WHAT I ATE TODAY (Healthy & Easy Food Ideas!) | Annie Jaffrey

Published on Nov 18, 2016 1,431,512 views

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Epidemic Sound

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  • Selma C
    Selma C 2 years ago Since I started watching this girls she has lived in New york, London, Thailand, Dubai and now Munich. She is living her life 😍
  • Queen6032
    Queen6032 11 months ago This video makes me feel like I need to get my life together...
  • katalya kash
    katalya kash 3 months ago Same 😂😂
  • Lori Weinrib
    Lori Weinrib 2 years ago The way you eat is why you have the most beautiful skin!! Such a healthy way of eating!
  • Claire Ashley
    Claire Ashley 2 years ago Your videos always make me want to be healthier!!!
  • Priscila Esteva
    Priscila Esteva 2 years ago Watching your videos helps my anxiety ❤️
  • Kelsey TC
    Kelsey TC 2 years ago ha mine too. So much positivity <3
  • Han Vu
    Han Vu 2 years ago I know right?! and just makes me at peace, and she gives me HOPE for my future.. one day I can live a life similar to hers one day <3.
  • jasxx
    jasxx 2 years ago Priscila Esteva so true! i totally agree ❤
  • cfransua21
    cfransua21 2 years ago OMG soooooo true!!!!! Haha!!
  • All Things Anisa
    All Things Anisa 2 years ago these videos are my faveee <333
  • You & I
    You & I 2 years ago Mine too <3
  • Angelina Badalyan
    Angelina Badalyan 2 years ago The smoothie bowl looks so delicious! 🍓🍌🍒
  • Helly Potter
    Helly Potter 2 years ago Wait you live in munich now? Omg I live in Germany too! Do you speak German? ☺️💕🐰
  • Clariz
    Clariz 2 years ago Aren't those chia seeds
  • cutelittlebunny2
    cutelittlebunny2 2 years ago she corrected in the video
  • Juny Salundagit
    Juny Salundagit 2 years ago Clariz Marielle she did put *chia seed. Corrected herself.
  • Random Vegan Girl
    Random Vegan Girl 2 years ago (edited) Your "what I eat in a day" videos are my favorite!!! You should totally make more videos like this!
  • RoseOfMadina
    RoseOfMadina 2 years ago Please do more of these! Like weekly editions x
  • Yazmin Mota
    Yazmin Mota 2 years ago your voice and the way you say things is very unique love you girl!
  • Reema R.
    Reema R. 2 years ago Do u have any snacks in-between meals or just have 3 meals a day?
  • Iki n
    Iki n 2 years ago Reema R. I was wondering the same thing lol
  • Juny Salundagit
    Juny Salundagit 2 years ago Reema R. She did say that she roast veggies in big batch, like the sweet potatoes and carrots to keep them as snacks or add to some food she prepares the next day. So it means she has snacks.
  • hellokittyx0o
    hellokittyx0o 2 years ago I can teach you how to make that tomato sauce you put on the rice. I'm Arabic and it's AMAZING!
  • Paulina Stanisz
    Paulina Stanisz 2 years ago hellokittyx0o could you write a recipe here?
  • Sofia Mon
    Sofia Mon 2 years ago hellokittyx0o Is it vegan? Looks delicious 🍴😝
  • dldl
    dldl 2 years ago hellokittyx0o yes please post the recipe!
  • Sanela Mahmic
    Sanela Mahmic 2 years ago Yes please :)
  • laujad
    laujad 2 years ago yes please!
  • Nadja Braiteh
    Nadja Braiteh 1 year ago I am from Libanon and tabouleh is my favorite salad😻
  • Jaclyn Forbes
    Jaclyn Forbes 2 years ago Love this Annie!! Looks so yummmmm
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    Style With Substance 2 years ago Loved this! Everything looked so tasty 😋
  • Thuy Linh Duong
    Thuy Linh Duong 2 years ago Are you now living in Munich? How is it like living there? I am considering relocating there in the future. My family was there last summer and it was fantastic. Love Bavaria region!
  • Melissa B
    Melissa B 2 years ago I am living in Munich too!! it's such a dream to live here. Laid back and traditional, however conservative. The architecture is so charming and the scenery is unforgettable. I am leaving soon due to finishing my studies back home but I would definitely come back 💕
  • Kia Lindroos
    Kia Lindroos 2 years ago Yeah! I live in Munich too! <3 Love it here so much! Seriously favourite place to live until now...and I come from Finland so Its not ike Munich hs always been my home. Great city...but compared to many other german cities..its pretty expensive..
  • christinNAIL
    christinNAIL 2 years ago I live in Munich too. I was so surprised when she mentioned Munich. I moved from Croatia here and never regretted:)
  • Kia Lindroos
    Kia Lindroos 2 years ago Thats so awesome! <3
  • Khatara Ahmad
    Khatara Ahmad 2 years ago you inspire me to eat healthy thank you
    MISSYMINX261 2 years ago These are my favorite videos !!! please, it would be so helpful if you made more of "what I eat in day" videos. Also, would love to see your fitness routine.