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Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms

Published on Jun 2, 2009 42,865,865 views
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Music video by Cutting Crew performing (I Just) Died In Your Arms.

  • Niiicceee
    Niiicceee 2 роки тому (змінено) Old songs are the best songs
  • teddytac253
    teddytac253 2 дні тому Naaaaaw
  • Gaminglucas HD
    Gaminglucas HD 1 тиждень тому Stand by meee. BEST SONG!!!
  • Theodox
    Theodox 1 тиждень тому indeeed
  • Daniel Salazar
    Daniel Salazar 1 місяць тому No doubt!
  • sofia phillips
    sofia phillips 1 місяць тому I agree with u dances l. “Rock and roll🤘🏻”
  • Leanne Murdoch
    Leanne Murdoch 1 місяць тому Yeah there are
  • ruzz ko
    ruzz ko 1 місяць тому I'm 24 years old and I fckin love this song!
  • Oscar Touzel
    Oscar Touzel 1 місяць тому Niiicceee same I’m 16 and this is deep
  • Dorota Zajac
    Dorota Zajac 2 місяці тому 💗
  • Saint_G0d
    Saint_G0d 2 місяці тому Niiicceee agre
  • Infernal Baka
    Infernal Baka 2 місяці тому Lots of baby boomers here then again what did I expect on a old music video
  • Iro Ezekiela
    Iro Ezekiela 2 місяці тому Old songs are the best songs it actually is a song nice song to
  • Tyson Muir
    Tyson Muir 3 місяці тому Exactly!
  • Moist and Creamy
    Moist and Creamy 4 місяці тому Ahh.... Synthpop, synthwave, and vaporwave.... Im so glad 80s brought these electronic masterpiece.
  • B.A Eagle
    B.A Eagle 4 місяці тому Im SO agree with you. I miss them. Even if im an 90's child...😞😕😔
  • William Lindmark
    William Lindmark 4 місяці тому not old experienced
  • troelserik
    troelserik 4 місяці тому Exactly! Just think of Mozart or Beethoven.
  • The 8 Track Master
    The 8 Track Master 5 місяців тому Yes! It's so much better than today's stuff fuck Kodak Black and 21.savage!! Cutting Crew, Nintendo 64, 70s and 80s music are the best!
  • Beef Supreme
    Beef Supreme 7 місяців тому Dude, have you heard “First Delphic Hymn to Apollp”? That’s a golden oldie.
  • Befindox7
    Befindox7 7 місяців тому @Lunny 70s 80s songs had a LOT of sex drugs and rock and roll. every generation has its types.
  • Levente Olah
    Levente Olah 7 місяців тому @Fredrik LemmettyRT 4 5
  • Данил Блинов
    Данил Блинов 9 місяців тому classic music is the best
  • Will JohnnyIII
    Will JohnnyIII 9 місяців тому yes agreed.. 1 of my fav songs of the 80's
  • Jon Weyer
    Jon Weyer 9 місяців тому In general....... that's pretty true......
  • Anna Ferraroni
    Anna Ferraroni 9 місяців тому True
  • Vorondo Voronwë
    Vorondo Voronwë 9 місяців тому Totally agree!
  • asma khadir
    asma khadir 10 місяців тому +kinga Brzezińska Old songs were beautiful like Old days
  • kinga Brzezińska
    kinga Brzezińska 10 місяців тому True!! ☺️
  • Dave Zamora
    Dave Zamora 10 місяців тому Niiicceeee yeah you're right, fucking right
  • Dizzy !
    Dizzy ! 11 місяців тому Yeah
  • Girlene Mae Malayao
    Girlene Mae Malayao 11 місяців тому Old songs never get old
  • Tim Guttesen
    Tim Guttesen 1 рік тому I was 9 when this song came out in 87. We had more choice of songs in the charts than I think kids do now. It feels to me that guitar based music is slowly being forced underground.
  • Legodude Productions
    Legodude Productions 1 рік тому I know right! Rap is the worst
  • Lilly Lul
    Lilly Lul 1 рік тому yes
  • Hooded Zodiac
    Hooded Zodiac 1 рік тому no, but the the greatest hits from a time period will always be good
  • Έλενα Ρούσου
    Έλενα Ρούσου 1 рік тому yes, they are
  • Bonkered
    Bonkered 1 рік тому True fucking that
  • Brandon Raymond
    Brandon Raymond 1 рік тому Amen
  • DJ SukZ
    DJ SukZ 1 рік тому yeah
  • Jono Mcclure
    Jono Mcclure 1 рік тому Very true 80s all the way
  • Adrii Sofii
    Adrii Sofii 1 рік тому Niiicceee indeed
  • Şahende
    Şahende 1 рік тому (змінено) Niiicceee Yes. I think old things are better than our days things. For example, Music, Films, Movies and a lot of things.
