how to be a morning person and how to wake up early! I wanted to give you my best updated tips on becoming a morning person and not feeling tired / miserable when you wake up! it's time to enjoy your mornings! take time to eat healthy, exercise, journal, and enjoy the peace of the morning :)
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I hope this video helps you become more of a morning person, mornings are my favorite & I hope these tips help you love mornings too! :)

  • Rebecca Ting
    Rebecca Ting 1 year ago Can you do a house tour? Like f you agree!
  • theFitty
    theFitty 1 year ago YAS! Especially since she moved.
  • Cambria Joy
    Cambria Joy 1 year ago ok yes! I didn't know how many people would want it but I can definitely do that! :)
  • Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez
    Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez 1 year ago Yes pleassseee!
  • A S M A
    A S M A 1 year ago Yes
  • Noemi Guerrero
    Noemi Guerrero 1 year ago I want to become a morning person! watches this video at 1am But seriously! I’ll be up at 7am. I love productive morning, I’ve just been so lazy lately. I needed that kick in the butt to get me to do it again.
  • Anna
    Anna 1 year ago Noemi Guerrero So... Did you do it? Xx
  • Noemi Guerrero
    Noemi Guerrero 1 year ago Anna Cumming I️ did! I️ stared waking up around from 9-10am and now I’m at 8:30am sometimes earlier.
  • Katie Horan
    Katie Horan 1 year ago this is such a beautifully thought out and edited video!! all the tips you listed are so helpful! thanks for making this video!
  • Derriann Cornwall
    Derriann Cornwall 1 year ago I love your channel Katie! :)
  • Cambria Joy
    Cambria Joy 1 year ago aww well thanks for watching!! :)
  • Petra Szabó
    Petra Szabó 1 year ago (edited) I did 200 squats while watching this 💪🏻💪🏻 i encourage everyone to do squats while watching yt videos it is so amazing😋 Great video though! Love u so much💛
  • AlyssaMarie
    AlyssaMarie 1 year ago Petra Szabó that’s a great idea!
  • Sinthuya Vigneswaran
    Sinthuya Vigneswaran 1 year ago BRILLIANT!!!!
  • Cambria Joy
    Cambria Joy 1 year ago wooohoo!!! that's AMAZING!! Love you too!! :)
  • Emma Love
    Emma Love 1 year ago Petra Szabó I'll have to try it
  • Ashley Jacobs
    Ashley Jacobs 1 year ago I love the mornings they are my favorite time of the day! I feel like my day goes a whole lot better when I wake up early. My real problem is going to sleep early I will fight sleep just to stay up and be on YouTube or Pinterest! But your tips are super helpful and I've missed your videos Cambria!😄
  • Cambria Joy
    Cambria Joy 1 year ago Me too! I totally agree! Thank you for watching Ashley!! :)
  • Syvee Galam
    Syvee Galam 1 year ago I struggle waking up early😂 I wish I was a morning person and could easily get up in the morning bc I totally agree I could do a lot of things in the morning. I could do devotions and read the Bible more as well as workout haha ❤️ would be a great way to start the day
  • Missy Nissy
    Missy Nissy 1 year ago Syvee Galam you're just lazy
  • Claudia Portillo
    Claudia Portillo 1 year ago Syvee Galam same
  • V H.
    V H. 1 year ago +Claudia Portillo You're just rude.
  • V H.
    V H. 1 year ago +Missy Nissy You're just rude.
  • Nefeli Patentali
    Nefeli Patentali 1 year ago Watched it at 6:00 in the morning with one eye closed ♥️
  • Intentionally Made
    Intentionally Made 1 year ago (edited) Would love to see a couples evening routine or a couples bible study routine. I’m married and have kids but love seeing what others do in their journey as a couple. Enjoy those moments and the amount of time together because with kids it makes time so precious and I think these tips are great for prep when the crazy busy stuff comes into play. I know you’re busy but I mean with motherhood and parenting. I still battle obedience with time management and keeping up with routine. Faith is the driver for sure :)
  • Anika Nørgaard Molbæk
    Anika Nørgaard Molbæk 1 year ago I have to wake up at 6 to get to school on time, so whenever I don't have school there's no way in hell I'm not letting myself sleep in😂
  • firstplace xx
    firstplace xx 1 year ago Anika Nørgaard Molbæk I can soooo realate😂😂😂😂😂🐙my mum has to wake me up
  • Irina Diamond
    Irina Diamond 1 year ago Putting my favorite song as the alarm makes me HATE the song lol anyone else?
