Michigan Family Adventure - The Sand Dunes of Silver Lake

Published on Aug 16, 2018 3,924 views

Michigan's Silver Lake State Park is midway up the Lake Michigan coastline and is known all around the world for the awesome and accessible sand dunes that are easily explored by foot or off road vehicles. We just spend at awesome time camping with family there and thought you'd like to come along with us!

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  • Thomas VerLee
    Thomas VerLee 9 months ago I grew up in Western Michigan, and know that place well. Glad to see it's still beautiful. Nice to see you using your drone; good shots!
  • Michael Gehrke
    Michael Gehrke 9 months ago Thanks for sharing your family adventure . I've been raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan , and haven't visited there yet .
  • fa de
    fa de 9 months ago You two are wonderful, thanks for sharing!
  • Suzette Calleja
    Suzette Calleja 9 months ago I loved the video, one of your best. Great background music ,went well with what was going on. I liked the intro to your family. Drone footage was great. Can you tell I liked the video. I almost forgot, Loved the footage of Bo. He was having a blast.
  • Mark G
    Mark G 9 months ago Nice looking family! The vacation spot wasn't bad either. Have to add it to our northern RV trek for next spring.
  • R. knudson
    R. knudson 9 months ago Thanks for that! Well done my friend. Nice meeting the family.
  • Julie Gage
    Julie Gage 9 months ago Enjoyed meeting the family. Nice vlog and u are doing some interesting upgrades.
  • Marcia Watts
    Marcia Watts 9 months ago What a precious family! I thoroughly enjoyed your video.
  • Glen Brown
    Glen Brown 9 months ago Great video Wendlands! And an extra special treat to see the whole extended family in your video! Bravo!
  • Ed Schaper
    Ed Schaper 9 months ago I just got home from Michigan's UP. It was wonderful and I had a great time in your state. THANKS!
  • Barbara Lapierre
    Barbara Lapierre 9 months ago Thank U for sharing this awesome fun place to take the grandkids!
  • Jordan Jakeway
    Jordan Jakeway 8 months ago Love the Flossin' lessons!
  • larryz24
    larryz24 9 months ago Great place, did Wendy REALLY say "Middle END"? LOL
  • Demo 7241
    Demo 7241 3 weeks ago larryz24 I think they needed second take she don’t know nothin
  • Brian Low
    Brian Low 9 months ago Very well done! Great video of the Little Sable Lighthouse, the sand dunes and Mac Woods "buggy" ride. It felt like I was along for the ride. Also, it is awesome to see second and third generations enjoying camping in Pure Michigan!
  • mpgolfzen
    mpgolfzen 9 months ago Thank you guys for sharing your family time with us!!! I LOVE BO!!!
  • Carlo Ritschl
    Carlo Ritschl 8 months ago Thanks for sharing your family with us. Your videos are more and more professional and it shows. What a labor of love..(60 hrs/week). Can you do a video of the gear you use and software you use in making them. I would appreciate it very much. Hope to meet you both at one of the big RV shows to personally shake your hands.
  • Gail Robinson
    Gail Robinson 9 months ago Looks like a great, fun place. Enjoyed seeing your family having a good time, and of course, Bo. I’m glad he had some beach time too!
  • flat 4
    flat 4 9 months ago I've been meaning to take a trip up their for a couple years now to go offroading. It's about 8 hours from me so I figured I should go their before I take a trip to southern California next year to ride dunes.
  • Jean Decker
    Jean Decker 9 months ago Looks like a fun time. Thanks for sharing.
  • arkansas traveler
    arkansas traveler 9 months ago We had to book exactly 6 months ahead to get into Sleeping Bear Dunes.