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Hello, Iʼm Jenny for Heffernan Construction Company. Today we are going to show you how to build a 24 foot by 32 foot pole building. We hope you find this video useful, and please donʼt forget to subscribe to see our upcoming videos.

We used a skid steer with an attached auger saves a lot of time. It digs the holes 18 inches wide by 52 inches deep

The concrete is cured solid and ready for the 4x6 treated post to sit on. All 4 corners are set first. They are straightened and plumbed.

To assure that the building is square, we pull a diagonal measurement reading both ways. If each measurement is the same, its off to a square start.

A treated 2 by 10 is used for the bottom girt board while The remaining horizontal boards are regular 2 by 6s. The vertical boards are 2 by 4s, and they are used on the corners, window & door openings. The nails used are pneumatic 3 1/4 inch and they are ACQ approved for the treated posts. These nails will not rust or corrode due to the chemicals of the treated lumber.

For the garage door header we sandwich two 2 by 10s with 1/2 inch plywood glued in between. This header will have minimum weight load since it is on a non bearing wall. It will only have to hold itself, not the weight of the roof load.

The roof trusses have a 24 foot span with 1 foot overhang at a 4/12 pitch. They are put 24 inches on center to accept R-38 blanket insulation. They are light enough to manage by hand, if any larger we would use a crane to lift in place. When installing trusses, always read the enclosed safety packet that come with them. It will guide you on how to safely handle and brace them.

The roofing material is an energy star rated 26 gauge pre painted panel. The panels were precut to an exact measurement. We use matching color screws with a built in rubber washer to fasten the roof panels. The screw pattern is in a straight line and fastened tight to the 2 by 4 purlins.

We used a 32 inch 9 light steel door. It is energy star rated and will swing inward.The pole building gets 5 windows that are also energy star rated. They are double pane, single hung and have built in nail fins.

We outsource the gutter work. This company is set up to run very long continuous lengths of aluminum gutter. They install all the hangers, end caps, and gutter sealant. Also the guys punch out the hole and install the downspout drop. Then we take over for the easy install.

Finally the garage door!! We purchased this door online for a 25% total tax and delivery savings. The local garage door company and the big box stores were overpriced. So we went online and ordered. They shipped the 7 1/2 foot by 16 foot custom insulated door directly to the job site. it took less than 3 weeks and arrived with easy to understand instructions. We saved 25% plus we installed it ourselves for additional savings. We were so pleased we produced a detailed instructional video to show you, the viewers how easy it was. Thank you again, as i am Jenny for Heffernan Construction, and "please" subscribe.

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    J Brooks 9 months ago What are the color of those shutters.
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    Ana Diaz 9 months ago Craig Heffernan!!! I have a question? How much those this work cost? I really like your work...
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    John Majors 7 months ago (edited) Would you happen to have a materials list for the framing?
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    juanita munoz 3 months ago What is approx project cost
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  • Jeremy Burkett
    Jeremy Burkett 3 years ago There are a lot of people on here that say, "I would…" Let's be straight here. I have seen these buildings constructed with many different methods. Having said that, I would not comment whether one is better than the other. I chose to watch this video to gain perspective, not to having a pissing contest. Hefferman Company did a great job putting this building up. Facts are facts. Solid construction and a easy to follow video for any person who has the drive and knowledge to want to build their own. *Just for the record, I have no affiliation to this company. I am simply a viewer looking for different perspectives on this type of project. Thank you Hefferman Company for providing this video. It was very useful. :-)
  • Tom Swinburn
    Tom Swinburn 3 years ago +Jeremy Burkett Well said. A DIYer, I'm pretty darn handy with about everything. But watching how the PROS did this gives one some insight into what you're doing wrong, AND what you're doing right. One thing without question. These guys did quality WORK. Shortcuts are fine as long as they have no detrimental effect on the finished product. But taking the TIME to fit the pieces together correctly assures the weather isn't going to ruin your building before its time. Fit and finish COUNT. If it looks bad, it likely is bad. Conversely when it looks GOOD, you can pretty much take to the bank it will perform as hoped and expected. I'd have foregone the concrete floor for cost savings. But a home built 48" water filled pipe roller will make a darn nice floor. And water kept off will make it last. Plus that pipe roller will come in handy for driveways and so forth. Great video. Great building.
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    Garry McKenzie 7 months ago The details in the description are really well written and some critical information in there, especially regarding wood sizes and fasterner strengths to be of approved standards
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    Jim Marcum 4 years ago damn nice building.  looked like really good construction.  I win the lottery i'll call you
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    hystat 2 years ago (edited) one year later - full of junk - car parked outside- it was too small. lol
  • Craig Heffernan
    Craig Heffernan 2 years ago This was built in 2011 for a great customer. I visit him often and he actually has it pretty clean and organized due to his OCD, lol.
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    Lone Wolf 5 months ago Well, the bigger the garage, the more room for JUNK !! LOL ! No such thing as a garage that's TO BIG !! TRUST ME ON THIS ONE !! LOL !! Both of my cars are outside, BUT ... they're under a carport .... does that count ??  !!
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    Dan Grimes 3 months ago No matter how big you make it you will ask yourself, why didn't I make it bigger?
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    Marc Del 3 months ago It's still better than an attached garage. I have family and friends that have never parked a vehicle in their garage because it is too full of other stuff!
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    Gamer Russell 3 years ago if people think about it. If you dont add the big door to this it can be a homestead house :P
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    Lantanana 1 year ago I really enjoy watching these videos of quality construction methods!
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    Jason 4 years ago how much was this complete project? Cost of material and labor?
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    john moritz 3 years ago (edited) +Josh Kelly I never would have noticed, had you not pointed that out. Lol.
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    Jon Crosby 1 month ago "At 420" ha. Got it
  • Merp
    Merp 3 years ago Lots of armchair experts on youtube. I would trust the professional construction company before claiming to have a better construction method. This design is pretty much how I have seen all the pole building done so I think it will last a very long time.
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    Merp 3 years ago +Merp By the way, thanks for the informative video, I subbed! :)
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    Craig 2 years ago (edited) Just needs insulation and small wood stove for a man cave.
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    Ed Parachini 3 months ago YOu'd be deaf after a rain or hail storm even with insulation.
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    smitty smit 3 years ago its been quite a while for me , but we used to pre drill the holes in the sheets , just stack em 5 or 10 high and drill , makes it nice
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