  • whithehearthro
    whithehearthro 1 year ago Irina Diamond yes!!
  • Irina Diamond
    Irina Diamond 1 year ago whithehearthro thank you! Lol
  • --
    -- 1 year ago Irina Diamond AGREE OMG
  • Cambria Joy
    Cambria Joy 1 year ago I agree!! I so agree! I just make the alarm something that's soothing but not one of my favorite songs lol
  • Jus
    Jus 1 year ago If I ever want/need to wake up earlier (not for work) I always open my blinds before bed. If something's going to wake me up I want it to be the son, it's honestly the best.
  • Cambria Joy
    Cambria Joy 1 year ago that's a great idea! thank you for sharing! and for watching! :)
  • Alisha Mashburn
    Alisha Mashburn 1 year ago It creeps me out to sleep with my blinds open lol.
  • Autumn Snudden
    Autumn Snudden 1 year ago (edited) "you're probably watching this because you desire to be a morning person." No... no I'm actually watching this because it's a Cambria Joy video and I'd watch it even if it were a tooth brushing tutorial. ;)
  • Emily Brown
    Emily Brown 1 year ago Autumn Snudden Hahahaha yes! 😂
  • Cambria Joy
    Cambria Joy 1 year ago awww!! you are so sweet thank you for watching Autumn!! :)
  • Caitlin Cunningham
    Caitlin Cunningham 1 year ago Yup! Me too!😍
  • Page Danielle
    Page Danielle 1 year ago Your editing is just phenomenal! I loved it per usual 💕
  • MaryEllen Louise
    MaryEllen Louise 1 year ago (edited) Scrolling through the comments and I see lots of negativity against this video. Don't change Cambria, your videos help me and if you enjoy doing them then other people just need to suck it up. God bless.
  • Tamara Ester
    Tamara Ester 1 year ago MaryEllen Vogel I saw some comments with criticism but in a positive way, but think about it, she repeat videos but I feel like she does different things each time, so it's okay for me
  • Cambria Joy
    Cambria Joy 1 year ago thank you my friend :) God bless you!
  • Lizzie LG
    Lizzie LG 1 year ago I like to get up extra early to do the boring things like the laundry and cleaning, this way I can start my day in a peaceful environment and enjoy my day to the fullest, not having to worry about my chores! 🙂
  • whithehearthro
    whithehearthro 1 year ago Lizzie LG I can't do that stuff in the morning! I dread waking up if I have to do chores! But props for that being you!!
  • Johanna *_*
    Johanna *_* 1 year ago I love your videos Cambria😍😍😍 Could you make more videos about god?
  • Cambria Joy
    Cambria Joy 1 year ago yes!! :) thank you for watching!! :)
  • Leah Parks
    Leah Parks 1 year ago You’re literally the most motivational person ever. I’m obsessed with your videos! Love you! ❣️
  • Cambria Joy
    Cambria Joy 1 year ago aww thank you!! love you too!! :)
  • Rayana Speight
    Rayana Speight 1 year ago Here I was looking at the link for the collagen creamer at 2:30 am and Cambria says “if it’s 2:00 am and you’re scrolling on your phone and not going to bed....” 😳😳😳😂😂😂
  • whithehearthro
    whithehearthro 1 year ago Rayana Speight literally same
  • Cambria Joy
    Cambria Joy 1 year ago AHHAHAHAA LOL!!! thanks for watching girl!!
  • Elena Rose
    Elena Rose 1 year ago Could you do a video for how to get out of an unhealthy eating slump
  • Aubrey
    Aubrey 1 year ago Your videos always inspire me to have a happy healthier life! So love this video so much
  • Alia Hutchison
    Alia Hutchison 1 year ago I agree. I love watching these videos. They help me alot.
  • Cambria Joy
    Cambria Joy 1 year ago aww I'm so glad to hear that!! <33