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Once Upon A Captain Swan - All Kisses through Season 6

Published on May 15, 2017 401,158 views

UPDATE: Here is a link to the newest video including 07x02

Here is what could very well be the last update to this video.

ALL the Captain Swan Kisses through the end of season 6. We passed the one hour mark!! I appreciate every single person that has watched these videos. Thank you for sharing the journey with me. It has been a great ride!

*I will be around in season 7. If by chance we get some Captain Swan goodness in the episode that Jen returns in, I will be sure to update.*

  • Delfina Garcia
    Delfina Garcia 1 рік тому "A one time thing" One hour, Emma. ONE. WHOLE. HOUR.
  • Maria Castillo
    Maria Castillo 1 тиждень тому AND. 2. SECONDS!!!! 😂
  • Princess Thomas
    Princess Thomas 3 місяці тому Delfina Garcia lol😂so true
  • Rose Thorn
    Rose Thorn 4 місяці тому Once upon a time it was a one time thing
  • such a x capricorn
    such a x capricorn 1 рік тому I've learned 2 things from OUAT: 1. All magic comes with a price 2. Captain Swan isn't a ship. ITS AN ARMY!
  • Jorgia Kaufman
    Jorgia Kaufman 3 дні тому agreed
  • Sophie Gonzales
    Sophie Gonzales 2 місяці тому More like a legion
  • RaptureIsMyHome
    RaptureIsMyHome 5 місяців тому 😂
  • Jacob Agee
    Jacob Agee 1 рік тому No not army a legion of knights under princess Emma and Prince Captain Hook
  • Ollie :P
    Ollie :P 1 рік тому The happiness Project I think that's just about the smartest thing I have ever heard
  • cupcake candy
    cupcake candy 9 місяців тому Hook got mad at hook so he punched himself in the face for kissing his girlfriend
  • molly price
    molly price 4 місяці тому well she was his girlfriend at the time in his head
  • Captain Swan
    Captain Swan 1 рік тому I’ve wasted a lot of hours in my lifetime.. This was not one of them.
  • Galaxy Gacha Wolf
    Galaxy Gacha Wolf 1 місяць тому Captain Swan same
  • nothing xx
    nothing xx 8 місяців тому This is actually the best hour of my life
  • cessy tsun
    cessy tsun 11 місяців тому roses are red violets are blue i watched one hour kisses and so did you
  • Lilia Yelash
    Lilia Yelash 3 місяці тому @molly price roses are red violets are blue THIS SHIPS WILL SAIL FOREVER FOR ME AND FOR ALL OF YOU
  • molly price
    molly price 4 місяці тому roses are red violets are blue i'm dying by CS cuteness and you know you are too
  • Amiee Kruse
    Amiee Kruse 1 рік тому (змінено) Hook: “ You don’t have to worry about me, One thing I’m good at is surviving” Me: “ And you died what ,4-5 times
  • Megan Kragnes
    Megan Kragnes 2 місяці тому shut up hook is the cutest person on this show by a mile
  • Sydnee Condie
    Sydnee Condie 2 місяці тому he is a survivor
  • Nitasha Sagar
    Nitasha Sagar 5 місяців тому He survived didnt he 😏
  • Celine B.
    Celine B. 7 місяців тому Technically...he survived deathXD
  • shannon !
    shannon ! 9 місяців тому yes, it’s 11pm. yes, i have school tomorrow and yes, i’m going to watch this entire video right now.
  • Nicky and Angie Vlogs
    Nicky and Angie Vlogs 1 місяць тому shannon ! It’s 2 am rn
  • JosieAnne
    JosieAnne 4 місяці тому Omg right?
  • Nitasha Sagar
    Nitasha Sagar 6 місяців тому That is the perfect time to watch i vid like this
  • Lucia Paz Díaz
    Lucia Paz Díaz 1 рік тому "Calm down Swan, I'm not proposing" 25 minutes later ... "Emma Swan, will you marry me?"
  • Melissa stk
    Melissa stk 8 місяців тому Hahaha 😂
  • Mouse Bee
    Mouse Bee 8 місяців тому Lol best. Spolier. Ever!!!! I hadn't gotten that far 😊😊😊😊
  • Raven TheHolyWarrior
    Raven TheHolyWarrior 9 місяців тому XD.....not XD more like xd I liked hook actually I will kill emma
  • Hannah Turner
    Hannah Turner 1 рік тому I want a killian. Can i have one?
