The Cruz Show 2019 Grammy Predictions | Who Should Win?

Published on Feb 8, 2019 1,975 views

The Cruz Show sat down to discuss the upcoming Grammy Awards as they predicted winners for the Hip-hop categories.

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  • PaulWrites
    PaulWrites 3 months ago And the Grammy goes to me in 2025. I hope we all see our dreams come true. I hope all who read this, prosper in 2019 🙏💯💯🏆
  • Lavetta Lewis
    Lavetta Lewis 3 months ago What Is this invasion on the west coast?
  • Will Evans
    Will Evans 3 months ago (edited) Power 106 Crippin ♿️ 😆 the Cuz show
    FRESSURE 3 months ago Cruz* Show
  • Jonz Medina
    Jonz Medina 3 months ago swimming deserves to win
  • Danger Mauz
    Danger Mauz 3 months ago I want Pusha T to win Best Rap Album. He came out swinging last year!!
  • Vanman000
    Vanman000 3 months ago Only 10 comments?
  • Obson
    Obson 3 months ago Daytona is better
  • Vanman000
    Vanman000 3 months ago Who is here to see what they got wrong
  • NestaOG
    NestaOG 3 months ago Cuz
  • BMR 1995
    BMR 1995 3 months ago Who’s the chick with color hair