Kenny Beats On Recording w/ Rico Nasty, NBA Youngboy, 03 Greedo & Ski Mask The Slump God | SNIPPETS

Published on Jan 11, 2019 73,516 views

Kenny Beats is a 27-year-old producer who's taking over the game with collaborations that range from 03 Greedo to Rico Nasty- so we went to visit him in the studio to talk about some of his favorite sessions and how they all went down. Follow him at @kennybeats on Instagram for updates on new music.

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  • Apollo Gainey
    Apollo Gainey 1 month ago I like kenny because he actually looks like he enjoys the music and hanging with the artists
  • SohLoh
    SohLoh 2 months ago Rico's Kenny ad lib is iconic. KENNYYYYYYYY!
  • mark milk
    mark milk 2 months ago Legendary.
  • Eeaster Kinf
    Eeaster Kinf 1 month ago She sound so sexy wen she do it 🀀
  • i m a l o
    i m a l o 2 weeks ago WOAH KENNYYY
  • Tommy M
    Tommy M 2 weeks ago I like it better than "woah kenny"
  • Ultra
    Ultra 3 months ago The guy trying to buy the hook was definitely drake
  • Renaissance Radio
    Renaissance Radio 2 months ago Ultra Feel like it was lil pump
  • TheBeardedGaymer
    TheBeardedGaymer 2 months ago Right he said top 10 to throw us off... but it was drake
  • Isla Love
    Isla Love 2 months ago Ultra you already know!! 🀣
  • Keith London
    Keith London 2 months ago Ultra soon as he said someone wanted buy it I instantly thought of Drake can hear it the beat sounds like it's for Drake lol #CultureVulture as its finest
  • Aaron Mendoza
    Aaron Mendoza 2 months ago Take back what I said, I was listening to the wrong song lol
    111AMAZINGMAN 2 months ago tbh could've been Kendrick
  • dekexz19
    dekexz19 2 months ago This literally sounds like the last thing Drake would buy
  • Death IRL
    Death IRL 2 months ago for real this people tripping lmao
  • junebae
    junebae 2 months ago really? my mind went to kanye.
  • Fortune
    Fortune 2 months ago I thought it was Drake too for some reason πŸ˜‚
  • TheSpyGamer
    TheSpyGamer 1 month ago Part of me feels like I could see Quavo trying to deliver a hook like that
  • Runaway Germ
    Runaway Germ 1 month ago glad to know i'm not the only one that immediately thought that
    PRNCE HRRY 2 weeks ago ​@dekexz19 really? lmfao
  • Isaac Hall
    Isaac Hall 1 week ago Schoolboy Q
  • marvelreader520
    marvelreader520 1 day ago sounds like Tee Grizzly said it first to me
  • Raiden
    Raiden 2 months ago No proof Kenny is white here
  • Bookie Aight
    Bookie Aight 2 months ago Kenny Beats a white man
  • Nay Montana
    Nay Montana 2 months ago Rico and Ski Mask needa collab
  • Dandre Johnson
    Dandre Johnson 2 months ago yuh
  • retIcle_1999
    retIcle_1999 2 months ago For real
  • Dangg Ginaaa
    Dangg Ginaaa 1 month ago deadassss there personalities are similar in some ways and they would make a fire ass song
  • SohLoh
    SohLoh 2 weeks ago I been saying this 4ever, thought I was the only one
  • Nikky IDC
    Nikky IDC 1 week ago Nay Montana YESSS LIKE TF
    TEEZZY PRODUCTIONS 1 month ago This man just eased in that he was 6”7
  • iLLmaticV3
    iLLmaticV3 4 months ago (edited) Love his work ethic and dedication to the actual craft!!
  • sophia white
    sophia white 2 months ago weirdly attracted to this man
  • Nay Montana
    Nay Montana 2 months ago sophia white same πŸ’€
  • Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea
    Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea 2 months ago Yep
  • RIP Neighborhood NIP Rip
    RIP Neighborhood NIP Rip 1 month ago Wait till you get a load of me
  • Christia Luzay
    Christia Luzay 1 month ago Same bruuuhh
  • Jsalcedo23
    Jsalcedo23 1 week ago sophia white why is it weird? He’s not ugly lol
  • Ian Hitt
    Ian Hitt 1 week ago Same, unrelated but he looks like Brad from Bon Appetit
  • Haileigh Tomlinson
    Haileigh Tomlinson 1 week ago fucking sameeeeee
  • Misery
  • Brian Kamau
    Brian Kamau 3 months ago Rico Nasty voice
  • Cortnee Williams
    Cortnee Williams 3 weeks ago YEAH!
  • flowergirl
    flowergirl 2 months ago I be saying KEEEEEeEENY all around my house
  • SHADOWY __
    SHADOWY __ 2 months ago if he is 6ft 7 think about the size of that TV screen next to him
  • RIP Neighborhood NIP Rip
    RIP Neighborhood NIP Rip 1 month ago SHADOWY __ 37”
  • Sean Malaisrie
    Sean Malaisrie 2 months ago (edited) 6’ 7”??!!!
  • retIcle_1999
    retIcle_1999 2 months ago This guy a low-key goat of his craft and his personality is awesome. Wanna smoke w him and just watch him make a sick ass beat! Much love
  • Reese Pridgen
    Reese Pridgen 2 months ago Weed and yerba. Literally the sauce for producingπŸ˜‚
  • Ciara Jay
    Ciara Jay 2 months ago Rico brought me to you ! KENNYYYYYY
  • Ashaley Brazzell
    Ashaley Brazzell 1 month ago (edited) Rico Rico....KENEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY. Litrelly rico and ski have great beats
  • scoat
    scoat 2 months ago I think kenny beats is white
  • EpicBeetrootMaster999
    EpicBeetrootMaster999 2 months ago Okay but no mention of Puff Daddy is heresy
  • Finley Gomez
    Finley Gomez 2 months ago Puff Daddy goes harder than steel
  • EpicBeetrootMaster999
    EpicBeetrootMaster999 2 months ago Lmao the Foot Fungus beat was made for Vince. Imagine Vince rapping over that bea on FM!
  • SLAPP js
    SLAPP js 1 month ago Zach Liddle would have been nowhere near as good as foot fungus so yeah