clickbait every song with the words 'feat r. Kelly" in the title so it can get views.
  • OG_Mante
    OG_Mante 2 months ago Motorola E4 A for ingenuity and honesty
  • Carlos Rob
    Carlos Rob 2 months ago peace; Oprah Winfrey had one of her people do it. Kelly been hitting that for years...Sshhh it's known all through out underground Chicago
  • Barrington Morris
    Barrington Morris 2 months ago My mind is telling me Noooooooooo, but my wallet is telling...😂😂😂
  • Nick Ross
    Nick Ross 2 months ago A close friend and your favorite artist isn't the sane thing just saying
  • Motorola E4
    Motorola E4 2 months ago Oh really? Cuz I have met gay men who will fight a family member for disrespecting Beyonce. Explain that to me?
  • Motorola E4
    Motorola E4 2 months ago You must not know how far a woman is willing to go for a man who can sing... Usher got news talking about him with STDs and he still getting chased by groupies everyday that they see him in public... Can someone explain that to me?
  • Motorola E4
    Motorola E4 2 months ago I agree with you by the way but that's like telling a black man that white people own WSHH and BET.
  • Theresa Santos
    Theresa Santos 2 months ago No I would have him locked up and grow away the key
  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson 2 months ago Hell yeah gave me so much of uplifting music when my days look bleak and dont know where to turn to not having a job or my boyfriend left me or lookig towards God for a sign oh yes i will definitely bail him out
  • Olivia Last
    Olivia Last 2 months ago Would I bail out R.kelly Hell to the No
  • Te'Rance Brown
    Te'Rance Brown 2 months ago Hell Yeah
  • Gerard Brien
    Gerard Brien 2 months ago Innocent Until Proven Guilty.
  • Mdolla25
    Mdolla25 2 months ago They wanna charge him but hes not Guuiilltyy!! 😫I got alllll!! of my Mamis!!
  • Natural Born Hustler✓
    Natural Born Hustler✓ 2 months ago Innocent until he jizzes on your child’s face.
  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson 2 months ago Cocaine is a hell of a drug. And I'm referring to this host, not Kelly.
  • Benny Valenzuela
    Benny Valenzuela 2 months ago notified lol
  • Vee Franklin
    Vee Franklin 2 months ago Are you serious!! 🤔
  • David Escobar
    David Escobar 2 months ago Lechero droped some milk on his hair
  • Big Tex
    Big Tex 2 months ago Ummmm......NO!
  • Tajah Yuseff
    Tajah Yuseff 2 months ago Hell no!!
  • Motorola E4
    Motorola E4 2 months ago I would... I need that clout
  • Tajah Yuseff
    Tajah Yuseff 2 months ago @Motorola E4 LoL