The 17 Ways Jennifer Has Personalized and Modded Our New RV

Published on Jan 10, 2019 18,988 views

I tend to add gadgets and technology. Jennifer adds organization and personal tweaks that truly make our RV our home on wheels. In this video, she shares 17 organizational hacks she's done to our new RV.

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  • Nomadicana
    Nomadicana 4 months ago Tip on the command hook - to remove it, you usually have to slide the outer unit up. If it's placed all the way to the top as you've done, there may not be enough room to slide it up, making it very difficult to remove.
  • Sherry Hooker
    Sherry Hooker 4 months ago (edited) Jennifer, take a picture of Beau and put it with his paperwork, that way you have ID for him if it's ever needed.
  • Go Small. Live Large! Vanlife in a Travato
    Go Small. Live Large! Vanlife in a Travato 4 months ago You two are the best. So helpful. And such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your tips. Nice to know someone else organizes their mobile apps !
  • Dee Stephenson
    Dee Stephenson 4 months ago Thanks for the tips. Safe journey in 2019😊🐕
  • Nancy Burke
    Nancy Burke 4 months ago Thank you. I love your ideas. Safe travels.
  • David & Brenda
    David & Brenda 4 months ago Get video. Where did you get your fruit bags? I love those.
  • Theresa Corral
  • Tony & Monica's Plan B, Michigan
    Tony & Monica's Plan B, Michigan 4 months ago Amazon: Safe travels and happy camping!!
  • Mark Steffen
  • AsphaltGypsy
    AsphaltGypsy 4 months ago @Theresa Corral - Thank you! I noticed that your link has THREE bags, instead of two, and actually posted the size of them. Happy trails!
  • our journey Vicki and Jon
    our journey Vicki and Jon 2 months ago The mesh bags ?? I love all of your ideas. We just bought a. 2019 pleasure way ascent
  • Colleen Mauler
    Colleen Mauler 4 months ago Great vlog !!! Very informative!!! I’ve always believed everything has its place !! Love ❤️ your van
  • William Clifford
    William Clifford 2 months ago Bubble wrap in drawer for sound dampening. It keeps it out of landfill and you get it in shipping boxes from so many places.
  • Marjorie Hall
    Marjorie Hall 4 months ago The air purifier thing sounds wonderful! Gonna look for that. Thank you!
  • John tatman
    John tatman 4 months ago We use these at home as well. They are amazing. You can find them cheaper online.
  • ColleenKaralee Peltomaa
    ColleenKaralee Peltomaa 4 months ago Neat little air purification unit. I no longer smell the skunks around now that I have my Airdog air purifier, plus never have to purchase HEPA filters for it, and takes as much energy as an incandescent light bulb. Great tips, thank you.
  • Excursion Diversion
    Excursion Diversion 4 months ago Great tips. I want those fruit bags as well. See ya on the road!
  • Theresa Corral
  • Suzanne Burke
    Suzanne Burke 4 months ago Where did you find the large organizer mesh pockets? I have the small ones but they don’t stay up!
  • Mike Strothotte
    Mike Strothotte 4 months ago We have rubber no slip pads in the cupboards to stop dishes walking around.
  • Adriane C
    Adriane C 4 months ago Where are your affiliate links? Love those mesh bags that stick on wall
  • Akbar Helmie
    Akbar Helmie 4 months ago Loved your video. Please never stop 🙆‍♂️
  • jodeluna62
    jodeluna62 3 months ago Great Tips! I Know Us Man Don't Think About These Tips! You Are Hitting The Nail On The Head! Thank You!
  • W RD
    W RD 4 months ago We use silicone trivets between our pots and pans. They work great and can be used to prevent a pot from melting the counter. We also use a large silicone trivet under the glass microwave carousel to keep it quiet on the road. On Amazon.
    TIM POWELL 2 months ago If you turn your bowls and other things up side down they won’t move as easily and fall out on you. Just a suggestion.
  • flyshacker
    flyshacker 4 months ago Great ideas! Thank you, Jen!
  • Maria Aurigema
    Maria Aurigema 1 month ago Use the other bag for avocados they will cause your fruit to ripen to quickly.