  • Chantel Holman05
    Chantel Holman05 1 рік тому Niiicceee ,
  • Michelle Bishop
    Michelle Bishop 1 рік тому Pravesh Alva best decade of music 80s
  • Jason Inman
    Jason Inman 1 рік тому Music Central they get better lol
  • Pravesh Alva
    Pravesh Alva 1 рік тому Especially 80's
  • Ian Wiecek
    Ian Wiecek 1 рік тому Too right
  • skyfall
    skyfall 1 рік тому Absolutly ! old music is immortal!
  • iiAmit ii
    iiAmit ii 1 рік тому so true.
  • Queen_of_darkness_ X
    Queen_of_darkness_ X 1 рік тому Niiicceee So True🖤🎧🤘🏼
  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga 1 рік тому so in a matter of time all songs would be good ? lol
  • xCytrus
    xCytrus 1 рік тому JACOB PL yes XD
    JACOB PL 1 рік тому True!!!!
  • Soap Disco
    Soap Disco 2 роки тому Indeed.
  • Ramaros
    Ramaros 2 роки тому True !
  • Avidone
    Avidone 2 роки тому true.
  • Yan Dantas
    Yan Dantas 2 роки тому Niiiice HU3
  • Fredrik Lemmetty
    Fredrik Lemmetty 2 роки тому Sad then that all song become old in due time...
  • Artsy Chic
    Artsy Chic 2 роки тому Amen to that :)
  • Marc Chamoun
    Marc Chamoun 2 роки тому agreed
  • Charbel Zeayter
    Charbel Zeayter 2 роки тому Niiicceee fuck justin bieber
  • Eva
    Eva 2 роки тому Niiicceee I agree I love all 80's songs
    MYMBOLICHES 2 роки тому Niiicceee Old is Gold
  • ItsPaper fish Challenges/Gaming
    ItsPaper fish Challenges/Gaming 2 роки тому Niiicceee yep
  • braulio de donde cuelga la capa
    braulio de donde cuelga la capa 2 роки тому .!
  • alvingino marifosque
    alvingino marifosque 2 роки тому ulol your era sucks! youre nothing but a retarded son of a bitch hak hak hak
  • braulio de donde cuelga la capa
    braulio de donde cuelga la capa 2 роки тому Old songs, old cars, old freedom, old people, this era SUCKS.
  • Felix Moler
    Felix Moler 2 роки тому Ragnarok gz
  • Ragnarok
    Ragnarok 2 роки тому Christoph Stührenberg I just replied in the same tone that was in their language. Constantly calling other peoples preferences "disgraceful", "drivel" and feeling sorry for their preference in music is an asshole move. They didnt use swearing but they sure as hell were insulting.
  • Sebastian Kobeh
    Sebastian Kobeh 2 роки тому Nah its fine man, i agree some songs from today are great, I enjoy avicci and stuff like that but in my comments i just meant that songs today are not as awesome as they were before. Excuse my bad language and please have a nice day
  • Christoph Stührenberg
    Christoph Stührenberg 2 роки тому He* just failed to say it in a friendly way.
  • Christoph Stührenberg
    Christoph Stührenberg 2 роки тому Sebastian Kobeh I think his point is that there are always good songs and bad songs and it doesn't matter when they were made. I just failed to say it in a friendly way. I agree to his point, but I don't support his insults by any means. I apologize for my bad english.
  • Ragnarok
    Ragnarok 2 роки тому So what youre saying is in the 80s and 90s absolutely every single singer that released a song was automatically a legend? Seems to me youre comparing some of the best songs from the 80s and 90s to some of the worst of todays. Im absolutely certain that there was a heap of shit songs and artists in the 80s and 90s as much as there is now. You just remember the best ones from back then and are comparing them to the worst of now. There are some legendary artists today too, which could easily be compared to the "drivel" from back then. So Im sure the younger generation will be fine. Get off your high horse and make sure you keep your daughter off of it too before you both look like twats.
  • Girl101
    Girl101 2 роки тому Niiicceee Without a doubt you are absolutely correct!! 💯💯✔✔😉😉 I was born in 1981 and was brought up with some of the best artists of all time!! I feel sorry for the younger generation of today because the drivel they listen to is embarrassing & it seems ANYBODY can be a 'Singer', ie manufactured Popstar, & a 'Celebrity' & do covers of amazing unique songs; and totally murder them!! It's disgraceful! I believe in hearing & enjoying a variety of different music & I'm glad my Daughter has learnt this from me!!
  • Logic//MoDz- Tv
    Logic//MoDz- Tv 2 роки тому (змінено) Niiicceee i know homie
  • Mr_Blonde 1992
    Mr_Blonde 1992 2 роки тому True my friend
  • Christoph Stührenberg
    Christoph Stührenberg 2 роки тому Music Central When that happens our children will say "Old songs are the best songs."!
