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La'Britney Performs "Actin Funny" LIVE | ON THE 8TH FLOOR

Published on Nov 27, 2018 2,321 views

La'Britney stops by the studios at Power 106 to perform "Actin Funny" LIVE On The 8th Floor.


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  • Instagram Models
    Instagram Models 5 months ago Is she really about that life? She has a great voice by the way
  • Jeff Potsworthy
    Jeff Potsworthy 5 months ago Is that her real voice? If im wrong please take it as the highest compliment
  • Courtney Bowe
    Courtney Bowe 5 months ago Nobody knows what it's really about
  • Shar the HipHopHead
    Shar the HipHopHead 5 months ago I've always liked her for her talent. Love both joints with her and Kash Doll as well.
  • RayZane DBMG
    RayZane DBMG 5 months ago They sick u getting off like this
  • ilove art
    ilove art 5 months ago She’s good diggin her!
    GUMMERS N ROSES 5 months ago Detroit Michigan
  • Tiffany Kristine
    Tiffany Kristine 5 months ago Love this songgggg
  • Pascual Lopez
    Pascual Lopez 5 months ago She's fine
  • Quinta Chantè
    Quinta Chantè 5 months ago I love you Lala
  • msbrooklyntv
    msbrooklyntv 5 months ago She actually has talent i am surprised
  • Fadarius Mack
    Fadarius Mack 5 months ago She go him
    ON YOUR ASS 5 months ago Is this music or?
  • Instagram Models
    Instagram Models 5 months ago ON YOUR ASS um yes