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French Lounge Music- Lemongrass - Bonjour

Published on Jan 17, 2011 6,734,503 views
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Lemongrass - Maison A La Mer

  • dear nana
    dear nana 3 роки тому This song is actually called "Maison A La Mer"
  • ledsith
    ledsith 3 місяці тому @Mahmoud Chaabane Lame .
  • Nora Nava
    Nora Nava 10 місяців тому NANA XIA thank yooooooou
  • Mahmoud Chaabane
    Mahmoud Chaabane 1 рік тому Lil wayne
  • Antoinette Castiglione
    Antoinette Castiglione 2 роки тому NANA 💋
  • Rex Americanus
    Rex Americanus 2 роки тому It means "House on the Sea", saved you some work
  • Elhamy Bashandy
    Elhamy Bashandy 3 роки тому +LOVENANA regardless of the name ... , it is so nice and touchy, thnx
  • TehMondasianSpartan
    TehMondasianSpartan 3 роки тому +1981menso Lol.
  • 1981menso
    1981menso 3 роки тому +Nana English translation "Cool ass jam"
  • David Vesely
    David Vesely 5 років тому The title isn't correct, it is "Lemongrass - Maison A La Mer"
  • SweetPinx
    SweetPinx 3 роки тому through cold days i kept warm in your hands now i write in the shiny ray of the sun thinking about our lovely times i aint sad i am just scared losing my mind , thoughts in my head kept me sane thinking there is a way to an end , maybe i could face time but i cant erase time , as sad as it is i kept one card in my sleeve that makes me believe that one day ill say i love you before you leave as sad as it is i kept one card that makes me believe at least i have dreams
  • Anny CeMoi
    Anny CeMoi 5 років тому excellent Lounge de Lemongrass <3 <3
  • 猴拳門
    猴拳門 4 роки тому I like!!!
  • Princess Marshella
    Princess Marshella 3 роки тому Sounds like a good Adult Swim bump
  • Squid Butts
    Squid Butts 5 років тому The masked juggler is searching for the pretty knife lady.
  • Deev Jug
    Deev Jug 5 років тому Memories...
  • Ultimum Draco
    Ultimum Draco 4 роки тому Great music to smoke a blunt to :)
  • I ♥ ♫
    I ♥ ♫ 4 роки тому ♥ it...
  • cursivedubline5
    cursivedubline5 4 роки тому Like standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower lost in the elevated breeze of the beauties and calamities of life, looking over a city of amour and endless sensual possibilities; it truly is the French way. 
  • keri caye
    keri caye 4 місяці тому @New Challenger OH SOD OFF...Life is meant to be lived until we're permanently what if it has dog poo.......
  • keri caye
    keri caye 4 місяці тому I hope you write Mr. Handsome
  • Sean Marshall
    Sean Marshall 3 роки тому @Milianati You aren't supposed to think that standing so high above the city....
  • hymnofashes
    hymnofashes 3 роки тому @Milianati THAT TOO
  • New Challenger
    New Challenger 3 роки тому @cursivedubline5 Yeh, actually notre chère Paris, is a dirty city with dog's poo everywhere and sad frozen people. :p
  • KIYOSHI Piano
    KIYOSHI Piano 4 роки тому Thanks wonderful music, I like. I subscribed :) I am pianist Kiyoshi from Japan (*^_^*)
  • lemongrassmusic
    lemongrassmusic 2 роки тому Many thanks, Kiyoshi ! If you like more of this music you might want to subscribe to the Lemongrassmusic channel as well:
  • Labyirnth II
    Labyirnth II 5 років тому I've always loved this.
  • 최춘식
    최춘식 2 роки тому w dn security south kkorea seong nam city hitec choi chun sik
  • Melania SG
    Melania SG 4 роки тому Je l'aime‼️🎵🌹💃sexy tunes‼️
  • Geison Vieira
    Geison Vieira 1 рік тому Melania SG linda, maravilhosa
  • Josef Unterrainer
    Josef Unterrainer 3 роки тому this is really good Music, and by the way i m working on a Lemongrass Project at this moment is n that hilarious,
  • kumatosky
    kumatosky 4 роки тому dopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Dan  Harrison
    Dan Harrison 3 роки тому everybody should have this as medicine at the end of the day 😄
  • Traveling Tal
    Traveling Tal 1 рік тому Agreed! I have several "Cocktail/Lounge" music folders that I listen too for Traffic relief on my daily commute.
  • Eric Dufresne
    Eric Dufresne 2 роки тому Dan Harrison especially after commiting a murder... so relaxing. makes you forget what you did 5 hours ago.
  • Sunny V.N.
    Sunny V.N. 3 роки тому Merci buucuuu & Coni Chiwa.... Loves it...
  • Aether Aurora
    Aether Aurora 5 років тому Very good. Favorite sound.