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Tyga Freestyle over Blueface's "Thothiana" - Freestyle #073

Published on Feb 25, 2019 644,068 views

Tyga checks in with the L.A. Leakers at Power 106 to freestyle over Blueface's "Thothiana" beat.

#Tyga #BlueFace #TygaFreestyle

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  • PJE Turner
    PJE Turner 2 months ago Tyga voice is perfect for beats like this
  • ꜱɪʟᴠᴀ
    ꜱɪʟᴠᴀ 3 months ago Tyga always had an amazing flow fr
  • adrian
    adrian 3 months ago Silva 1893 this the same flow from rack city
  • SSpabl0 SSpa3l0
  • Dallaman 96
    Dallaman 96 3 months ago Bigg Facts
  • Its_ Hussein
    Its_ Hussein 3 months ago You gotta trash ear for music
  • Dante taylor
    Dante taylor 3 months ago True cuz can spit it's just he a cornball lol
  • Bacardi M3
    Bacardi M3 3 months ago Silva 1893 too bad he don’t have amazing lyrics. But he is the strip club king. Lol.
  • A7eed Barwani
    A7eed Barwani 2 months ago Silva 1893 facts
  • Juswan
    Juswan 2 months ago An “amazing” flow? lol
  • Tiara 33
    Tiara 33 2 months ago Silva 1893 Facts!
  • dat dude
    dat dude 2 months ago Facts his flow is unique and unorthodox
  • Death Ghost225
    Death Ghost225 2 months ago @dat dude but its always the same flow bruh. Sounds like a re- run tbh
  • Nina Rai
    Nina Rai 1 month ago His flow crazzzyyy
  • Don't Trip Chicken Strip
    Don't Trip Chicken Strip 1 month ago (edited) @Its_ Hussein Bet you listen to mfs who can't even actually rap. Lol Dude raww. Deal with it. Lame ass. Lol
  • Its_ Hussein
    Its_ Hussein 1 month ago (edited) @Don't Trip Chicken Strip lol your entitled to your shitty opinion buddy. Tygas an industry plant deal dawg
  • Tino Alvarez
    Tino Alvarez 3 weeks ago People sleep on Tyga
  • What's Hatnin'? Podcast
    What's Hatnin'? Podcast 3 months ago I love how Tyga says “TYGA?” in the beginning
  • Drizzy
    Drizzy 3 months ago lol
  • N.B.A
    N.B.A 3 months ago Time stamp ?
  • pwnd32
    pwnd32 3 months ago @N.B.A 0:10
  • Moïš ĪsmaiL
  • Jujuca Style
    Jujuca Style 2 months ago Soulja boy said that... Yall stupid
  • ItsChef
    ItsChef 2 months ago I love how we all read this in Soulja Boy’s voice
  • ItsChef
    ItsChef 2 months ago Jujuca Style lol he’s just saying how he loved that tyga mimicked Soulja boy in the begging by saying TYGA you fool.. you the stupid one quit leaving stupid comments STOOPID
  • What's Hatnin'? Podcast
    What's Hatnin'? Podcast 2 months ago ItsChef that’s a fact hahaha
  • AyeeJayy- Gaming
    AyeeJayy- Gaming 2 months ago Moïš ĪsmaiL he’s been rapping this way for a long time.
  • SUBB Z
    SUBB Z 2 months ago https://youtu.be/zOVPuU39J-c
  • Clayton Lawrence
    Clayton Lawrence 2 months ago @Moïš ĪsmaiL this doesn't sound anything like snoop bud. Educate urself
  • Tashayla Thompkins
    Tashayla Thompkins 2 months ago Moïš ĪsmaiL Snoop Dogg?!?!?! Soulja voice the lies
  • bigg jazz
    bigg jazz 1 week ago draaaaaake😅
  • Higherdegree
    Higherdegree 3 months ago His flow never disappoints man
  • Rob Level
    Rob Level 2 months ago Quietly waiting for Soulja Boy to drop his diss track. I'm sure it'll only be available through his Amazon Echo Soulja Boy Edition you can only get from Soulja Electronics.
  • Tyree Robins
    Tyree Robins 2 months ago Rob Level he already did😂😂
  • Shari ZH
    Shari ZH 2 months ago 318 likes in 18mins? 🥴🥴🥴
  • Richie Rich Mo3
    Richie Rich Mo3 2 months ago Rob Level he did and it was TRASHHHHHH
  • Queen ninja
    Queen ninja 2 months ago Soulja boy electronics 😂😂🤣
  • Isaiah Prophet
    Isaiah Prophet 2 months ago Why did tyga get kicked out of Floyd party.
  • crackhead savage
    crackhead savage 2 months ago you haven't heard it??? good its TRASH
  • Jaystacks916
    Jaystacks916 2 months ago Rob Level smh funny ass shit 😂
  • Ocean701
    Ocean701 2 months ago Rob Level Soulja is a Bitch with a Capital B
  • Bad Man
    Bad Man 2 months ago He just dropped it !
