T-Pain on R. Kelly, Robert Kraft, New Album '1UP' + Starting Auto-Tune Wave

Published on Mar 1, 2019 18,274 views

T-Pain Visits The Cruz Show And Talks '1UP' Album Details, Spending Hundreds On Online Gaming, Being The Pioneer of Auto-Tune, And More!

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  • Tristan Simone
    Tristan Simone 2 months ago Let's not act like T-Pain ain't the king.
  • Jai Advaita
    Jai Advaita 2 months ago Wayne's Verse on Goat Talk is so sick🔥 #1up #C5
  • putus18
    putus18 2 months ago I really enjoyed this interview. I didn't realize TPain was so funny and he really interviews well. Can't wait to hear the album!
  • Reilus Johnson
    Reilus Johnson 2 months ago All facts! Pain a goat!
  • Ruben Montes
    Ruben Montes 2 months ago Damn I don’t know if I love t pain more than I can’t stand the Cruz show
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    Kanye East 1 month ago bruh...
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    Norwall Music 2 months ago Nice job on the video! Keep it up.
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    D Young 1 month ago TPain SNL 2019
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    Jayden Lollato 2 months ago who’s here before 1k views
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    TripMore 2 months ago Jayden Lollato thought I was tweaking when I saw the views .
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    Jesus Casanova 2 months ago 🔥 álbum
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    cedric williams 2 months ago Raymond Mansfield III genius comment. Lol
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    LjFrazierVideos 2 months ago There man & girl relationship ain’t right
  • Lionel Hayward Anderson
    Lionel Hayward Anderson 2 months ago T Pain is a Legend
  • Courtney2020
    Courtney2020 2 months ago 🗣🕺🏾@tpain :1UP : Is the OG Autotune KING back with a bang? 🗣🕺🏾 • • The OG “rappa-ternt-sanga”aka T-Pain has been steadily gaining my attention again with a constant flow of music from 2017 to-date. To set the timeline; in 2017 he gave us the dated (yet nostalgic) Weezy and T-Pain Project “T-Wayne”, 2018 saw T-Pain dig into the untouched archives for “some” rough gems in “Everything Must Go Vol.1 & Vol.2”. This all in preparation for the 2019 12 track album (warm-up) “1 UP” featuring the likes of; Weezy, Tory & Russ ..👀👇🏾 • • The album starts explosive with T-Pain crooning out its “..be a better man or its whatever man!” on the pride humbling “1UP”. This hype slips down two gears with the soulful shaker “RIP to the Parking Lot” and the snap & sizzle serenade of “U Up”until the fairly flat “Getcha Roll On”😐 partially saved by Tory Lanez..👇🏾 • • With a slight exception of “Keep This From Me” (which didn’t make me cringe too hard) the next batch of 3 songs (Be Your X, It’s My Dog Birthday, We All We Got) following the Tory lead, didn’t really do much to give me a fresh light of T-Pain’s capabilities (which we all know are exceptionally high). After the throwback segment there’s the batch of final four tracks which are all features.. 🤞🏾👇🏾 • • At this point T-Pain finally freshens the flavours up from his 2000s comfort blanket. The pockets he finds on the funk of “A Million Times” is ridiculous, O.T Genasis verse doesn’t add any value but whatever who cares 😂🕺🏾. In the sing-song “All I Want” Flipp almost sounds like Juice Wrld detailing how his love for his girl pushes drive to secure the bags.. 👇🏾 • • I skipped to final song in excitement but really couldn’t tolerate T-Pain’s rapping with Weezy on “Goat Talk”🤦🏾‍♂️ so I conclude on this Luke warm album(neither T-remendous or Pain-ful) “Here It Comes” with Russ is one of the strongest collabs. The mellowness provides some real atmospheric chill-out waves 🌊..🇺🇸 1UP, A Million Times, Here It Comes 🇺🇸6.2/10
  • Eman Ogunfojuri
    Eman Ogunfojuri 2 months ago here it comes gives me rapper turnt singer and epiphany vibes
  • Courtney2020
    Courtney2020 2 months ago @Eman Ogunfojuri check it out you might like it but for me overall sounded like poor throwback
  • Tre Tucker
    Tre Tucker 1 month ago Nice!i love teddy!
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    Mehvin 2 months ago This is funny af 😂😂😂
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    Julie Thomas 2 months ago Let it go sis
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    Saky 2 months ago Are you drake son, I’m dead
  • Chefboyarcezz
    Chefboyarcezz 2 months ago New single just dropped ! No auto tune lol on my page it’s the latest video let me know what you think ! Lol
  • John Zoe
    John Zoe 2 months ago Dat boy know he washed 😫🤣🤣 but he make good music tho
  • Will Stewart
    Will Stewart 2 months ago Im takin an L for having t pain on my news feed...