Jackson Wang Reveals Title Of Upcoming Album, Talks Working w/ Gucci Mane + Meeting Kevin Hart

Published on Feb 14, 2019 124,731 views

Jackson Wang stops by The Cruz Show and reveals the title of his new album. He also shows off he dances moves and learns Spanish with Cruz and Lechero

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  • KaraOni
    KaraOni 3 months ago Jackson with his hair down: precious bby Jackson with beanie: gangster
  • kakumurimaruno
    kakumurimaruno 3 months ago Every time Jackson tries to dodge a question he puts chocolate in their mouths lmao
  • BTSJimin Jhope
    BTSJimin Jhope 3 months ago (edited) 😁😁😁 loved that
  • GreenApple 88
    GreenApple 88 3 months ago I'm so glad he's getting to let his guard down a little here in America but then again Jackson never really seems to have his guard too high anywhere he goes, that's one of the things I love about him.
  • Sofia
    Sofia 3 months ago JYP is about to get on the mf phone as soon as he sees the tomfoolery happening in America. LOLLLLL he's gonna be thinking "where tf is Jackson's publicist?!" I CAN'T LSJFSIODFSD
  • swerve
    swerve 3 months ago Exactlyyyyyyyyyy 😂😂😂 he REALLY
  • GreenApple 88
    GreenApple 88 3 months ago No! I love every second of it!
  • 아가 하트Ahgaheart
    아가 하트Ahgaheart 3 months ago Not really! They're used to it now. 🙂 They gave up a long time ago! 😂
  • Rahma Abdulrahman
    Rahma Abdulrahman 3 months ago hahahah
  • Dina Che
    Dina Che 3 months ago he has to share his profit with JYP he made outside Korea, so he'll be fine JYP won't say anything LOL
  • 아가 하트Ahgaheart
    아가 하트Ahgaheart 3 months ago @Dina Che I'm not sure what you're trying to say. As far as I know Team Wang is Jackson's own label. JYP doesn't have anything to do with it. Whether with jurisdictions or Money. JYP doesn't have any say in his label. Or what he does with his solo activities.
  • Booper Dooper
    Booper Dooper 3 months ago Jackson doesn't have to share anything with JYP. His music is released from the Team Wang label and from a vevo channel.
  • Dg Noorfarta ag jair
    Dg Noorfarta ag jair 3 months ago Booper Dooper as far as i know, as long as their in contract with their company, the company still take % of profits.. mybe not as much, but they still do..
  • 아가 하트Ahgaheart
    아가 하트Ahgaheart 3 months ago @Dg Noorfarta ag jair   Yeah, they do when they are working under the company. Like Bambam's solo stuff in Thailand, his fanmeet and CF that he does under JYPE. GOT6 does most of their individual activities under JYPE. So, JYPE gets a cut. But Jackson's solo stuff he does under his label and his team. He started his label with his own money, he owns everything. So JYPE doesn't get anything from that as they're completely Jackson's own thing. He's the owner. He's his own boss. For his solo career, He is doing everything under his own label not jype. So, Everything he earn is his and his team's. Just like Bambam with his restaurant business that he has with his mom. Those are completely his own property and business not JYPE's. Anyway, this is my understanding. I could be wrong. But from the info. we have so far this seems to be the implications, to me at least. Obviously they don't discuss this stuff. But you can take an educated guess.
  • Vianna Nolen-Peters
    Vianna Nolen-Peters 3 months ago I researched this and JYP receives 50% of Jackson Wang productions(Team Wang).
  • Posing Cheung
    Posing Cheung 3 months ago @Vianna Nolen-Peters whut wtf 50%!! damn
  • 아가 하트Ahgaheart
    아가 하트Ahgaheart 3 months ago @Vianna Nolen-Peters Wow! That's a lot. Can you tell me your source? I'm gonna resea
  • Cha Cha Shop
    Cha Cha Shop 3 months ago Ahgaheart 아가 하트 for commercial consideration, Jackson need pay evertyhing for his solo, including MV production and Team Wang, BUT Jackson solo profit need to share to jype, otherwise jype will not allowed his solo project 🤷‍♀️
  • 아가 하트Ahgaheart
    아가 하트Ahgaheart 3 months ago @Cha Cha Shop Why not? Is it in his contract? Do you know this for a fact or theorising? I'm just curious to know. I'm definitely gonna have to research this.
  • Dg Noorfarta ag jair
    Dg Noorfarta ag jair 3 months ago Ahgaheart 아가 하트 well if its like that good for him.. i'm glad he have his own platform and JYP for giving him space to be who he wants to be
  • Ariel Upshaw
    Ariel Upshaw 3 months ago 🤣🤣🤣
  • Fan Cam
    Fan Cam 2 months ago From what I read before, JYP helped to set up Team Wang. Not surprised that there would be an agreement to share a % of Jackson’s solo work. But Jackson will have 100% independence for his work under Team Wang and JYP is not involved in its operation.
  • hunter collins
    hunter collins 3 months ago I'm a simple girl i see a picture of Jackson or see his name I click. But an 18 minute interview with Jackson Wang, an automatic like.
  • Ethiopian-zen
    Ethiopian-zen 3 months ago Bro I love Jackson he is always so sweet and talents! SUPPORT JACKSON SUPPORT GOT7
  • Shakeitupsteph
    Shakeitupsteph 3 months ago I love how Jackson is never awkward. He's so good at socialising, and the conversation just flows. I need to take some notes lmao