  • Quan Cook
    Quan Cook 2 months ago Rob Level big faaaax
  • Tommy Gibbes
    Tommy Gibbes 2 months ago U smart
    J'QUAN BANKS 2 months ago Or SouljaCloud, SouljaTube,😂😂😂
  • Lola Woes
    Lola Woes 2 months ago Rob Level he dropped it and its fucking trash
  • Christoper Sivilay
    Christoper Sivilay 2 months ago Rob Level omg
  • Brick James
    Brick James 2 months ago It was super trash
  • Juan Cruces
    Juan Cruces 2 months ago (edited) He did same day and was fucking wack af hahaha
  • nukey da b
    nukey da b 2 months ago Ocean701 he clout chased off tyga and tekashi and he STILL a flop 😂😂😂
  • amit sharma
    amit sharma 2 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Chi Collins
    Chi Collins 2 months ago He dropped it and it was straight trash
  • skooly
    skooly 2 months ago @Isaiah Prophet tyga was the victim someone tried startin someshii wit him but he was mistaken as the aggressor so the bouncer got him out, but he talked it out with the bouncer after it was a misunderstanding tht got settled
  • Alienated Kxng Jdem
    Alienated Kxng Jdem 1 month ago He just did
    MADEINOKC 3 months ago Lol did he say Soulja sent a song and he laughed?
  • perfect brown
    perfect brown 2 months ago (edited) Worst he said he sent him a song and he thought it was a prank😂😂
    KINGSLEY EVANS 2 months ago And he meant that in a bad way 😂😂😂
  • Benji Millo
    Benji Millo 3 months ago T-RAWW with the bars🔥🔥🔥🐐
  • abdul malik
    abdul malik 3 months ago Been a freestyle king
  • Benji Millo
  • DeusBelli76
    DeusBelli76 2 months ago @abdul malik https://youtu.be/dXfQ25TJiGw
  • Obama Trollgaming
    Obama Trollgaming 2 months ago T-_DRRRAAAGGGGG
  • Nick A
    Nick A 2 months ago But where....?
  • florida grown
    florida grown 2 months ago @abdul malik he is not freestyle king he even turned down a freestyle because he couldn't think of anything on the spot
  • Bundu Igbo
    Bundu Igbo 2 months ago Benji Millo Tyga really got bars 🔥 and he taking shots too this nigga too hard🤯
  • Oscar Juarez
    Oscar Juarez 2 months ago He couldnt even freestyle for 2 mins. The damn host had to save him by interrupting.
  • __raw___
    __raw___ 2 months ago Oh so u a fan fan lol I am lil_raw23
  • Why you want my name pussy
    Why you want my name pussy 3 months ago (edited) Tyga should drop his album when soulja boy drops his trash
  • KB Dat Gamer Boy
    KB Dat Gamer Boy 3 months ago That a be a good idea
  • Intellect the rapper
    Intellect the rapper 3 months ago Boi*
  • Luka S
    Luka S 2 months ago Lol its funny cuz soulja can buy ur family so stfu 🤣🤣🤣
  • Diego Ramos
    Diego Ramos 2 months ago @Luka S lol with his rented cars and mansion
  • homer wisdom
    homer wisdom 2 months ago Tyga has literally never dropped a good album lmao he's garbo
  • Mystical Subliminals
    Mystical Subliminals 2 months ago @homer wisdom no u
  • zaytoven
    zaytoven 2 months ago homer wisdom boy you trippin 😂😂
  • Sike dats the wrong #
    Sike dats the wrong # 2 months ago homer wisdom cappin ass mf
  • James Wells
    James Wells 2 months ago homer wisdom Soulja ain’t got bars like T-RAWW that’s s fact lol
  • VAV SIX11
    VAV SIX11 2 months ago homer wisdom yeah hope his next album slaps in the face and is well made on every track
  • Madd Venqo
    Madd Venqo 2 months ago Why you want my name pussy what did you call it dont mess with my boy soulja boy
  • Alejandra Valdez
    Alejandra Valdez 2 months ago @homer wisdom nigga u Trippin 🤣🔫💯
  • Luka S
    Luka S 3 weeks ago @Diego Ramos n1gga u cant afford nissan mica idiot rat, go rent then bentley low bot
  • Rodney Lloyd
    Rodney Lloyd 3 months ago Tygianna
  • Jay Banks
    Jay Banks 3 months ago Typa has a fire rapper voice 🤷🏾‍♂️🔥 Btw sadly Soulja could never do this.
  • mandoleene mando
    mandoleene mando 3 months ago Tyga got bars where's big Draco bars at
  • Marciano Joval
    Marciano Joval 3 months ago mandoleene mando true shit bro😎🤨🤔
  • Hydra Joker
    Hydra Joker 3 months ago mandoleene mando YUNG DRACO 😈
  • 2PhoneSensei
    2PhoneSensei 3 months ago The only Draco I know is Drakeo The Ruler . Fuck yung draco
  • Imzyy stackaveli
    Imzyy stackaveli 3 months ago Brah that nigga soulja got no bars!
