The Fastest Pass in my E85 700RWHP Terminator

Published on Sep 30, 2018 14,587 views

We headed over to Orlando Speed World to make some passes in the 700RWHP E85 Cobra.

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  • Arod5327
    Arod5327 7 months ago good lord that fox at 16:38 left hard AF!
  • Mac Ben
    Mac Ben 7 months ago Arod5327 that shit was like a cartoon!!! 🀟🏾🏁
  • 808muscle1
    808muscle1 7 months ago That was a fast fukr no doubt. Notice he was a N/T time broadcasted.
  • Jake McGuire
    Jake McGuire 7 months ago Thats deff a grduge car that thing was moving out.
  • ZED H
    ZED H 7 months ago My God that Fox is fucking fast
  • John Lucero
    John Lucero 2 months ago Arod5327 bro that sum bech was a rocket πŸš€ lol
  • Tony Draper
    Tony Draper 7 months ago Congrats on the 10.85/133mph Andrew. You own a truly impressive street car. Also, WOW!! That red notch @ 16:30 was insane.
  • BurettH321
    BurettH321 5 months ago Vmp is Overrated
  • TheGhost
    TheGhost 7 months ago You should come to good ol Texas and hit the streets :)
  • Redeye Knight
    Redeye Knight 7 months ago Where is Ashley? Is she doing hard time for the non-burn out at Mustang week? LOL!
  • DOHC _
    DOHC _ 7 months ago (edited) Hey White Knight that's what I call mine
  • Redeye Knight
    Redeye Knight 7 months ago DOHC _ From what I see you calling yourself double overhead cam LOL!
  • Tennessee Siren Productions
    Tennessee Siren Productions 7 months ago sees notification and clicks faster than a hummingbird flaps it's wings
  • sharky28m
    sharky28m 7 months ago Grats on the 10.8 get your blood sugar tested
  • 808muscle1
    808muscle1 7 months ago Going for a PB with horid DA and no trailer.....good job dude. You were rowing some nice gears. 10.8 ...stand proud.
  • Dennis Bowen
    Dennis Bowen 7 months ago (edited) 10s are cool and all......but a car actually making 700 hp should be faster and mph much faster. Im gonna go out on a limb and say that dyno was very generous
  • Mustang Lifestyle
    Mustang Lifestyle 7 months ago I agree. I’m not happy with the trap speed
  • Dennis Bowen
    Dennis Bowen 7 months ago @Mustang Lifestyle how heavy is it race weight? Id assume 3700-3800. If so i guess that is about right.
  • Mustang Lifestyle
    Mustang Lifestyle 7 months ago Yes somewhere around there for race weight.
  • David Ray
    David Ray 7 months ago 132 mph seems close to reality for 700 hp from what I have seen. Can't compare it to these crazy 10r80 cars .
  • Slowcus Focus
    Slowcus Focus 7 months ago Could have been driver error, I haven’t seen many of his videos so I’m not sure
  • Dennis Bowen
    Dennis Bowen 7 months ago @David Ray for a 3800 lb car yeah its about right. I was thinking normal weight cars...not land yachts
  • Ryan McGauley
    Ryan McGauley 7 months ago (edited) If we go by YouTube standards 700hp means 600. Last I heard 780-810hp = 1,000hp but I doubt any big YT’ers would claim they had 1,000hp when they know they were itsjustmaking6(00).
  • Manuel Martinez
    Manuel Martinez 7 months ago Best run is at 11:50 You're welcome πŸƒπŸ½πŸ€™πŸ½πŸ€˜πŸ½
  • WesEntertainment Hub
    WesEntertainment Hub 7 months ago I've been waiting for this, E85+Mustang. Get ur done πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘.
  • Stinkertits
    Stinkertits 7 months ago Why don’t you use 2 step?
  • Mustang Lifestyle
    Mustang Lifestyle 7 months ago Stock axles + no trailer
  • Stinkertits
    Stinkertits 7 months ago That makes since. Surprised how well those stock cv axles handle that power.
  • DTWD 904
    DTWD 904 4 months ago Yeah I drive a roush mustang....3.7 v6 πŸ€¨πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #ricer
  • Tony Brooks
    Tony Brooks 7 months ago Congrats on the 10's.... Love the videos
  • Sheldon Williams
    Sheldon Williams 7 months ago That 3rd pass sounds like the cobra the first 2 you were driving like a slouch happy for your 10 though man
  • PowerUnknown
    PowerUnknown 7 months ago Congrats bro! I'm still stuck in the 12's but work in progress.
  • Mike Gay
    Mike Gay 7 months ago Awesome run! I guessed 10.7. I'm happy with that.
  • Mcloving.1005 Turtlebeaches
    Mcloving.1005 Turtlebeaches 7 months ago Twin turbo turdzilla????πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  • MustangNation
    MustangNation 7 months ago nice job.,,... keep at it and you'll chisell more.. 1.5x short time is great for the IRS
  • Franky Flores
    Franky Flores 7 months ago Good job Andrew!!!! Made my night :)
  • Wise Talk With Knowledge Guy
    Wise Talk With Knowledge Guy 7 months ago Congrats now it's turdzillas turn to PR