Arriving in Boracay Philippines. Boracay is one of the beautiful beach around the world. This is our second visit here in Boracay. The first visit was low season while this time is high season.

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  • David Abeyta
    David Abeyta 1 year ago I love the Philippines during EASTER TIME ...I will be coming to Cebu around this Time. I'm a Retired U.S. MILITARY VETERAN and can fly to the Philippines for $25...
  • Chess Game
    Chess Game 1 month ago David Abeyta, I’m not from the U.S. but my respect to you for serving your country
  • Jeff Sea
    Jeff Sea 4 months ago Maraming Salamat pa share your video on Boracay. The stunning beautiful girl makes the video great ! <3
  • Patriot93933
    Patriot93933 10 months ago Years ago, My Filipina girlfriend and I stayed at the Regency Hotel on Boracay. Plan on going back soon. Thanks for sharing.
  • Croaker
    Croaker 11 months ago Everywhere is just so interesting and exciting. Thank you for your videos
  • Bann'ed Outdoor Adventures
    Bann'ed Outdoor Adventures 1 year ago I visited Boracay about 2 years ago in January.. was amazing
  • Saudi Arabia Riyadh
    Saudi Arabia Riyadh 1 year ago Nice video and I love Philippines life even kind person
  • Sir Paul
    Sir Paul 1 year ago Wow Crishel, you swim like a little fish. 🐳. Hehe. You look very cute in your blue bikini. 🙂. I enjoy seeing you and Todd eating out and it is very nice seeing the meals you order. Also I was wondering if you could do a video sometime of how you prepare your meals when you decide to stay in your room and cook. It would be helpful if you could give meal suggestions and let us benefit from your experience. Thanks for all your wonderful videos. Have fun in Boracay and be safe always.
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 1 year ago Hahaha this bikini is too sexy for me.. 😊 the only place we can cook is in manila hotel we don't have kitchen in some of our rooms.. But i wish to cook something maybe when i get back to cebu.. 😊
  • Jimmy Navarro
    Jimmy Navarro 11 months ago Wow you surprise you look very nice god bless you
  • David Abeyta
    David Abeyta 1 year ago I lived in the Philippines for 2 years...I loved it..but it was so Different in 1987
  • easymoneynch
    easymoneynch 10 months ago 0:01 Very nice!!
  • P Hern
    P Hern 1 year ago Gotta say it that girl in the video is a pinay goddess ! So sweet my sugar goes up just looking at her! So sweet I could put her on my pancakes, so sweet that honey bees are jealous..... so sweet well you get the idea . Well done video thanks
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 1 year ago hahaha thank you for your kind words maybe the ants wants to eat me 😀😂
  • Donald Leske II
    Donald Leske II 11 months ago (edited) Put a gimbal on that camera Crishel, to help stop the shaking. Sige na? ;-D Salamat po guapa for all the cool shots and for how beautiful you are.
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 11 months ago Yes i think that's a good idea.. 😊 Thanks too.. 😀
  • Joey D
    Joey D 1 year ago The sand must be so fine to make the Filipina Life sculpture. Don't ever get a tattoo Crishel. You are perfect just the way you are.
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 1 year ago thank you so much for visiting my channel.. I don't like tattoo hehe
  • Joey D
    Joey D 1 year ago I'm so happy to hear that.  I'm still looking at videos and reading about The Philippines.  You are so very lucky to live there. Live! Love! Life!
  • Divad Lernca
    Divad Lernca 1 year ago The more your beautiful girl is in your videos, the more I like them!
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 1 year ago Thank you so much 😊..
  • Eunnice Zae Lee
    Eunnice Zae Lee 4 months ago Crishel walk so fast, its like both of are running out of time.. anyway niiiceeee videeeoooo sissy 😊😊😊😊😊
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 4 months ago Since now I used to walk fast as like that.. 😊
  • D.B Cooper
    D.B Cooper 1 year ago (edited) I love how charming filipina women can be. Your girl has tons of charm. Soon I will be in Puerto Galera to I will see my asawa ko!
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 1 year ago hahaha thank you.. I didn't know I have a charm :) .. that is so sweet to visit your asawa I think we're going back to Puerto Galera after Boracay by ferry boat.
  • D.B Cooper
    D.B Cooper 1 year ago Advice for 2GO. Do NOT take the "Super Value Class" it is super malamig and smells like diesel fuel. We thought we were going to die. Either get a cabin or just go "Tourist Class". Cabin is best. Private CR (the public ones are some of the worst in the Philippines), much quieter so you can actually sleep. Thanks for the fun videos!
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 1 year ago Thanks for the information we appreciate it 😉
  • Osman Yegin
    Osman Yegin 7 months ago BEAUTiFUL ViDEO!
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 7 months ago Thanks. 😊
  • Perry Honeyman
    Perry Honeyman 1 year ago Thanks guys loved the footage of the beaches
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 1 year ago Welcome.. I'm glad you like the video.. Thanks.. Welcome to our channel 😉
  • Dom B
    Dom B 1 year ago Absolutely stunning. Your BF is a very lucky guy. All the best.
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 1 year ago Hahaha thank you so much 😊.
  • Sam Imbriano
    Sam Imbriano 1 year ago your bf is correct nice puet
  • Joney Gage
    Joney Gage 1 year ago mabaho puet
  • Brett Wahlstrom
    Brett Wahlstrom 9 months ago beautiful girl