Big Nik Explains "Fall Into The Cave" Video + Shares Stalker Fan Experience

Published on Feb 8, 2019 1,351 views

Big Nik blew up on Vine and Youtube but now he's getting in the rap game... and may even drop an album this year! Follow him at @RealBigNik for new projects + updates.

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  • Mason Clark
    Mason Clark 3 months ago i liked this guy before the clout got to his head. dude’s lame now
  • Fresh Micks
    Fresh Micks 3 months ago “Nice to meet you dog” he sounds like a little kid who got lost and is just trying to fit in with the locals.
  • Brian Lam
    Brian Lam 3 months ago Must be real whack in hiphop if this guy is a Friday upload. Smh.
    EAZEE SAL 3 months ago This guys so cringe can’t believe power gave em the time of day
  • Jesus Yessir
    Jesus Yessir 3 months ago Come on guys , get real rappers in there
  • A RN
    A RN 3 months ago The Rap game has become a freak show. Every weird or handicapped looking muthafucka got a chance 😂
  • victoria burke
    victoria burke 3 months ago smurfgang- @delicatecolby
  • .
    . 3 months ago My mind cant process this
  • A RN
    A RN 3 months ago How does a midget call himself Big Nik 😂😂😂
  • Booger Brainz
    Booger Brainz 3 months ago Satire
  • Dumb Energy Ellie
    Dumb Energy Ellie 3 months ago Twitter user @dumdumsire says smurf gang
  • Big Nik
    Big Nik 3 months ago Much love 🔥🔥
  • Hello Lucy
    Hello Lucy 3 months ago Smurf gang
  • MMAMarcus361
    MMAMarcus361 3 months ago Aww hell nah...
  • Hello Lucy
    Hello Lucy 3 months ago I love love you so much Nik you are an Inspiration
  • Jim Daddy
    Jim Daddy 3 months ago Big Nik lol you deleted your community post
  • joiee !
    joiee ! 3 months ago Smurfgang bitch
  • Jade Box
    Jade Box 3 months ago #Smurfgang
  • maddyleigh9 add me on twitter
    maddyleigh9 add me on twitter 3 months ago smurfgang🤙🏽💙
  • shreklok
    shreklok 3 months ago How he reach the peep whole
  • dayyng
    dayyng 3 months ago why is this happening.
  • bassicuk1986
    bassicuk1986 3 months ago Do they leave the mic on the floor in the booth
  • Hello Lucy
    Hello Lucy 3 months ago 2:05 DANG IT
  • Lakota Paige
    Lakota Paige 3 months ago smurfgang ((:
  • Tam hanna
    Tam hanna 3 months ago smurfgang 🤝
  • madison groarke
    madison groarke 3 months ago Smurfgang and hiii nikk