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The Story of Captain Swan (2x05-7x22)

Published on Jul 16, 2018 444,141 views

This thing is a DOOZY, go get a snack before you sit down to watch haha. I really loved how it turned out though and it didn't take as long as I thought it would! I hope you love it and CS like me!

  • Sherly Rios
    Sherly Rios 10 місяців тому I wish there was more of Hook and Emma in season seven
  • eliv127
    eliv127 1 тиждень тому I think it should have ended the end of season 6 everything was put together nicely and it didn't need anything else. This idea that henrys the new Emma I did't like so much partially because he's supposed to be the heart of the biggest believer or something meaning he's the one who remembers not forgets. And this alternate ouat not for me.
  • Zahra F
    Zahra F 1 тиждень тому I totally agree
  • Marc
    Marc 2 тижні тому @Lucie Lupin They used Nook for Season 7 because they didn't want Hook without Emma (Jennifer Morrison left the show as a regular)
  • Rumi-Brielle
    Rumi-Brielle 2 тижні тому I wish the show didn't end ..
  • Isabella Rahal
    Isabella Rahal 3 тижні тому I agree
  • Crystal 326 Carcaci
    Crystal 326 Carcaci 3 тижні тому SAAAAAAME
  • Maddie’s Life
    Maddie’s Life 1 місяць тому Sammmmmmeeeeeeeee
  • Lucie Lupin
    Lucie Lupin 1 місяць тому Like the actual hook, not nook
  • Donna
    Donna 2 місяці тому @Eryn Thornton yup exactly!
  • Donna
    Donna 2 місяці тому @FearlessSoulEnchantingLunal it was quite boring
  • Eryn Thornton
    Eryn Thornton 2 місяці тому Same , season 7 was a but rubbish, I love once upon a time but I think they should have finished it on season 6
  • X Ellie
    X Ellie 2 місяці тому Same
  • Valentine Dehon
    Valentine Dehon 2 місяці тому (змінено) @Joke Bored but with captain swan and there baby Hope
  • Tyra L
    Tyra L 3 місяці тому Sherly Rios saaaaame
  • Isabella Rahal
    Isabella Rahal 3 місяці тому Same here!
  • Isabella Rahal
    Isabella Rahal 3 місяці тому Same here
  • Faith P
    Faith P 3 місяці тому Joslyn Bored Me too
  • Dead Rose
    Dead Rose 3 місяці тому Ikrw
  • Joke Bored
    Joke Bored 4 місяці тому I wish there was a season 8
  • Sugga James
    Sugga James 6 місяців тому I right
  • Janice Judith
    Janice Judith 6 місяців тому Sherly Rios yes ♥️♥️
  • Sugga James
    Sugga James 6 місяців тому right
  • FearlessSoulEnchantingLunal
    FearlessSoulEnchantingLunal 8 місяців тому same i have't even watched it
  • Penny_Penguin_
    Penny_Penguin_ 8 місяців тому Sherly Rios SAAAAAME
  • mars place
    mars place 8 місяців тому Anybody else think the cutest thing ever was when Emma asked hook on a date and he hit the wall with a dart😭😂
  • Lindsey B
    Lindsey B 1 тиждень тому I love the part at 25:08 for some reason😂
  • Rebecca Wallet
    Rebecca Wallet 2 тижні тому @The greatest 2000 yahh!! Thats also cute😍
  • The greatest 2000
    The greatest 2000 2 тижні тому Nah.... When Killian told Emma she was his happy ending 😄
  • Angelina Nicpon
    Angelina Nicpon 2 тижні тому No its 10:33
  • Rebecca Wallet
    Rebecca Wallet 3 тижні тому Jehhh😍😅
  • Briana Jones
    Briana Jones 3 тижні тому That had me dead😂😂😂
  • RocketRollit
    RocketRollit 10 місяців тому I just realized at 30:22 Killian baby proofed the hook and i cant handle it :)
  • シIszaTsun
    シIszaTsun 1 місяць тому Hahhaha i see that lmao
  • Sarah Cannova
    Sarah Cannova 2 місяці тому ME TOOOO
  • Dead Rose
    Dead Rose 3 місяці тому 30:37
  • ShinyDiamondGaming
    ShinyDiamondGaming 3 місяці тому Oh lol I thought he just stuck a pacifier on there so he could easily use it,I guess I didn’t look properly...
  • Mysterious Chicken nugget
    Mysterious Chicken nugget 3 місяці тому 😂😂😂😂
  • Abby Soto
    Abby Soto 3 місяці тому OMG I JUST REALIZED😭😍my heart
  • HumanDepressoExpresso
    HumanDepressoExpresso 3 місяці тому Awww what a responsible dad
  • Trinity Crystal
    Trinity Crystal 4 місяці тому Lmao that's hilarious
  • molly price
    molly price 4 місяці тому well you don't really want a murder weapon/sex toy stabbing your newborn
  • Taylor Wolfe
    Taylor Wolfe 5 місяців тому Ha! I thought he was clapping with a rattle 😝
