Driving a VMP Gen 3 2.65L TVS 2012 GT500 with over 700rwhp

Published on Feb 22, 2019 21,321 views

We met up with Justin from VMP Performance to drive his 2012 GT500 which features a VMP Gen 3 2.65L TVS Supercharger. VMP Performance: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjCV...

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  • 501Bloo
    501Bloo 3 months ago I'm still butthurt over the Termi being for sale. I'm still watching tho. Lol
  • Street Slayers
    Street Slayers 3 months ago 11-12 all aluminum 5.4, has wideband, has knock sensors, has better gearing and is better to mod and easier to tune
  • Nick Walston
    Nick Walston 3 months ago That dude from vmp performance seems really cool and laid back. Always helps out all his clients in person. Most bosses let there workers deal with everything. He gets involved
  • E.j. Lucas
    E.j. Lucas 3 months ago Love my terminator but I would love a gt500 just as much!
  • Anonymoose Mustang
    Anonymoose Mustang 3 months ago You can buy a taillight upgrade, get a new cluster and modify the exhaust all for under $2500
  • Speed Addict 731
    Speed Addict 731 3 months ago (edited) Just bought a sweet 12 GT500 performance pack car! Love it.
  • Glebb 21
    Glebb 21 3 months ago Thanks 4 the Ashley update I was wondering what was going on..Goodluck ..
  • LightUpTheSkyZ
    LightUpTheSkyZ 3 months ago wait, what happened to Ashley? im out of the loop. Why'd she get arrested!?
  • josh greenwood
    josh greenwood 2 months ago @LightUpTheSkyZ The cops at Mustang week said she did a burnout but there is video proof she did not.
  • LightUpTheSkyZ
    LightUpTheSkyZ 2 months ago how can you get arrested for doing a burnout!? thats illegal?
  • josh greenwood
    josh greenwood 2 months ago @LightUpTheSkyZ They called it reckless driving. I hear the cops are real jerks over there during Mustang week.
  • LightUpTheSkyZ
    LightUpTheSkyZ 2 months ago jesus christ thats fuckin bullshit.
  • DylanSN95
    DylanSN95 3 months ago (edited) VMP needs to make a kit for us 96-98 Cobra guys, at least an adapter kit to use B heads
  • Freedom Junky
    Freedom Junky 3 months ago That's what I'm saying, all the boost on a b headed monster, with a teksid block, 700 wheel is not a problem!
  • TVFcobra
    TVFcobra 3 months ago That would be nice
  • AndrewSVT
    AndrewSVT 3 months ago Yesss
  • Ran  Ware
    Ran Ware 3 months ago I was just on i.g stating this same thing..... Right on fam right on
  • Cleveland Performance Parts
    Cleveland Performance Parts 3 months ago love a Mantic Clutch in a Mustang
  • Jeffrey Goss
    Jeffrey Goss 3 months ago In a way Andrew i don’t blame you for selling the cobra. Like you said it’s a pain to get e85. But it’s going to a bummer not seeing her in the garage 😥 But you have to move forward and i would say that the gt500 might be my second fav mustang!! Look forward to you getting one!
  • Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified
    Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified 3 months ago You tryna work for Justin again?
  • Fast 94
    Fast 94 3 months ago Go gt500. No doubt. Besides not many channels with gt500 content. This very informative vid.
  • crown Victoria lifestyle
    crown Victoria lifestyle 2 months ago A modified Cobra will go for a lot less than a stock Factory cobra including rear end and everything else as he stated you're not going to get what you think for that cobra a stock untouch cobra well go for a whole lot more then a modified 700 or even 500 rear-wheel horsepower cobra stock is the key to the value
  • Victor Garza
    Victor Garza 3 months ago What about a gt350 and put a blower on it?
  • Dudehoolikesairsoft
    Dudehoolikesairsoft 3 months ago Victor Garza $$$$$$$$
  • Justin Young
    Justin Young 3 months ago Ewwww no
  • Dudehoolikesairsoft
    Dudehoolikesairsoft 3 months ago Justin Young I mean i love the 350 but God damn they are expensive
  • Justin Young
    Justin Young 3 months ago @Dudehoolikesairsoft no doubt. I'm partial to the GT500
  • Jacob Adkins
    Jacob Adkins 3 months ago Sounds more logical to go for a 11 12 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • Jason Blasingame
    Jason Blasingame 2 months ago gt500 weighs more and upgrading the cobra to a 3.73 or 4.10 would give you the butterflies your looking for!!
  • 370H55V O773H
    370H55V O773H 3 months ago If I bought a 13-14 I'd do a 6r80 swap
  • CZ S550
    CZ S550 3 months ago Your having trouble on the 2-3 shift arent ya
  • Latnlvr
    Latnlvr 3 months ago It’s only the “trans” so many times before it’s you 😂
  • Brock Diesel
    Brock Diesel 3 months ago 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
  • Derrick Neal
    Derrick Neal 3 months ago Listen to DA man andrew 11-12gt500 just do it🤣🤣🤣
  • nissan Brown
    nissan Brown 3 months ago Its about the best bang for the buck and vmp is so right some 13s in 14s with low miles they srill want 50 and 60 grand or more. I would with 11 or 12. For rhe price to save money.