How To Use Your RV's Convection Oven: Glacier Mango Chicken Recipe!

Published on Jul 26, 2018 6,033 views

Today we are joined by Mary Jane Curry, our favorite RV Chef, to show you how to properly use your RV's convection oven. Convection ovens may seem a little tricky but as Mary Jane says, they are much easier than you thin. Besides they are more efficient and cook faster! So watch this and you'll be one step closer to becoming an RV master chef!

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Mary shows us this fantastic recipe: Glacier Mango Chicken
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  • Donna - Hoot- Marie
    Donna - Hoot- Marie 9 months ago Best explanation ever! Thank you.
  • Deana Stock
    Deana Stock 9 months ago This was such a great video. Please more like this. Thank you.
  • Dino Hicks
    Dino Hicks 9 months ago OH MY WORD! I have a couple of convection ovens in my home that I don't even use because the cooking manuals weren't very supportive, and I have learned more from this video about convection cooking! THANK YOU for doing this video! I would love to see more cooking videos! Mary Jane and Jennifer this was a hit for me! Safe travels, folks!
  • Mary Jane Curry
    Mary Jane Curry 9 months ago Thank you!
  • roberto abrams
    roberto abrams 9 months ago I love Chutney, and really enjoy making my own! That dish was so wonderful looking...thank you for sharing this scrumptious dish 👍👌😎✌🏻
  • Ron S
    Ron S 9 months ago Your meal looked delicious, thanks for this informative video :::)))))
  • Peggy Lynn
    Peggy Lynn 9 months ago Great! Would be fun to tour her home, too! (hint hint) 😁
  • Mary Jane Curry
    Mary Jane Curry 9 months ago Happy to show you my home and kitchen... stay tuned!
  • Peggy S
    Peggy S 9 months ago I have been eager to use my convection oven and this looks like a terrific recipe to start with. Please do more recipes. Thank you.
  • Debbie Fisher
    Debbie Fisher 9 months ago Does Mary have a channel? Did I miss you saying it?
  • Z10C
    Z10C 9 months ago I vote she makes a convection oven cooking YouTube channel :))
  • Tracey Mardon
    Tracey Mardon 3 months ago Thanks Mary Jane, I'm inspired to get using it!
  • Dino Hicks
    Dino Hicks 9 months ago I have a new hero! HOORAY for Mary Jane!
  • Mary Jane Curry
    Mary Jane Curry 9 months ago Thank you... warms my heart!
  • WhereRVtraveling
    WhereRVtraveling 9 months ago Thanks Mary Jane for sharing your recipe.
  • Patty Sternjacob
    Patty Sternjacob 9 months ago We just bought a Motorhome with a convection oven. Yes, I was intimidated. But not anymore. This beautiful lady explained everything so well, and her recipe was so easy. I will surely make this. It looks amazing. Thank you.
  • Fly Fish
    Fly Fish 9 months ago Nice vid. I enjoy seeing some aspect of the RV being highlighted and used in everyday life on the road. Also, your last vid on the dangers of fresh water (fresh water tanks and camp ground water) contamination was excellent.
  • debmarie55
    debmarie55 9 months ago Our new to us Motorhome is my first convection experience. I am intimidated. What about baking?
  • Sherry B
    Sherry B 9 months ago (edited) Can you bake in the convection oven also? Like cookies or muffins?
  • Mary Jane Curry
    Mary Jane Curry 9 months ago definitely! The Convection excels at baking. Crisp pastries just like from the local bakery, moist cake, quicker baking times!
  • Laura crowley
    Laura crowley 9 months ago Thank you so much for this informative video. I too vote for more convection oven tutorials.
  • Stephanie Reed
    Stephanie Reed 9 months ago Thank you so much! I need to try mine
  • Z10C
    Z10C 9 months ago Great video! What kind of cookware did u put the chicken in? What are your favorite cookware pieces for the convection oven? Could u share any links to where I can buy them? Also, Can you make a pizza video please??? Thank u!!
  • Karen Hicks
    Karen Hicks 9 months ago Thanks so much! I just use mine as a microwave. I don't know how to use the confection part.
  • Yvonne Davis
    Yvonne Davis 9 months ago I have a manual convection oven in my house (the digital ones scare me. lol). I never use my stove/oven. That chutney mix sounds incredible. I wonder how that would be on fish!! Enjoy!!
  • Mary Jane Curry
    Mary Jane Curry 9 months ago This sauce would be excellent with fish, a side spring roll dip, salad dressing and even a sandwich spread when combined with a little mustard or mayo.
  • Yvonne Davis
    Yvonne Davis 9 months ago All real yummy ideas! Thanks again.