Turbo Coyote Swapped New Edge: Will It Start?

Published on Feb 18, 2019 17,603 views

Nick has been working on his Coyote Swapped 2003 Mustang GT for quite sometime. The car features a custom single turbo kit with precision turbo, 6r80 automatic transmission, gen 2 coyote, full return fuel system, and much more. Pick up a key tag: https://mustanglifestyle.net/product/...

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  • lol_ speed3
    lol_ speed3 3 months ago (edited) That gas station must be pretty chill with you guys meeting there especially when you rev your cars
  • Carlos Avellanet
    Carlos Avellanet 3 months ago Drew...haven't heard anything about Ashley lately....is her case over?
  • Chris Boyer
    Chris Boyer 3 months ago Love the content, but where is Ashley and the S550?
  • snuff nation
    snuff nation 3 months ago Man you should just buy a old fox body. Drop a 427 sohc cammer motor and twin 76's and smoke anything on wheels
  • crown Victoria lifestyle
    crown Victoria lifestyle 3 months ago snuff nation why don't you take your own advice and try it
  • Josh Paulette
    Josh Paulette 3 months ago Lol wtf is a cammer motor
  • PimoAn01
    PimoAn01 3 months ago crown Victoria lifestyle google it
  • snuff nation
    snuff nation 3 months ago Damn I make one reply and get all hate. Eww ewww why dont you do it yourself. Wtf is a cammer. Seems either all of you are complete idiots or just some fan boy whose never turned a wrench. And if you dont know what a 427 sohc cammer motor is or 440 high riser then your to young to be on this thread so please do me a favor and just shut the fuck up
  • Shane Hupp
    Shane Hupp 3 months ago snuff nation 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • KlipschHead281
    KlipschHead281 3 months ago The 427 cammer is one bad ass mother fucker banned in the 60's, I wish I could get one!!
  • KlipschHead281
    KlipschHead281 3 months ago @Josh Paulette - “[This engine] was meant to handle maybe 750 hp, and we were getting 2,500 hp out of it,” the thing was meant for NASCAR, banned and then used for drag racing. Mopar and GM wish they had something like this, with one carb it was in the mid 650hp range which for the '60's was incredible, no Hemi was doing that.
  • KlipschHead281
    KlipschHead281 3 months ago @snuff nation - Nothing but love from me brother, I know what that motor is capable of. ;)
  • Kiko Smith
    Kiko Smith 3 months ago @snuff nation they only know the Coyote and nothing before
  • Mad Mod
    Mad Mod 3 months ago Scenarios don't do anything except cause hate and opinions. Don't be mad u got opinions on an open comment section. Dollar per dollar a gt500 swap would make more power and be more reliable but that's just another scenario.
  • Ran  Ware
    Ran Ware 3 months ago @Kiko Smith PURE FUCN IDIOTS
  • Noah Witt
    Noah Witt 3 months ago @snuff nation lmao tell em boss
  • Ethan Simon
    Ethan Simon 3 months ago That’s a 27k+ motor my guy
  • whats really going on
    whats really going on 3 months ago once this is tuned and running right it will decimate all
  • H E C. M A N.
    H E C. M A N. 3 months ago Go NICK, you can do it. We have faith in you. FORDIFIED 4 LIFE.
  • A2 9S
    A2 9S 3 months ago Calling it.... Bullet rear end first to go! Haha😂🤣
  • Jason Clark
    Jason Clark 3 months ago Ugggggh new edges cool but mix it upppp my guy get a s197
  • Tennessee Siren Productions
    Tennessee Siren Productions 3 months ago When I saw the notification I thought you swapped the bullit 😂😨
  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy 3 months ago (edited) Daytona? That's cool, I just installed the Jackie Robinson field in dayonta a few weeks ago.
  • Jeffrey Goss
    Jeffrey Goss 3 months ago Nick will figure it out! He’s good like that! And wow two cobras love it!
  • Matt Axtell
    Matt Axtell 3 months ago Hell yeah Nick's car at my request thanks Andrew more content with him dont forget lol
  • Smoke Dirt
    Smoke Dirt 3 months ago tells dude on a bike to shut up, revs straight piped mustang and gives it respect. mustang dudes are cute lol
  • johnny Portwood
    johnny Portwood 3 months ago I would totally drop one of the old ford v8 in there
  • Carlton Simmons
    Carlton Simmons 3 months ago What drive shaft is that?
  • Nathan Hensley
    Nathan Hensley 3 months ago Sounds like he left the crank trigger wheel out that's behind the flywheel.
  • fastfordstang13
    fastfordstang13 3 months ago 👍great channel keep it up 👍
  • Kiefer Gebhardt
    Kiefer Gebhardt 3 months ago Defiantly think the gt500 would be a great addition to the channel
  • jason karns
    jason karns 3 months ago Really enjoy your content.
  • Coyote TJ
    Coyote TJ 3 months ago Can't wait to see Nick's car up and running! We always see him putting in hard work building cars, it's time to see him having some fun with his car! That new edge is going to be awesome when done!