Gas prices are soaring with the summer heat, making drivers even more alert for the lowest possible prices. Fortunately, a number of apps can help drivers hunt down the lowest rates, as we show in this video.

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Gas Guru:

iExit Gas:

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  • CAJUN Jamis
    CAJUN Jamis 11 months ago Thanks 4 the "Heads up"! Yes, gas should remain high till September! I just heard that Saudi Arabia will be opening the valves? Oil is going down and gas (fuel) is going up! Go figure! Y'all have a BIG TIME out there in the lovely U.S. of A !
  • Southern Adventures
    Southern Adventures 11 months ago Hey y'all, thanks for sharing. We use Gas Buddy.
  • Terry Keiper
    Terry Keiper 11 months ago (edited) We like Gas Buddy too but with ouR MB Sprinter we really need an app with a filter to help find stations that sell diesel fuel of B5 or less.
  • John Butler
    John Butler 11 months ago I have been using GasBuddy for years.
  • mpgolfzen
    mpgolfzen 11 months ago thank you for the great insight!!!
  • Stonewall 38242
    Stonewall 38242 11 months ago (edited) Have you guys ever considered a Shell or Mobil type gas card that gives cents off per gallon? I've looked at them and seem alot of issues sometimes. I use a credit card that gives back 1.5 per cent on everything. Love your videos.
  • LisaMarli
    LisaMarli 11 months ago I love Gas Buddy and help by updating gas prices. Google Maps also now has gas prices. And reviews and info about the stations. It's really nice when I'm using Google for navigation so I'm already in the app. My Garmin GPS also had all the Costcos with gas stations as a special map. Since my vehicle uses unleaded, any Costco will do. And yes, they are usually one of the cheapest.
  • billy johnson
    billy johnson 11 months ago lots of help
  • Katwoman
    Katwoman 11 months ago Thanks, Mike and Jennifer!
  • Lair Junior
    Lair Junior 11 months ago You are amazing
  • Karin Hart
    Karin Hart 11 months ago I generally use GasBuddy, but when you select a station by price it's best to have a back-up station in case you discover prices are higher than reported. It seems some station owners are making their employees "report" the price lower than they are to attract business hoping you'll make the purchase anyway. Those station owners should not be rewarded for their dishonesty. Report em to both GasBuddy & the brand name (Arco, Exxon, etc).
  • bella huang
    bella huang 11 months ago good apps