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Simple Minds - Alive and Kicking (live)

Published on May 19, 2007 4,243,898 views
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Simple Minds - Alive and Kicking.

Night of the Proms (Rotterdam, Netherlands 1997).

( There is a higher quality version here: )

  • Ty Nash
    Ty Nash 3 роки тому The radio edit album studio soundtrack is excellent, but this live in concert rendition/performance has a lot more going on. In the middle of the performance where it changes key and the chorus swells, the audience gets into it and the strings take off...... the orchestra starts flying....... i started getting a little weepy. It's so beautiful, my heart started swooning. It's another one of my unofficial anthems. Don't mind me. I'm just another knucklehead fanboy deluxe.
  • Gary Pawley
    Gary Pawley 1 тиждень тому @H Sig spot on reminds me of better times oh so long ago I'm 60 and still love it
  • H Sig
    H Sig 1 місяць тому I was lost for words, but you nailed it!
  • Pale Shelter
    Pale Shelter 2 місяці тому this is what i was looking for..great tune for live performance👍
  • Susan Fleming
    Susan Fleming 7 місяців тому I'm with you on this, I had tears running down my face it's so beautiful. I've been their fan since the 80's. One of the live performances that will never get old.
  • mark furlong
    mark furlong 10 місяців тому Rick Beato
  • Bud Spencer Jr
    Bud Spencer Jr 1 рік тому That is what i think about, my friend...
  • MrPrimus101
    MrPrimus101 1 рік тому another fanboy deluxe from Sri Lanka...80s will rock forever!!!
  • robert zerrenner
    robert zerrenner 1 рік тому And the B side is the same cut but without lyrics.
  • Vincent Bal
    Vincent Bal 2 роки тому Couldn't agree more, Ty! Beautifully spoken. Right from the hart. This is one of my all time classics and personal favourites! The performane is troughly exceptional!
  • Prelestnost2
    Prelestnost2 2 роки тому Ty Nash Well you seem like a beautiful person.
  • vincent brannelly
    vincent brannelly 2 роки тому just love Mel .
  • Brian Thoman
    Brian Thoman 2 роки тому Thanks for sharing Ty!!
  • Lindsay Brunton
    Lindsay Brunton 2 роки тому great words Ty.
  • TheProfessorOfLife
    TheProfessorOfLife 2 роки тому You hit it right on the head, Ty.  GREAT version of this classic song!  The melody is truly beautiful, and literally gives you the "goosies".  LOL  One of the GREAT 80's bands, and their music is STILL fantastic!
  • Oulun_Nikk3
    Oulun_Nikk3 2 роки тому My favourite part starts at 3:50, especially lady singing backup vocals just nails the whole song - and Ty Nash, you are right too:)!
  • alexandre nascimento
    alexandre nascimento 2 роки тому Ty Nash omg i entirely agree
  • John nisbet
    John nisbet 2 роки тому Bryan Ramsey
  • dirtysouthlepluv
    dirtysouthlepluv 2 роки тому Totally agree! Love this version, especially that part in the middle where the song's intensity goes to a whole new level. :)
  • maria do socorro rocha
    maria do socorro rocha 2 тижні тому Essa música me recorda uma grande amiga minha que partiu pro Andar de cima..tempos maravilhosos
  • Neil Skeggs
    Neil Skeggs 3 тижні тому What can you say? genius simple minds the band says it all resoect
  • rick blankenship
    rick blankenship 4 роки тому this song is in my heart and soul forever
  • michael wentworth
    michael wentworth 7 місяців тому Mine too... brings a tear to my heart.
  • Daniel Junior
    Daniel Junior 3 тижні тому Clássico muita positividade, sensacional 💃💃💃
  • ricardo agulilar
    ricardo agulilar 2 роки тому Tremenda Banda vocalista excepcional timbre de voz
  • Lee Weeks
    Lee Weeks 4 роки тому he had the crowd in the palm of his hand
  • Jose Alcenor
    Jose Alcenor 2 роки тому música boa demais, só 80 neles !!
  • Oscar Barrera
    Oscar Barrera 3 роки тому un saludo a todos los que nacieron en los 80's producto del amor de los veinteanieros
  • ser44
    ser44 2 роки тому Questa non e solo musica e un elisir di sinergia che trasmette emozione creata da i Dei chiamati Simple Minds !!
  • Mike Butler
    Mike Butler 2 місяці тому One of the best voices of all time- even if he's not 100% here, he's still better than most. So full of meaning and and soul.
  • Tom Jones USA
    Tom Jones USA 2 роки тому Haven't heard that song for a long time. It holds up, really a beautiful song.
  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 роки тому One of the best New Wave bands for sure.  Great song.  One of the best of the 80's of any genre.
  • wesley pisiak
    wesley pisiak 4 роки тому Koop
  • Dave Allan
    Dave Allan 2 роки тому OMG  I got old,,,,,     this still sounds as good today as it did back then,,,, Happy days .. to everyone..
  • kemposoefi
    kemposoefi 5 років тому Dutch audience is the best! Timeless and still goosebumps after almost 30 years... 30!?! OMG, how time slips away... peace to you all.
  • Tailhook MD
    Tailhook MD 2 роки тому I'm an American and songs like this make me want to go to Europe. So much energy. These guys had some great songs and this one was epic!
  • Venicio Leite de Oliveira
    Venicio Leite de Oliveira 2 роки тому Uma das melhores bandas do planeta. Sensacional!!!
  • Cléber Gonçalves
    Cléber Gonçalves 8 місяців тому Sabe dizer se eles ainda fazem show s?
  • marcos bustamante
    marcos bustamante 8 місяців тому si ,asi es ,Simply minds es una banda 80s espectacular
  • Josinaldo Souza
    Josinaldo Souza 1 тиждень тому Simple Minds!Fantastica banda!Musica boa demais!Excelente!
  • Josinaldo Souza
    Josinaldo Souza 1 тиждень тому Anos 80!Tempos maravilhosos!
  • P Grimmo
    P Grimmo 5 років тому Doesn't get much better than this....