How To Get Your Mail On The Road with Mike and Jennifer | RV Lifestyle

Published on Mar 17, 2018 4,868 views

Do you worry about important mail piling up at the post office or your sticks and bricks home? We have put that worry to rest and on this video, we’re going to show you how using a mail forwarding service can let you get your mail anytime, from anywhere.
The service we use and demonstrate here is from a company called Dakota Post -

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  • Knox Harrington
    Knox Harrington 1 year ago Great video. I want to hit the road for a long period of time, but I always have to be on the look out for mail that I have to reply to that’s time sensitive. Now, I know what to do. Thank you. Great videos btw... It’s nice to see RV videos with genuinely nice people that don’t do things like constantly complain about the police enforcing the law and how life is unfair. Your videos are a joy to watch.
  • Southern Adventures
    Southern Adventures 1 year ago Great info. Thank you for sharing! Y'all have a GREAT day!
  • Summer Day Sorber
    Summer Day Sorber 3 weeks ago You two are my new favorite you tubers to watch! Thank you so much for sharing this information about the mail! My fiancée and I just purchased our first Class C motorhome and are hitting the road full time next month! We’re learning everything we can before we start our new lives so every video you post is gold! Thanks again for all your help and maybe someday we’ll see you out there! 👍😁
  • Rena Jones
    Rena Jones 11 months ago I am thrilled to hear about mail forwarding options. This is great news. Thank you!
  • Flexmeister
    Flexmeister 1 year ago so no more going to South Dakota and becoming a citizen, or do you need to do that if you are a full-timer?
  • Gary Fichman
    Gary Fichman 1 year ago How about when you are in Florida? Do you have your mail forwarded?
  • Jean Decker
    Jean Decker 1 year ago Do you use SD as your domicile state?
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago No we do not
  • S Hess
    S Hess 1 year ago Just discovered your’re terrific.
  • CruisingMorningStar
    CruisingMorningStar 1 year ago We have been using St. Brendan's Isle in Green Cove Springs since 2006. Are we happy? Yea, we've been using them since '06.
  • Why So Serious?
    Why So Serious? 1 year ago (edited) I have a POB and I can have my postal service hold my mail much longer than 30 days.They simply wait until your mailbox is full then put it in a bin for you to pick up when you return.I got this straight from the Postmaster at the Post Office. For me...this is a better option since I pay everything online anyways. If I have a bill that cannot be paid online, then I pay it before its due or have a credit with them.
  • CAJUN Jamis
    CAJUN Jamis 1 year ago ESCAPEES HAS ONE!
  • Janice Lalla
    Janice Lalla 1 year ago are you related to bryan and otto?
  • Tom Austin
    Tom Austin 7 months ago Another awesome video guys thanks for all the great advice 😎👍🚌Thanks for sharing and safe travels 😊
  • Ron Briz
    Ron Briz 1 year ago When using the service, do you have to renew the mail forward feature at your local post office, every 30 days?
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago No..