  • Marc George
    Marc George 3 months ago Soulja: BAAAAAAARS!!??!?
    SAINTSOFNOVEMBER 2 months ago @Marc George soulja yall talking bars but big soulja had the biggest comeback of 2018
  • Rooster D
    Rooster D 2 months ago at his rented mansion
  • PudWhacker
    PudWhacker 2 months ago 😂 https://youtu.be/GN1ESUqsAws
  • Jaystacks916
    Jaystacks916 2 months ago mandoleene mando draco got bars fym .....Xanax 😂
  • 9 almost
    9 almost 2 months ago he’ll be behind them soon
  • Daniel Khals
    Daniel Khals 2 months ago mandoleene mando Draco still got bars working out at the gym 😂
  • lenron brown
    lenron brown 2 months ago Right
  • Two1Six Worldwide
    Two1Six Worldwide 3 months ago 7 mil 9 months WHERE SOULJA AT ????
  • Steven c
    Steven c 3 months ago He fucked him up
  • 50 Icey
    50 Icey 3 months ago Cleveland Worldwide216, Tyga made off beat rapping happen before everyone else
  • Pierre Canty
    Pierre Canty 3 months ago @50 Icey tyga never rapped off beat tho
  • 50 Icey
    50 Icey 3 months ago Pierre Canty, because he used choppy flow first
  • 50 Icey
    50 Icey 3 months ago (edited) Should’ve said his flow was choppy
  • Crown magic
    Crown magic 3 months ago Ig?
  • EndOfTheNight
    EndOfTheNight 3 months ago 50 Icey using choppy flow ain’t off beat..
  • Cyrunix
    Cyrunix 3 months ago TYGA?
  • colony haze
    colony haze 2 months ago In the landfill Because he fucking trash 💯💯
  • Pete S
    Pete S 2 months ago AirBnB
  • almarr leigh
    almarr leigh 2 months ago Gucci shop 🏪
  • Jordyn Brooks
    Jordyn Brooks 2 months ago HONESTLYYYY!1!!!!
  • A7eed Barwani
    A7eed Barwani 3 months ago That’s what I’m talking about 🔥 💯
  • David Mku ugwuanyi
    David Mku ugwuanyi 3 months ago This sound so Tyga , no difference between studio song and freestyle T RAW you got bars
  • country boy
    country boy 2 months ago Yeah but I don't think this was a freestyle tho lol cause tyga said he can't freestyle so he already had this laying around for big soulja 😂😂😂
  • David Mku ugwuanyi
    David Mku ugwuanyi 2 months ago @country boy bro these days rappers can't freestyle their hit songs on stage they only lipsink , Any of them who can rap without looking at the phone is talented hahaha
  • LO10
    LO10 2 months ago David ugwuanyi 4real✔
  • country boy
    country boy 2 months ago @David Mku ugwuanyi right lmao 😂
  • Marspeed
    Marspeed 2 months ago David ugwuanyi lipsink 😂😂😂😂 jeez
  • FunChl & Pranks
    FunChl & Pranks 2 months ago (edited) His voice stil the same....wow trwa flow unique big draco "Tyga" 😹😹😹😹
  • Viktor Thiessen
    Viktor Thiessen 1 month ago Now you know how he do his songs, and how easy it is for him
  • ist vest
    ist vest 3 months ago smooth flow this guy
  • jamal palmer
    jamal palmer 3 months ago Tyga always got a sleeper under his belt!!
  • Ryan Carson
    Ryan Carson 2 months ago I don't understand why the album is on creep. Shouldn't it be on blast or off top or from the gate
  • Mitch Day
    Mitch Day 2 months ago pause
  • Uncutt Talk Tv
    Uncutt Talk Tv 3 months ago TYGA ALWAYS FLOWS NICE ON THE BEAT
  • Vintage Daz
    Vintage Daz 3 months ago 7 million sold 9 months where Soulja at? Will Draco respond???? 👀
  • XSean K.dot
    XSean K.dot 3 months ago With ig responses maybe
  • 47shift
    47shift 2 months ago He said “ I fucked yo baby moms and played fortnite with your son”
  • m
    m 2 months ago @47shift that's it? that's sad. what a hasbeen soulja is.
  • extendo fernendo
    extendo fernendo 2 months ago @47shift 😂😂😂
  • Out Rap
    Out Rap 3 months ago Better than any Soulja boy song
  • Ruslan Ginsau
    Ruslan Ginsau 3 months ago straight up ..no comparison
  • Mackaroff Ryùma
    Mackaroff Ryùma 2 months ago Lyrically, probably
  • Baby Ray
    Baby Ray 2 months ago @Mackaroff Ryùma Definitely, absolutely,positively.. soulja boy is garbage
  • Out Rap
    Out Rap 2 months ago Franky 07 L
  • Yung Na215
    Yung Na215 2 months ago Not over pow😂
  • Mouhamed Sisko
    Mouhamed Sisko 2 months ago Out Rap 😂
  • Iuri Yk
    Iuri Yk 3 months ago Before 1 M?! Tyga? Tyga?!