Province Friends Mindanao Philippines

Published on Jul 23, 2017 1,227 views

We have celebration every Fridays and Saturdays.. The place location is just 2 minutes walking distance from our home.

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  • Brad Kynoch
    Brad Kynoch 2 months ago Your mum is really your elder sister 😊 She cool
  • Sir Paul
    Sir Paul 1 year ago You and your sister are always having a great time. I enjoy watching your travels and experiences. Stay sweet and always keep that beautiful, happy smile. 😀
  • Crishel
    Crishel 1 year ago +Sir Paul yes ... I won't change and try my best for the next .. thank you for watching
  • Joel Alba
    Joel Alba 1 year ago Crishel, that looks fun. Everyone knows how to dance very well.
  • Crishel
    Crishel 1 year ago hahaha yes they are.. thanks for watching,,, :)
  • Greg Meares
    Greg Meares 1 year ago Hi Crishel, looks like everybody had fun. I go to Polomolok down by General Santos. Looking forward to taking my next trip there.
  • Crishel
    Crishel 1 year ago Greg Meares never been to General Santos.. good luck on your trip..
  • Paul Flanagan
    Paul Flanagan 1 year ago Hahaha great time:)) hope they eat while drinking :) and your sister falling on her BUTT and still laughing cool😂 BUTT hope ok😂 see what i did there 😂 ingat always Ganda 😉 oh yah new sub☺
  • Crishel
    Crishel 1 year ago +Paul Flanagan yes they eat peanuts while drinking .. hahaha yes all of us laugh out loud the way how she fall.. thank you my new subscribe welcome to my channel and enjoy 😉😉
  • Joel Alba
    Joel Alba 1 year ago Crishel, at the end of the video your sister fell on the ground. Is she okay?
  • Crishel
    Crishel 1 year ago +Joel Alba hahaha yes you notice that.. She's very drunk and can't walked straight so she fell on the ground she's okay we laughed out loud during that time 😂😂😂
  • Crishel
    Crishel 1 year ago +Joel Alba Joel thank you for watching 😁. click this link for my best performance if your interested 😂😂
  • chaotralph
    chaotralph 1 year ago wohoooo....seems someone was a little bit drunk ;-) funny girls
  • Crishel
    Crishel 1 year ago +chaotralph hahaha yes they are drunk but I'm not included i don't drink that time... 😊 thank you for watching 😁
  • La Liza
    La Liza 1 year ago crazy girls lol but it's fun hahaha
  • Filipina Life
    Filipina Life 1 year ago hahaha the one talking likes it..
  • Just saying
    Just saying 7 months ago Where's all the men or is there a lot more sense women maybe their shy
  • La Liza
    La Liza 1 year ago crazy girls
  • Gra Xx
    Gra Xx 10 months ago (edited) It is a shame to hear really bad american junk music filtering into the Philippines. That DJ should not be hired again. What I love about going there,is their love of eighties music wherever you go. This music is terrible. Slowly the Philippines is becoming westernized,a real shame,go to manila,it's bad there.