Is this my new car? 4.0L Whipple GT500 & Selling the Terminator

Published on Feb 16, 2019 45,709 views

There was a lot to talk about in this video but I hope you guys understand that moving on will be better. A GT500 is my next dream car and I want to make it happen! Help support the channel and pick up some key tags!:

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  • All Kindz of Gainz
    All Kindz of Gainz 3 months ago The whipple decreases the value on the GT500 but your Cobra mods make it a 28-32k value? 🤔😂
  • wizzjo1nt5
    wizzjo1nt5 3 months ago Lol, didn't you pay 17k for your cobra? And you want upper 20s? and then you said mods decrease the value. Ok.
  • Shawn Broyles
    Shawn Broyles 3 months ago Now I've heard it all a beat up YouTube corn fed cobra for 25 30 I dont think so bro go on Ebay get a cobra with 5k miles for 30k
  • qwerty6801
    qwerty6801 3 months ago You cant try to get top dollar for your blower swapped Cobra then say "The 4.0 Whipple on the GT500 actually decreases the value"
  • OBS Junkie
    OBS Junkie 3 months ago qwerty6801 he said it decreases the value for him because he wants a bone stock or as close to stock car as he can
  • Drake5153
    Drake5153 3 months ago @OBS Junkie he also said it's probably not gonna stay stock, so he's obviously trying to bring the price down lol
  • Guiseppe Greco
    Guiseppe Greco 3 months ago Yea hes full of shit
  • Christopher Flores
    Christopher Flores 3 months ago My 5.0 smoke this cobra! Lmao but does have less miles then mine. You probable get a good. 18k cash.
  • Kamantha loves BBC’s
    Kamantha loves BBC’s 3 months ago Your asking too much for your cobra it’s been raced and beat on plus modified you will be lucky to get $20k for it
  • lol_ speed3
    lol_ speed3 3 months ago Id say mid 20k would be a fair price base on the condition and whats been done to it..30k or more definitely is a bit too high
  • G Saleen
    G Saleen 2 months ago You're very right sir, another car enthusiast would look at your car and say well damn everything is done. A true car enthusiast knows there's no fun whenever a car has reached the limits already it's not as fun to work and play with it because it's done pretty much.
  • greg black
    greg black 2 months ago Why does it make you mad?
  • AlexSVT
    AlexSVT 3 months ago I say just wait for the perfect one. No need to rush it. The one you checked out seemed like it was in rough shape. Keep looking for the right one!
  • Mikey the boss
    Mikey the boss 3 months ago AlexSVT correct my dude
  • Tivon Sanders
    Tivon Sanders 3 months ago Looks like I'll be subscribing to your channel for Cobra content.
  • Sherlock Moans
    Sherlock Moans 3 months ago @Tivon Sanders bro, his channel is lit, good choice.
  • rcguy86
    rcguy86 2 months ago I use to be his fan, but then I asked him a question asking for help/advice, instead of helping me he was a rude jerk. He acts like the channel is big but it's not. He's an asshole.
  • Furious Lobo
    Furious Lobo 2 months ago @rcguy86 he posted a questions on the Instagram story post and he put what cars we want to see in the channel he didn't answer mines but he answered other people and he shows off his car too much
  • Nick Holliday
    Nick Holliday 3 months ago 13-14 mustangs are honestly the best looking stangs since the new edge.
  • tominator
    tominator 3 months ago (edited) You'll be sorry you sold the Cobra after it is gone. I'd sell everything else before letting the Cobra go. You will never recoup all the money you put into it making it the way you want it. Sad day. Shelby seems to be worn out.
  • DeedsMedia
    DeedsMedia 3 months ago tominator he’s just being impatient. I agree sell everything but the termi and save up
  • tominator
    tominator 3 months ago @DeedsMedia I hope you are right.
  • PJ Morrison
    PJ Morrison 3 months ago 13-14 GT500 is definitely an upgrade! Make it happen soon bro🙌🏽
  • KKell83