  • HumanDepressoExpresso
    HumanDepressoExpresso 3 місяці тому I wish I could have a Killian for myself
  • Sofia Guelakis
    Sofia Guelakis 3 місяці тому Hannah Turner NO HE IS EMMA’S
  • Purrito
    Purrito 4 місяці тому Ya, can I get one too???
  • Adriana Hernandez
    Adriana Hernandez 4 місяці тому Ikr
  • GhostNeko 05
    GhostNeko 05 4 місяці тому Hannah Turner nooo
  • R HM
    R HM 5 місяців тому Only if you share him with me!😂
  • Sugga James
    Sugga James 6 місяців тому Right
  • •ʝσɾԃყɳ xσxσ•
    •ʝσɾԃყɳ xσxσ• 8 місяців тому @nothing xx Ikr im so sad 😭😭😭
  • nothing xx
    nothing xx 8 місяців тому No they're sold out :(
  • KittyKati13
    KittyKati13 1 рік тому If I had Colin whispering in my ear "Something smells delicious" and he was referring to me, I would probably pass out. 😍😍😂
  • Buhle N
    Buhle N 1 рік тому (змінено) Killian:*takes chain with ring on it of* Emma: WOAH WOAH WOW WOAHH killian: CAM DOWN swan in not proposing Me:*u know he wants to😂😂😏😏
  • Kaitlyn Dillon
    Kaitlyn Dillon 1 місяць тому Buhle N she looked super disappointed too
  • Alex S
    Alex S 6 місяців тому IKR?! Look at her face after he says he's not proposing!! It made me cry I was laughing so hard!
  • Courtney Seiler
    Courtney Seiler 2 роки тому I watched this entire thing.... three times... In less than 24 hours.... This is basically how my summer has gone... I REGRET NOTHING
  • JennyC YT
    JennyC YT 11 місяців тому Courtney Seiler Same
    CRAB-BIRD 11 місяців тому Courtney Seiler fr me t o o
  • Trinitybeexox #Sassy
    Trinitybeexox #Sassy 1 рік тому Courtney Seiler same
  • Carolina Campbell
    Carolina Campbell 1 рік тому Courtney Seiler I
  • Nynke Visser
    Nynke Visser 1 рік тому SAME, and everytime snow comes on afters emma's date stays hilarious! 'How was it?'
  • BraidyFoxtail Xox
    BraidyFoxtail Xox 1 рік тому Omg same goes!
  • Kendal Nicole 1573
    Kendal Nicole 1573 2 роки тому "a one time thing" season 3 Emma let me say this to you...You're lying to yourself
  • Anya Alicea
    Anya Alicea 11 місяців тому A whole hour of screentime later.....
  • Overwatch- sombra-
    Overwatch- sombra- 1 рік тому Kendal Nicole 1573 and it was so much of a lie that there is a 1 hour long video of it happening many more times
  • Peppermint Bliss
    Peppermint Bliss 1 рік тому 3 Words BEST. HOUR. EVER.
  • Säde Kivinen
    Säde Kivinen 6 місяців тому Ikr
  • _ashleyx_ X
    _ashleyx_ X 1 рік тому Peppermint Bliss 3 words right
  • Maca Corbalan
    Maca Corbalan 1 рік тому (змінено) Snow: "am i interrupting something? " Emma: "No" Killian: "Yes!". hahahaha the best Long live Captain Swan ♥
  • New Beginnings
    New Beginnings 8 місяців тому "I'll come back after you've had your... pancakes."
  • Makeup La la land.
    Makeup La la land. 1 рік тому I was watching comic con and a little kid said 'Colin, does your wife get jealous when you kiss Jennifer? Colin and Jennifer: 'Erm......' looks at each other nervously...... Colin 'erm......sometimes.......'
  • Sugga James
    Sugga James 6 місяців тому Lol
  • Zuzu Kawaii
    Zuzu Kawaii 11 місяців тому Ellie Thompson LMFAO XD
  • Esmeralda the pink poodle
    Esmeralda the pink poodle 1 рік тому I mean every women wants him and she has a ring in real life she has nothing to be afraid of lol
  • Ryan.s
    Ryan.s 1 рік тому we need the link bro
  • Alice Craz
    Alice Craz 1 рік тому I would get jealous TOO!!
  • random person
    random person 1 рік тому Ellie Thompson link please
  • тσσтуσυяflυтє
    тσσтуσυяflυтє 1 рік тому Gimme link please!!!
  • passion and love
    passion and love 1 рік тому Ellie Thompson What?! When did happen?
  • Do Moerman
    Do Moerman 1 рік тому do you have a link ???
  • Paige Trinh
    Paige Trinh 1 рік тому Ellie Thompson which one? Link?
  • Taylor James
