Smino Freestyle w/ The L.A. Leakers - Freestyle #065

Published on Dec 11, 2018 25,899 views

#Smino checks in with the L.A. Leakers at Power 106 to #freestyle over Missy Ellliott's "One Minute Man" instrumental.

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  • Loyd Jr.
  • Arionne
    Arionne 5 months ago On meeeeeeeeeee
  • J G
    J G 5 months ago SMINO MORE LIKE SMI-YEAH
  • Kenon Mitchell
    Kenon Mitchell 5 months ago " From the peacher's deacon to bloods in my community, they know it aint peachy the fuzz creepin like puberty" BRO WHAT??!! 😢🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Remy Carter
    Remy Carter 5 months ago Kenon Mitchell FIRE TRIPLE ENTENDRE
  • Peroc Disgusting.
    Peroc Disgusting. 5 months ago I knowwww 😭
  • Art Dealer Entertainment
    Art Dealer Entertainment 5 months ago Blkswn is one the best projects in the past 5 years
  • Dave
    Dave 5 months ago Noir too. Every song is a banger.
  • Bakari Neely
    Bakari Neely 5 months ago Art Dealer Entertainment classic
  • Sir-Jae James
    Sir-Jae James 5 months ago Art Dealer Entertainment facts
  • Tarik McCoy
    Tarik McCoy 5 months ago Art Dealer Entertainment fax
  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson 2 months ago Facts
  • Hoodie
    Hoodie 5 months ago That 1:56 flow change when the accent really came out. He different
  • Ricardo
    Ricardo 5 months ago Zero Fatigue!! Y'all better get on the JID and Smino train before it departs.
  • Sequin Jacobs
    Sequin Jacobs 5 months ago That king like martin Lawrence mama crib she let the fish burn is crazy🤢🤮
  • Kenon Mitchell
    Kenon Mitchell 5 months ago The Lawrence Fishbourne double entendre took me a few listens to peep 🤕
  • Cail Platt
    Cail Platt 5 months ago The fact this only has less than 7k views makes me very sad and disappointed
  • Will White
    Will White 5 months ago Noir is album of the year.
  • Sir-Jae James
    Sir-Jae James 5 months ago Will White FACTS
  • Lil BDro
    Lil BDro 5 months ago Fax
  • Wasted fayyo
    Wasted fayyo 5 months ago Eh
  • NateForHeisman
    NateForHeisman 5 months ago care for me is, but it’s close.
  • Riris Somare
    Riris Somare 5 months ago Dicaprio 2?
  • Tony Tones
    Tony Tones 4 months ago Noir was actually a little meh. He went a little TOO far to the left with it. Like, it was a little TOO experimental with regard to beat melody.
  • BapeGod
    BapeGod 5 months ago SMINO and MONTE the goats
  • Amir Saleem
    Amir Saleem 5 months ago Chicago till the end.
  • Kin.g Productions
    Kin.g Productions 5 months ago “the fuzz creepin like puberty”
  • mrjasonshay
    mrjasonshay 5 months ago ZERO FATIGUE
  • MrAlireza301
    MrAlireza301 5 months ago This is what Lil wayne used to do. That’s crazy
  • Nijal Davison
    Nijal Davison 3 months ago MrAlireza301 bro I was literally thinking the same thing as I was watching
  • Weave
    Weave 1 month ago Gave me I feel like Dying vibes
  • R. D. J
    R. D. J 5 months ago Stop sleepin. He murdered that track! That's a hard track to flow on too...
  • Syxx
    Syxx 5 months ago He snapped on the beat tho 🔥
  • Spitty
    Spitty 5 months ago the flows on this is craaaaazy
  • Minam Ashraf
    Minam Ashraf 5 months ago Smino grigio, that flow at the end was nuts
  • Tejas C
    Tejas C 2 months ago (edited) "Let it tumble like dry cleaning" "going up like the lambhorghini car door" "They know it ain't peach cos the fuzz creepin like puberty" "Pour up like I bartend, a king like martin" "Salty cos it's my season" Are you lot gonna say it or shall i just say it? Because... BARS!!
    MOSCOW 5 months ago This nice! Hear the Lil Wayne influence
  • Peroc Disgusting.
    Peroc Disgusting. 5 months ago MOSCOW Smeezy F baby the F is for faneto
  • Atlantic Carnage
    Atlantic Carnage 5 months ago This is hot