Drone Video of RV Camping Locations near Banff National Park

Published on Jun 25, 2017 6,184 views

We were worried that when we visited the beautiful but very popular Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada that we'd have trouble finding a place to boondock. But that wasn't the case at all. All around the park -
which is indeed very crowded during the summer - we found vast stretches of wilderness, dotted with small but very nice primitive camping spots perfect to boondock in. I sent the drone up near one of the spots where we stayed to show you how wild it is. The area is known as Kananaskis Country and is located West and SouthWest of Calgary and borders the town of Canmore and Banff National Park. The spot is right off highway 40, a spectacularly beautiful road that connects to Highway 1 just east of Banff.
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  • Arvind Mallya
    Arvind Mallya 1 year ago wow I now need a drone to my photography arsenal
  • Javier Martinez
    Javier Martinez 1 year ago that was very impressive
  • Scott Lafoy
    Scott Lafoy 1 year ago Nice area. I'm from Calgary and was out at spray lakes fishing 2 weeks ago. You picked a nice area. Where are you traveling to?
  • Dave Ramos
    Dave Ramos 1 year ago Very nice photography. What kind of Drone do you have? I'm considering doing the same. Thanks!
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago Dji Phantom 4
  • Dave Ramos
    Dave Ramos 1 year ago Very nice, thank you. My wife and I are RVer's also. Still working but plan to be half timers at some point.
  • roberto abrams
    roberto abrams 1 year ago Beautiful locale