What is Your RV Worth to You? | RV Lifestyle Live

Published on Sep 3, 2017 7,105 views

This video discussion was prompted by a recent comment here on YouTube from someone who thought it foolish to invest a lot of money in a motorhome, which he saw as a "depreciating asset." The comment got me thinking that, in reality, our RV is an "appreciating asset," in that we appreciate so many things in a new way because of what the RV allows us to do. I shared my thoughts with our social media audience and found lots of agreement. Plus we answered a lot of side questions about the RV lifestyle.
What do you think?
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  • Richard Moynahan
    Richard Moynahan 1 year ago Don't get hung up on an accounting term for something you own that does not grow in value over time. The term Depreciating Asset is just saying when you go to sell it you won't get more than you paid for it. That is all. Accounting terms do not reflect the fun or enjoyment value. I'm glad you enjoy your rigs and Roadtreking.
  • Karen Carter
    Karen Carter 1 year ago Mike as an accountant type somethings just are not about accounting methods but about making memories while we have our health, living well and staying young. Sad it comes down to a hard number or a spreadsheet evaluation. Hope that this myopic view of his changes so he will find more joy in life. But you guys have it figured out, keep rolling and living it up. Wishing you both the best. Safe travels
  • Rose
    Rose 1 year ago the roadtrek according to my research are the less depreciative  camper     my choice for the comfort    and safety     I do not want to sleep in a hotel or motel   or a tent or a cheap van   my own choice
  • sharon childress
    sharon childress 1 year ago We are leaving NJ on Mon Sept 11 heading to Yellowstone. Any chance we will run into you in our travels?
  • JC Travel Stories
    JC Travel Stories 1 year ago Hello from central Mexico. We spent a lot of years gathering appreciating assets in order to be able to afford this wonderful depreciating asset while the real depreciating asset, our health, is still with us. Best money we've ever spent!
  • rcarmel
    rcarmel 1 year ago JC Travel Stories Have you become an ex-pat; i.e., American living in Mexico? Have seen videos of some very happy folks?
  • David Gabrie
    David Gabrie 1 year ago I refuse to see Mexico because of the corruption of the Police, stopping you on the roads... demanding money. Refusing to pay can lead to jail or worse.
  • Irv Banta
    Irv Banta 1 year ago No price can be set for making memories with kids and family etc.
  • JoAnn Farrell
    JoAnn Farrell 1 year ago Thanks! Your camera and sound are great!
  • sparky neely
    sparky neely 1 year ago I am looking for my first RV and if we have an emergency we can live off the grid! That motivates me more and more to find one I love!
  • Irv Banta
    Irv Banta 1 year ago 'HA..so is an expensive car, or 4x4, or boat, etc.
  • Barbara Yero
    Barbara Yero 1 year ago Long time listener, first time comment. What is the largest Roadtrek?
  • TomJeffersonWasRight
    TomJeffersonWasRight 1 year ago Sounds like a Roadtrek salesman. Is this an infomercial? Compare for sale by owner prices with new RV prices. Decide for your self how much it depreciates, and how much it is worth.
  • sharon childress
    sharon childress 1 year ago We have a pleasure way. And even though its only a 2003 we love it. Its worth a million to us. We are about to leave on our first cross country trip. And can't wait to go.
  • Mike Sherby
    Mike Sherby 1 year ago I am 72 wish I could do what you are doing! So your RV is worth a lot to me.sence I can't have it So I get to live through you thank you mike
  • PassinTime
    PassinTime 1 year ago It will be extremely valuable when I find one. I'll get to travel with my animals and meet and make new friends.
  • PassinTime
    PassinTime 1 year ago in Texas but soon on the road.
  • adfadfszsdrfsfgreg
    adfadfszsdrfsfgreg 1 year ago sounds like a comment from a person that may not value happiness, like having children, vacations, travel or learning. I would hate to be married to that person.
  • lisa braden
    lisa braden 1 year ago Do any class b you know of have slides?
  • Joanne Moejotravels
    Joanne Moejotravels 1 year ago lisa braden Research class B plus.
  • Dan Salas
    Dan Salas 1 year ago Try Leisure Travel.. they have the class B plus and I recall at least one model has slides.
  • Marilyn Wilkie
    Marilyn Wilkie 1 year ago (edited) We look at it as an item that takes us places. We remodeled our current '96 fifth wheel into a like new RV. It's paid for. We can go anywhere the $100,000 rig will go. We don't need new. We don't need to impress anyone. The word "freedom" is overused and silly to me. Sure it's nice but he is right. The depreciation is ridiculous in a new RV. Buy used. Most of you missed his point.
  • CAJUN Jamis
    CAJUN Jamis 1 year ago RT.............Priceless!
  • Your RV Freedom
    Your RV Freedom 1 year ago Factor in lodging cost vs hotel, plus freedom and enjoyment, and RV wins. I bought used to minimize depreciation loss.
  • Dave Schramm
    Dave Schramm 1 year ago Hello from Philadelphia,Pa.I see you're a Ham.....do you have a rig set up in your RT,if not why. We have a 34' TT and I put a nice setup in my truck.and I'm thinking about putting a 2m unit in our trailer.
  • RV Lifestyle
    RV Lifestyle 1 year ago Hi Dave... Yes, I run a Yaesu FT400DR/XDR Fusion VHF/UHF transceiver in our RV. I also often bring a Elecraft KX3 HF rig as well.