Mo'nique on Kevin Hart and Oscars, Lebron James, Octavia Spencer, Jussie Smollett + More.

Published on Jan 31, 2019 70,239 views

Mo'Nique came by the studio to talk about being the first black female comedian to have a residency in Las Vegas at the SLS Resort and Casino, and why she plans to pave the way for future girls to do the same.

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  • Joel Walker
    Joel Walker 3 months ago She is right. people do not want truth or honesty. We avoid it at all cost
  • Vance L. Gilmore
    Vance L. Gilmore 3 months ago She seems so exciting now. She has aged well.
  • macey austin
    macey austin 3 months ago I love this woman. I hated when her show on BET ended. I watched it religiously
  • alwaysdriven911
    alwaysdriven911 3 months ago I love Mo’Nique and i am glad she stood up and stuck up for what she believed in . Mo’Nique is so talented and a great person
  • Da’shaun Thompson
    Da’shaun Thompson 3 months ago (edited) Say what y’all want Monique has great personality!! Congratulations Monique!! I love the people who interviewed her showed her respect.
  • Key Millz
    Key Millz 3 months ago RT
  • SuffertheFools
    SuffertheFools 3 months ago Right! Her personality is wonderful. I can't help but laugh and smile when I watch her interviews. You can tell that she really cares, and I respect that.
  • Rey Indio
    Rey Indio 3 months ago Its crazy how its the blk celebs attacking her but here we are with these latinos and its opposite!
  • HappilyEver Hazley
    HappilyEver Hazley 3 months ago I will never not love this woman
  • T Thomas
    T Thomas 3 months ago You and me both:)
  • Key Millz
    Key Millz 3 months ago Right
    LA TESHIA HENDERSON 3 months ago Okay! She is the bomb!!!
  • Woodman 3617
    Woodman 3617 3 months ago The black woman is God and she show it
  • Jovan Culler
    Jovan Culler 3 months ago I LOVE MO
  • sweetlikez
    sweetlikez 3 months ago This is the best Mo'nique interview with so much positiivity
  • Mervin Morgan, Jr.
    Mervin Morgan, Jr. 3 months ago she's so genuine!! i can feel the genuineness. Also, so wise and smart. Wise and smart are two different things!!
  • Michael Julien
    Michael Julien 3 months ago Yes Mo'nique! Yes, the success is yours and you do what is right for the sake of the truth!
  • jdeucey24
    jdeucey24 3 months ago If people actually listened to her interviews instead of a second she got alot of layers
  • Beverly Boo
    Beverly Boo 3 months ago I'm glad she is still doing what she loves. I love Monique. She is truly funny.
  • Dena Newton
    Dena Newton 3 months ago Monique is such an inspiration. A lot of people are rebels without a cause but this woman , this queen she has a message and she stands for something and that's what more people in this world need to be doing. I'd love to meet her one day.
  • Kristopher Davis
    Kristopher Davis 3 months ago I love me some monique! Her, Sheryl Underwood and Sommore are the funniest female comedians! Period!
  • Shanell Ruthless
    Shanell Ruthless 3 months ago Kristopher Davis Adele Givens
  • Mayan Chitimaucha
    Mayan Chitimaucha 3 months ago TEAM MO'NIQUE her energy is everything
  • LifeLine Chronicles
    LifeLine Chronicles 3 months ago She is A LIFELINE :)
  • Monique
    Monique 3 months ago The crazy thing is Hollywood tried to black ball her and make her look crazy but she still getting mad love from fans all over the world including myself. God is good and faithful! What the devil meant for evil God turns it around for your good! No weapon formed against you shall prosper! I wish Monique all the best.
  • berry divo
    berry divo 3 months ago Fans may be able to give Monique mad love, but fans mad love do not pay the money that FILMS AND TELEVISION would have provided. Monique's big loud vulgar mouth have ended her career.
  • Monique
    Monique 3 months ago berry divo She sounds like she's doing just fine to me. People seem to forget that she was a comedian first before she was an actress. And she's still doing shows, so her career is indeed still going. Nice try though!!! Lol!!!
  • jodi prince
    jodi prince 3 months ago Gots To Go To Vegas To See Mo'Nique!❤❤❤💜💜💜💜🔥🔥🔥🔥👍
  • JM C
    JM C 3 months ago I'm right behind you! I love Monique!
  • Rocku ByeBaby
    Rocku ByeBaby 3 months ago Thought I was going to watch half, but I couldn't stop watching... Luuuv Her💗💞❤