  • Victoria Montalvo
    Victoria Montalvo 6 місяців тому RocketRollit AWWWW
  • Penny_Penguin_
    Penny_Penguin_ 8 місяців тому (змінено) Oh my gosh hahahahah😂😂
  • Vixie Merryman
    Vixie Merryman 8 місяців тому MY EHARTTTRESDTYFGJKL
  • Camille Dos Santos
    Camille Dos Santos 9 місяців тому I just realized!
  • Camille Dos Santos
    Camille Dos Santos 9 місяців тому HahahHahahahha
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 11 місяців тому Okay this reminded me why I love these two so much. I'm so emotional right now :') I miss them!!! Also you chose the perfect songs for each half-season!
  • Sidnanns
    Sidnanns 1 місяць тому Mariah Sterling it’s in the description😊
  • Mariah Sterling
    Mariah Sterling 2 місяці тому Can u pls tell me the first song that was played
  • Official Merel
    Official Merel 3 місяці тому Me too!!❤️😭
  • Mirthee hoii
    Mirthee hoii 8 місяців тому Yeah omg me To ♥️:(( :’)
  • ines lime
    ines lime 10 місяців тому (змінено) 10:31 is lowkey one of the funniest moments in the whole series
  • Captain swan
    Captain swan 3 дні тому Potato Mia he actually said rolly joger
  • Potato Mia
    Potato Mia 1 місяць тому No it’s when old hook said welcome to the roger jolly while he was high with Emma in his arms
  • кιттуTM
    кιттуTM 2 місяці тому I pressed 10:31 and it was an ad that showed up
  • teresa Downes
    teresa Downes 3 місяці тому So hook was never the villian he was the victim No wonder why he hated peter pan
  • Alexandra Hendstridge
    Alexandra Hendstridge 4 місяці тому Highkey*
  • Iemand -
    Iemand - 4 місяці тому Yes
  • Harlz
    Harlz 5 місяців тому he always makes me and my sister laugh djdjdjd
  • Brianna Frost
    Brianna Frost 5 місяців тому IKR!!!
  • Penny_Penguin_
    Penny_Penguin_ 8 місяців тому HAHAHA for real
  • Mbegr22
    Mbegr22 8 місяців тому Hm?
  • Real Cosmic Builds
    Real Cosmic Builds 10 місяців тому (змінено) their journey in S2: they were rivals, he crushed on her and she couldn't trust him. S3: fell in love, had one fight&kissed twice. S4: had their first date, he hated she was on the road to becoming a villain but we were all invested in DarkSwan hype. S5: both constantly fought left/right, DarkC$ almost killed their shippers. S6: Emma was dying, Hook proposed and almost lost her bc of his secret w/ her paternal grandpa's murder. still Blackbeard was a true shipper 🤣🙈 got married&sang together. S7: lived happily ever after with their babyHope. Took them 6seasons, but there ya go~ *END OF RANT*
  • ines lime
    ines lime 1 місяць тому they’re truly one of the most well-developed relationships in television history. one of the best, too
  • bailey mercer
    bailey mercer 6 місяців тому Real Cosmic Builds I have no idea why I chose to read this or even if it’s true but I it ruined their entire story by reading this lol
  • Magda Lena
    Magda Lena 1 рік тому The best ship ever ♥
  • Ashlynn L
    Ashlynn L 5 місяців тому Ikr. I mean do you see those SAILS and how big that ship is. It’s magnificent.
  • Stephanie Fay Page
    Stephanie Fay Page 10 місяців тому Captain swan do make a great couple I'd like to see their grandchildren later on the future .
  • Stephanie Fay Page
    Stephanie Fay Page 2 місяці тому They could do a spinoff about captain swan daughter hope like they did with Klaus daughter and Alaric twin daughters ?
  • Sweet but Psycho
    Sweet but Psycho 3 тижні тому (змінено) Stephanie Fay Page omg yasssss! #tvd #to#legacies #ouat
  • Kailey Peralta
    Kailey Peralta 10 місяців тому That last bit when you said “And then the lost girl, and the lost boy found a home in each other” really got to me! I’m over here crying my eyes out😭
  • And Blah Blah Blah
    And Blah Blah Blah 10 місяців тому The amount that Colin blushes is insane just saying
  • Megan Cleary
    Megan Cleary 3 місяці тому @Brianna Frost god I want him
  • Brianna Frost
    Brianna Frost 5 місяців тому He’s a shy little Irish boy he can’t help it!!! 💜💜💜😂
  • Shannon Harley
    Shannon Harley 9 місяців тому Derpy Derperson Colin was such an amazing choice for Hook. Well done, show, well done.