  • •Sope Baby•
    •Sope Baby• 3 months ago Shakeitupsteph same
  • staegma
    staegma 2 months ago How can i be like him im so awkward with new people 💀💀
  • Anny's World
    Anny's World 2 months ago @staegma I don't know maybe his parents were alike when young(er) or still are who knows or he or all of them are also fire signs in Western Zodiac and Lord knows what he is in Chinese Zodiac. Rofl, I honestly can't remember 10(00) birthdays, sorry.
  • Diminnie
    Diminnie 3 months ago he’s more comfortable on these US interviews than any program that he was on back in korea 😂
  • Samantha Mahawan
    Samantha Mahawan 3 months ago Coz... you cannot be too open or you cannot always talk what you have in mind.. Asian culture is kind of strict
  • Dina Che
    Dina Che 3 months ago @Samantha Mahawan not in Hong Kong, he had a lot of interviews back in HK, he's funny and more comfortable than those in Korea and China, i think.
  • Samantha Mahawan
    Samantha Mahawan 3 months ago @Dina Che korea probably worse since he is foreignor.
  • nuraisah 1796
    nuraisah 1796 3 months ago indeed 😂
  • Twice Stray Once Stay
    Twice Stray Once Stay 2 months ago Diminnie in kpop or korea one wrong move u will attack by the whole country lol 😂 and in US is freedom
  • cray cray for tae tae
    cray cray for tae tae 2 months ago Samantha Mahawan also I think his english is better than his korean so he's much more comfortable...
  • patty cova
    patty cova 3 months ago Yo hands down, BEST interview ever
  • MayMadness
    MayMadness 3 months ago Out of anyone from the kpop scene coming to America, this was the funniest and most genuine interview I’ve ever seen. And I’ve watched all of them trust me. Jackson just has the ability to make friends so fast. It’s like these guys been friends for years but in reality it’s their first time meeting each other
  • patty cova
    patty cova 3 months ago Wilders Windmill I know exactly what you mean. Jackson has a human quality that people vibe with. I am BEYOND proud and excited for his new works here in America.
  • 劉柔欣
    劉柔欣 3 months ago I don't even know what awkward means at this moment
  • MayMadness
    MayMadness 3 months ago 劉柔欣 huh? What you mean?
  • Lxnchxn 2004
    Lxnchxn 2004 3 months ago Wilders Windmill he/she probably means that he is so casual with them that their is no awkward silence (see what i did their stays 😜)
  • MayMadness
    MayMadness 3 months ago Lxnchxn 2004 see you when you put it like that, it’s way easier for us slow people to understand 😂😂
  • Lxnchxn 2004
    Lxnchxn 2004 3 months ago Wilders Windmill you’re welcome dude 👌😂❤️
  • U Diddet
    U Diddet 3 months ago They're all fucking crazy 😂😂 he fits in perfectly. PRIMOOOOOOOOOO😂😂😂
  • PeaceLovePriestess
    PeaceLovePriestess 3 months ago This was a fun interview! You guys asked really good questions too. Thank you!!! Jackson's such a sweet guy 😭
  • Peaceful Min-Ji
    Peaceful Min-Ji 3 months ago Authentic people who are humble, respectful, and kind in today's world are one in a billion!!! Congratulations on the success you have, will have and should have now and forever King Jackson❤
  • XiD Chan
    XiD Chan 3 months ago Speaking fluent English is one thing, Speaking confidently like Jackson is an another. 🤙🏼
  • BloodLine Vuong
    BloodLine Vuong 3 months ago if only i have a quarter of jackson people skills and friendliness.....
  • Emmie Min
    Emmie Min 3 months ago BloodLine Vuong .... I.... I have none 😔😂
  • Célia AT
    Célia AT 3 months ago I feel you! Same for me
  • My Cup Of TAE
    My Cup Of TAE 3 months ago I have zero social skills, you have no idea how I envy that side of him.
  • Célia AT
    Célia AT 3 months ago (edited) @My Cup Of TAE Yeah it's seem so easy for him...like everyone can be his friend...I like that about him but I can't do that 😔
  • got7’s manager
    got7’s manager 3 months ago I am so glad he talked about his parents, fencing and his music. He had so much fun. My heart is happy when i see him happy. I hope you achieve everything you want. Cant wait for Faded and your first album. ♥️
  • Arnaz Ahmed
    Arnaz Ahmed 3 months ago I love your profile picture.
  • XxzerraxX
    XxzerraxX 3 months ago I love Jackson he’s to humble. “I can dance a little bit” BRO HES IN GOT7 HE CAN DANCE
  • lovelive trash
    lovelive trash 3 months ago He's recognized as one of the best hip hop dancers in China
  • Jacky
    Jacky 3 months ago Thanks for having our King Jackson. We love him to bits. A very talented, humble and polite guy..
  • Maryam
    Maryam 3 months ago I really like the hosts they're super nice and made Jackson feel comfortable
  • Selena X
    Selena X 3 months ago This interview is hilarious lol. Thanks for engaging in such interesting topics with him too! Love his answers about music and his fencing/parents ❤️
  • TayToria
    TayToria 3 months ago Jackson Wang: feeds the radio crew chocolates. Can your kpop boy that?
  • Blurryface
    Blurryface 3 months ago Why they marking him say all those curse words in Spanish, I’m dead 💀😂