    KKell83 3 months ago (edited) $25k in stock form but didn't you buy it for $17k?.. Needless to say, I'm for the GT500! ;)
  • UnclaimedSerenity
    UnclaimedSerenity 3 months ago He wants 32 as it sits
  • Nicholas A
    Nicholas A 3 months ago @UnclaimedSerenity that's ridiculous
  • Riley Neufeld
    Riley Neufeld 3 months ago @UnclaimedSerenity One of my family member is selling a built motor, 5.0 stroker, twin turbo cobra and he is asking 30k and it is clean (mineral grey also). Lol at 32k
  • Ian Sutton
    Ian Sutton 3 months ago @UnclaimedSerenity You must not have watched the video
  • qwerty6801
    qwerty6801 3 months ago Dude also tried to get like $10k for a car he paid $500 for a few months ago
  • Frank V.
    Frank V. 3 months ago (edited) Nothing wrong with trying to make a hustle just don’t be the one getting hustled 🤣
  • Riley Neufeld
    Riley Neufeld 3 months ago @qwerty6801 I remember that 😂 And then he was crying that everyone was giving him "low" offers. Can't hustle when you're telling everyone what you paid for it.
  • Grindmode Vlogs
    Grindmode Vlogs 3 months ago $32? Hell no maybe $20k-$23k I had 32k I would just go get a Shelby and pay the rest out. Not paying 32k for a cobra when I can find cobras with blowers and all for $20k in good shape
  • Vyyo
    Vyyo 3 months ago Grindmode Vlogs that’s my whole thing. There’s a cobra listed for sale about an hour from me that has all the bells and whistles. It’s a built motor with about 6k on it. Twin turbo, obviously all the standard stuff that comes with big power adders, like a fuel system and all that good stuff. Built t-56. Making about 1100hp. Dudes asking 24k obo.
  • Grindmode Vlogs
    Grindmode Vlogs 3 months ago @Vyyo hell yeah see that's a deal.
  • Ivan Psimer
    Ivan Psimer 3 months ago Id say 25 for how it sits would be fair. Maybe 20 with returned to stock. Its no secret shes taken a beating
  • Vyyo
    Vyyo 3 months ago Grindmode Vlogs hell of a deal honestly. Wish I could afford the thing. Oxford white. Beautiful car. Located right outside of Columbus Ohio if I’m not mistaken. Unfortunately just don’t have that type of cash. But it’s one hell of a car for the money.
  • buds world
    buds world 3 months ago I thought he said he paid like 13 thousand for the cobra
  • SVT Vasquez
    SVT Vasquez 3 months ago Bro afte i build my cobra getting a 13 or 14 shelby
  • Latnlvr
    Latnlvr 3 months ago Hmm welp I came for the terminator I’ll probably leave with the terminator. Too bad, I’ve enjoyed the content. I can’t see you beat on a Shelby, too much.
  • Ralph Hall
    Ralph Hall 3 months ago Dude if you can afford it buy the gt 500 and keep the cobra mustang lifestyle at its best!💣💥🙌
  • James Newland
    James Newland 3 months ago I might want the gt500 if it isn't beat but your selling your car for 28 that is beat? Isn't that kind of stereotypical someone can be saying the same thing about your car right now 😂 to funny man to funny
  • Sky
    Sky 3 months ago Damn YouTube checks already coming in?
  • Keith Woff
    Keith Woff 3 months ago Its ultimately your decision my friend! If you want the gt 500, then go for it!!! 28 for how the termi is now or 25 for it w/ stock blower, fuel system, headers/exhaust, etc etc may be a little high at both ends. Keep in mind you've raced it. I will say the car is in excellent condition. At the same time has been put through its paces. Good luck to you guys!!! Keep up the great work and cool videos!!!
  • Trent Crest
    Trent Crest 3 months ago TornHub is in the comments 😂
  • Moe Green
    Moe Green 3 months ago Mid to upper 20's?? Holy crap.. Good luck, I'd get a built motor boosted 11-14 for upper 20's. I even saw a nice Boss 302 for under 30K
  • Jason Blasingame
    Jason Blasingame 3 months ago Terminator is a better CAR hands down I've owned both.
  • Victor Garza
    Victor Garza 3 months ago Blower swap decreases value on the gt500 but not yours? 🤷🏼‍♂️