How To Camp for Free: Dispersed Camping with Campskunk

Published on Jun 20, 2018 37,632 views

Camping fees are skyrocketing. It’s common to pay $30 a night at state parks, $50 at commercial campgrounds, and $100 at resort-style campgrounds. Many of us think there is a better way. A free way, in fact.

We sit down with our friend Campskunk, a fulltime RVer and a regular reporter on our blog. And Campskunk tells us how to camp free, or if you must pay, how to camp for a very low cost. He reveals his secrets in our interview

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  • Nico Veenkamp
    Nico Veenkamp 11 months ago Campskunk is a great person and a good interview. Very helpful information.
  • Fly Fish
    Fly Fish 11 months ago Please, do more of these type of vids. Always enjoy Campskunk vids. Maybe follow Campskunk or vid yourself using your app to find a dispersed site and driving to it, evaluating it, setting up etc. Vid the whole process.
  • Roy Vannoy
    Roy Vannoy 11 months ago Would like to see more videos on dispersed camping on free lands.
  • Marco
    Marco 11 months ago I love that campsite. It looks peaceful. You can actually hear birds instead of cars. .
  • Trey's Universe
    Trey's Universe 11 months ago I love Boondocking so much better then RV park camping. I wouldn't want to live back east, not enough Boondocking oppertuninties for my liking!
  • Julie Olsen
    Julie Olsen 11 months ago Great tips! We just got our class B+/C and live in Utah so lots of opportunities in my area.
  • Sheri Maloney
    Sheri Maloney 6 months ago I concur!
  • Joe O
    Joe O 11 months ago Another great interview. Class Bs are great for nomadic vacations, but I've learned to stay in one place longer. Through your travels, if you come across somebody who likes to set up for weeks at a time, I'm always interested in seeing how they make themselves at home. Happy Travels.
  • Mrs Lacroix
    Mrs Lacroix 10 months ago I'm so grateful for this channel!! Thank you so much!
  • ddsuarez
    ddsuarez 9 months ago We’ve been stuck in sand and mud, and needed to be towed out. This was in campgrounds. So we learned that our class B is no match for these conditions. Something to keep in mind when boondocking.
  • Tom T
    Tom T 3 weeks ago We've been forest camping off and on for 16 years now, and (knock on wood) haven't got stuck yet. We travel in a 24-ft Class C; but we also spent extra to get it converted to 4-wheel drive. And, for good measure, we carry a set of tire chains year-round -- just in case. You still want to use common sense selecting a site; and also keep a close eye on the weather forecasts. But hopefully, with these kinds of precautions it should at least minimize the chances of getting stuck.
  • Kim Ashley
    Kim Ashley 11 months ago (edited) I’m new to your channel. This interview was was very interesting. I would love to see more interviews. BTW I love your channel. You and your wife are fantastic ❤️
  • Michael Davidson
    Michael Davidson 11 months ago Thanks Mike! Great Interview.  Campskunk  is correct about unwanted guests in the wild.Hope everyone follows that.  It means everyone!
  • Greg Reg
    Greg Reg 11 months ago I really enjoyed this video. I am new to the free camping world. I could use some pointers on how to find water and a dump site in the towns I visit.
  • Stuart Joseph
    Stuart Joseph 6 months ago Try the water treatment plants, where they treat the sewage. Sometimes they will have freed places to dump your black water
  • Joe O
    Joe O 11 months ago Campskumk told the story of a bear that ate a watermelon from somebody camp, then had to be destroyed! Bears are incredibly smart. If they are rewarded with an easy meal one time from a camper or fisherman, they will be back somewhere or some day. Please, Please use bear proof containers or Yeti like containers for your food and use the bear proof dumpsters and keep the doors latched! The irresponsible campers are to blame for the destroyed bear, or it may be relocated where it will have to fight to establish a new territory.
  • Marie Morris
    Marie Morris 3 weeks ago This was great . Very in formative. Super guest he tells it like it is , very refreshing, more please ! Thank you so much
  • Expedition Overlanding Nomadic Adventures
    Expedition Overlanding Nomadic Adventures 10 months ago Mike this was by far the best interview to educate RV’ers about the free camping lifestyle. I have forwarded this video on to all of my RV friend and wannabes. One day are paths will meet and dinner is on me.
  • Robert Keenan
    Robert Keenan 3 months ago "No Control Of The Guest List!" LOL
  • dmcbyerly
    dmcbyerly 11 months ago "You don't have control over the guest list"---that is awesome. Love that description.
  • Marie Morris
    Marie Morris 8 months ago Another great video .Please keep them coming . Thank you
  • Germane Vision
    Germane Vision 1 week ago Absolute delight to watch this. The lady was behind two cameras! Talking to people who actually do camping in the wilderness is so informative and an eye opener. Thanks.
  • Sue Moore
    Sue Moore 11 months ago Where's the links mentioned? overnightRV dot com or something? and allstays?
  • Herne Hagwi
    Herne Hagwi 11 months ago A very interesting interview. Yes, I would like to see more of them. This topic and the issues surrounding them , freedom camping V staying in paid camp sites are universal and not limited to the States. Apart from dealing with wild animals, I could easily be listening to a fellow camper from my own country giving advise. In New Zealand where I live, I struggle to justify paying some of the fees charged by some camp sites who charge per person not per vehicle. It is unfortunate that currently these fees discourage mostly young foreign campers in non self contained vehicles to freedom camp and to unfortunately leave a mess behind which give all freedom campers a bad rap. Happily I belong to a Motor-home/caravan association that has many camp sites all over the country, maintained by local club members for the exclusive use of club members that are secure, close to amenities and cost $3 per person per night.