Today we take you on a journey through our favorite National Parks of the West. Join us as we countdown our top 10 with video and photo tours of some of the most majestic places in the US. We have seperate videos coming on other areas (including California) but here our 10 of our absolte favorites!

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  • Joe O
    Joe O 8 months ago Wow, WOW!!!... that was spectacular. The footage was incredible. You two really put time and effort into this video. Thank You for a wonderful overview of what this country has to offer. What an effort!
  • Andrew Jarman
    Andrew Jarman 8 months ago (edited) great video, great spots! The photo at 5:07 (and in the thumbnail) looks like its actually Moraine Lake in Banff, Alberta, not Colorado. Also, on one of your trips to Glacier NP, hop across the border to Waterton NP in Alberta - the two together make the Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park (the first in the world), and together make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site as the Crown of the Continent.
  • Liz Kelly-Catherwood
    Liz Kelly-Catherwood 8 months ago This is your best video yet. Thank you for sharing your amazing pictures.
  • Alex Sowell
    Alex Sowell 6 months ago Awesome, Photography was the bestest ever! Great Job! Lord willing...I'm going to get started on my Nat. Park, Photography Journey within the next year! Minimalizing Is Not an easy task! Any tips on that? I'm at the getting the right RV for me stage now! I want it a tiny package with a lot of room, all @ a very low price tag! baahaaa.... Thanks for the Video...this makes me want to go even More now!
  • mpgolfzen
    mpgolfzen 8 months ago Second that!!! Your list does not disappoint !! Thank you for sharing and being great ambassadors of the RV lifestyle...
  • Esther Reeves
    Esther Reeves 8 months ago Loved the video. Can't wait to hit the road in the lower 48. By the way what about Alaska? Denali, McCarthy? 👍
  • CAJUN Jamis
    CAJUN Jamis 8 months ago Thanks for sharing. We all are blessed to live in a beautiful country! Cajun
  • rachel rauh
    rachel rauh 8 months ago My fav video so far!! Loved it.
  • Matellena
    Matellena 8 months ago Absolutely beautiful video!! Thank you so much. I've seen a few of those places living in Utah but I haven't been to Canada's parks on the west side. I've been to Niagara Falls on the eastern side. I've been subscribed to thither channel and just realized the bell want on. I fixed that.
  • Michael Deal
    Michael Deal 8 months ago Nice video and descriptions. But nothing in California makes your top 10?? Half of my top 10 are in California. Btw, Yellowstone is also in Idaho in addition to Wyoming and Montana.
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 8 months ago It will be on a separate video we're doing about California only. California has so many awesome places that we will be doing a video just on its attractions!
  • Gail Robinson
    Gail Robinson 8 months ago Great video. Been to all except Saguaro which we are visiting next month. The west certainly is blessed with these 10 parks and many more. My favorite is Grand Tetons National Park. Those mountains just thrill me every time I see them. 🏔😃
  • Carolyn Hall
    Carolyn Hall 2 months ago (edited) Great video!! I live close to Glacier National Park and you are right no other park can beat the spectacular landscapes at Glacier National Park
  • Marco
    Marco 8 months ago That was a wonderful journey. Thanks for sharing it with us. So far I've only been to three of the parks on your list. Grand Canyon, AZ, Saguaro, AZ, and Banff, Alberta, Canada.
  • Will Foreman
    Will Foreman 1 month ago Beautiful video. Why did you put a picture of Lake Diablo from North Cascades NP in your Glacier NP footage?
  • JR Moritz
    JR Moritz 8 months ago Fantastic photography! Thanks for sharing. We will be heading West in the Sprin.
  • BROTHER Love
    BROTHER Love 8 months ago (edited) Mike and Jennifer you guys do a great job, bless you both.
  • Rod B
    Rod B 8 months ago Beautiful and informative video. Thank you Mike and Jennifer!
  • Robert Blanchette
    Robert Blanchette 8 months ago I agree this is your most interesting and spectacular video. I can't wait for the 10 favorite Parks of the East. Thanks.
  • swamp dawg
    swamp dawg 8 months ago Amazing video, beautiful.
  • Aude Khatru
    Aude Khatru 8 months ago Thanks, those stunning vistas were just what I needed today. Good list.