New Audi A4 Facelift Premiere REVIEW S4 sedan vs A4 Avant vs A4 Allroad comparison 2020

Published on May 14, 2019 161,605 views

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This is our new Audi A4 Facelift REVIEW with a S4 sedan vs A4 Avant vs A4 Allroad comparison.


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  • Autogefühl
    Autogefühl 1 week ago ►Subscribe here: ►Subscribe to our 2nd channel with shorter reviews:
  • Jay Son Wong
    Jay Son Wong 1 week ago thank you Thomas for showing the rear headroom & legroom space. Don't forget to mention your height next time. Could you show the engine layout in your next video?
  • Markus Deep
    Markus Deep 1 week ago Who can thumb down a review like this without explaining why ? By the way I'm a bit lost with the difference between SQ5 Line and SQ5 Sport?
  • Marko Beast
    Marko Beast 1 week ago This came outta nowhere. That's why I love this channel. Simply the best! 😎
  • Autogefühl
    Autogefühl 1 week ago enjoy m8 =) Sorry both EQC and A4 appearing at the very same time, but werent allowed to publish before (agreed embargo). So enjoy both new videos =)
  • Seb Design
    Seb Design 1 week ago Noooooooooooo! They've removed the swivel wheel but left some in cohesive button / spin wheels like the volume control knob. I personally love the swivel wheel in my B9 A5 while driving, makes it far easier to control while on the move. Guess I'll just have to hold onto it for a while longer...
  • dasn4pp3l
    dasn4pp3l 1 week ago Yep, those are some of the most intuitive infotainment controls you can get. Unfortunately i don't think Audi is going to switch back anytime soon :(
  • Simnater Croc
    Simnater Croc 1 day ago 😂😂you read my mind man.. I am thinking of the same thing holding my A5 a while longer but I'm scared maybe the facelift A5 will look way more beautiful than the current one.. the A4 meh if I had one the B9 I would've kept it still Surely I will keep the A5 too
  • WhateverNevermind
    WhateverNevermind 1 week ago God I wish they kept the MMI controller and just added the touchscreen alongside it.
  • Eduardo Reis
    Eduardo Reis 1 week ago WhateverNevermind i like the mmi control too
  • Tim Dohov
    Tim Dohov 1 week ago WhateverNevermind ) shit audi mate
  • vuvuzilla footman
    vuvuzilla footman 1 week ago The facelifted A4 looks even more generic than the predecessor. Audi are slowly losing it in the design department, they're all over the place, lost in the woods. There's no idea, no vision, just "let's get the job done and go home". The touchscreen upgrade is a disgrace, to be honest, the screen is too far away to be used as a touchscreen, they should have redesigned the panels and moved the screen closer to the driver, like in the Q3 and other new cars. Audi, this was very, very lazy.
  • J024
    J024 1 week ago The overhaul of all Audi products will start after 2020/21.
  • Dodger 1122
    Dodger 1122 1 week ago Even I felt the same.....the previous generation Audi looked better
  • BublakVTX
    BublakVTX 1 week ago As fan of Audi design I see it similar way, Audi seems like have been hibernated for couple of years, not mentioning that all range are like smaller or bigger siblings.
  • Small K
    Small K 2 days ago Might as well make the entire windshield a touch screen...
  • Parki
    Parki 1 week ago Quo vadis Audi? Going with a Diesel engine for the current S model range is a massive fail. Fake exhaust tips are not necessary, especially on the lower end engine models it’s a real slap on your face. The A4 Facelift looks like a cheap Chinese car, worse than the predecessor. In the last 10-15 years Audi made some good progress to become a competitive market player when it comes to sporty design and also sporty daily drivers. Engine wise and by the looks. Now they throw it all away. Sorry Audi, although I was a big fan and was owning and driving several of your cars, my next one won’t be an Audi.
  • Kevin Schevenels
    Kevin Schevenels 6 days ago the diesel engine on the sport version is because of regulations
  • Mastro Mastello
    Mastro Mastello 5 days ago Parki 100% agree !
  • Animal 76 !
    Animal 76 ! 1 week ago All current Audi owners can breathe a sigh of relief ! The new models are hideous!
  • Abid Niaz
    Abid Niaz 1 week ago The new look somehow looks more like a Hyundai but I think that is simply due to Hyundai having one of Audi's previous designers.
  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 1 week ago Lost all the sharpness at the front end that worked so well, and the old indicators were more elegant. Also why not retain the mmi controller alongside a touchscreen? Some functions and situations are more suited to one or the other, so let the driver choose. This seems like a step back.
  • Estulticiafuca
    Estulticiafuca 1 week ago When the facelift for A5? next year?
    ISHU SINGH 1 week ago 2017 model was best. New facelift is very poor.
  • Mohamed Kour
    Mohamed Kour 1 week ago Sedan for me the car in general is one of THE BEST SEDANS And a great work from Autogefühl team as we used to... 😍😍
  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski 1 week ago I love your voice! <3 :)
  • spencer bowditch
    spencer bowditch 1 week ago I have never read such negative feedback for an Audi in my life!
  • vishagan sheagar
    vishagan sheagar 1 week ago Designer should be sacked as of yesterday
  • Suyong Choi
    Suyong Choi 1 week ago Excellent review as usual. But, the car itself.... mmm.
  • Agoston Csehi
    Agoston Csehi 1 week ago (edited) HOW did this design make it into production?
  • Junior Albino
    Junior Albino 2 days ago it's a pre production
  • kiwan82
    kiwan82 1 week ago I see Hyundai Kona's something..
  • 10mintoday
    10mintoday 1 week ago (edited) Oh look that all the new WV Bora/Jetta :)
  • zerocurry
    zerocurry 1 week ago The new A4 front looks like it has a cleft lip.