    Taylor James 1 рік тому "that was--" "a one time thing," she says, yet there's like an hour left on this video dedicated to their kisses 😂
  • Jalimar Febo
    Jalimar Febo 2 роки тому Can you all believe we got a full hour of CS kisses? This is what dreams are made of. Thanks for uploading this. I started SOBBING half way through it. Just remembering how painful S5 was. Damn. We made it! We got a kick ass woman for 6 seasons and a beautifully written love story for 5 seasons. Captain Swan are married and I will never shut up about it. Hopefully we get to see them together again for at least an episode of S7.
  • Life with Grace
    Life with Grace 1 місяць тому Hannah King it didn’t cause I disagreed completely with him cause They didn’t just focus on captain swan. They showed Regina and Robin, Snow and Charming, and Belle and Rumple just as much as Emma and Hook. If anything the show focused on Snow and Charming.
  • Misty Hustad
    Misty Hustad 1 рік тому Oh, please how do you really think that would change anyone's mind. It is just some annoying kid sputing their opinion. Everyone has an opinion and just because someone took the time to upload their's on youtube, it is rididiculous to think that would change anyone's mind. I think people will make up their own mind from watching the show, and like I said everyone has their own opinion and I certainly would not think less of anyone for not agreeing with me, but from what I've seen CaptainSwan has a lot more lovers than haters. CaptainSWan forever!
  • mikaela gautreau
    mikaela gautreau 1 рік тому Jalimar Febo they do get married
  • amina
    amina 1 рік тому Hannah King No shut up.
  • Kadi Wiser
    Kadi Wiser 1 рік тому Nope, still love CS. Sorry not sorry
  • Hannah King
    Hannah King 1 рік тому If You Ship Captainswan this video will change your mind
  • Hannah King
    Hannah King 1 рік тому If You Ship Captainswan this video will change your mind
  • Dizzy
    Dizzy 10 місяців тому I think my fave kiss is the 2nd one where he tells her he traded his ship for her 🖤⛴🚢 gets me every time 🖤🚢💛⛴🖤⛴
  • amina
    amina 1 рік тому I hate when people call them toxic. TOXIC? What has ever happened in their relationship that is toxic? They’re just annoyed bc they want emma to date her freaking grandmother. like don’t you realize regina is her grandmother?! captain swan is one of the softest, cutest, and happiest couples i’ve ever seen. they love each other so much, killian completely changed for emma. it hasn’t been only focused around them. regina and robin have gotten so much. zelena got pregnant and had a baby girl. yeah they went to the underworld for killian, but that was to support the main plot of the show. that true love can break any curse. there is so much other stuff going on, and they’re literally just brats that want everything they can’t have. hating on fictional characters. if you don’t like it don’t freaking watch it.
  • Abbey
    Abbey 4 місяці тому Bob Fox, you’re ew
  • Alex S
    Alex S 6 місяців тому @Bob Fox What the hell lesbian couples are perfectly fine it's just they're technically related. LGBTQ+ is awesome and perfect. I'm straight and I still love it. Go be a homophobe somewhere else plz
  • •ʝσɾԃყɳ xσxσ•
    •ʝσɾԃყɳ xσxσ• 8 місяців тому @Bob Fox There aint nothing wrong with lesbian bitch
  • nothing xx
    nothing xx 8 місяців тому (змінено) @Bob Fox there's nothing wrong with being lesbian but there is something wrong with marrying your grandma there's a few lesbian couples in the show soo
  • Bob Fox
    Bob Fox 10 місяців тому wait if they want emma to date regina does that mean they would be lesbian.........eww
  • Jean Ramsey
    Jean Ramsey 1 рік тому Regina is Emma's step-grandmother because Regina married Snow's dad, becoming Snow's stepmother and Emma's step-grandmother.