  • Finger Memer
    Finger Memer 2 роки тому Niiicceee what about when new songs turn old?
  • KastaRules
    KastaRules 2 роки тому Old School is the best school!
  • Christoph Stührenberg
    Christoph Stührenberg 2 роки тому @Sebastian Kobeh I just reasoned that parts of his comment do not make sense, but hey, still bether than your comment since he tries to proof what he states out. You are just whinig "Uhhh, the music today is so garbage!". I bet you don't even have a clue about todays music. I am subscribed to Spinnin' Records, Trap Nation and a few other music promotor channels, grown up, but I bet you are nowhere as old as the songs themselves. Since you said you have kids in your class you basically proofed it. Well done! :D
  • Sebastian Kobeh
    Sebastian Kobeh 2 роки тому dude you just took like 12 minutes of your life writing an essay about how you disagree with some random comment on a random video. Todays music is dead except for some songs accept it and move on... HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!
  • Christoph Stührenberg
    Christoph Stührenberg 2 роки тому Lunara Fenrir I like old music and the music of today. Fortunately nowadays Future Bass became very popular and I always have been a fan of this genre. That stuff about todays songs include no passion is utter bullshit! The chances that you grow big enough as an artist are very low, since there thousands and thousands of people who release tracks. If you don't put passion in your work you basically have already lost. And even if you grow big, you can't allow yourself to release bad tracks. The fans are not forgiving. I am not a fan of Dubstep, in fact it's the genre I hate the most next to Glitch Hop, but I think you were too offensive right there. If people like Dubstep it's fine, to each their own. Am I just imagining things or are the people, who sticking to old music very intolerant towards todays music? I don't know any person who writes stuff like "The music of the past was so bad", but I've seen hundreds of comments like yours bitching about todays music. I wonder why is that. Sorry for grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes.
  • Sebastian Kobeh
    Sebastian Kobeh 2 роки тому Dude I totally agree with you I live in Spain and all the kids in my class listen to the garbage of today and Spanish music! ✌️🤙
  • Brettgeber
    Brettgeber 2 роки тому nice old nuke as picture i like <3
  • Izack Maçaneiro
    Izack Maçaneiro 2 роки тому True!
  • žydrūnė balčytytė
    žydrūnė balčytytė 2 роки тому Yeah
  • Angelo Alleng
    Angelo Alleng 2 тижні тому who say 2019 this song still rocks..
  • Melissa Van de hoogen
    Melissa Van de hoogen 1 день тому i do ♥️♥️
  • Gaminglucas HD
    Gaminglucas HD 2 дні тому 2019 #PS5 😂😂😂
  • JFZ_Jan xD
    JFZ_Jan xD 3 дні тому More than any else song🤘
  • JFZ_Jan xD
    JFZ_Jan xD 3 дні тому More than all the other songs🤘
  • ugk74
    ugk74 3 місяці тому I'm gonna open an 80's bar, play all of this great music!!
  • J G
    J G 19 годин тому I’ll pay a lot to see that
  • Медведев Александр
    Медведев Александр 1 день тому Good luck
  • joanne scam
    joanne scam 1 день тому ugk74 YES PLEASE !!!
  • Dennis Petrini
    Dennis Petrini 2 дні тому no you're not
  • teddytac253
    teddytac253 2 дні тому I already did. AND REALLY DID... A REAL ONE. 518 E. 32nd st Tacoma Wa 980404.
  • Denis_48
    Denis_48 1 тиждень тому (змінено) It will be called "Cafe 80's".
  • Fazed_Mario_ 94
    Fazed_Mario_ 94 2 тижні тому 80's music 🎶 is forever there classics shoo I'm 24 friends and family showed me all that good music ehh I love new music to well half no there bad but still 😎🙌 80's will live on.
  • Kristina T
    Kristina T 2 тижні тому ugk74 I’d totally go there one I’m 21
  • Brenda VF
    Brenda VF 4 тижні тому Adress??
  • Temo
    Temo 1 місяць тому PLEASE SENT ME AN INVITE !
    BRUTUSPLAC 1 місяць тому GOFUNDME page ?? LINK US
  • Carla Gunness
    Carla Gunness 1 місяць тому Omg yes please! Im gonna be there every single day. IM GONNA MOVE IN THERE! xD
  • macgrubber100
    macgrubber100 1 місяць тому ugk74 so every bar everywhere lol
    PABLOOESCOBAAR 1 місяць тому Actually, there is a restaurant in Germany with all these great songs , including an original modern jukebox from the 50’s which is still working . The menu card is also including absolutely delicious burgers
  • Barak Porat
    Barak Porat 1 місяць тому I am your first customer!
  • peposito1985
    peposito1985 1 місяць тому Send us the location pls
  • nick13002
    nick13002 1 місяць тому ugk74 it’s called a gay bar
  • Doctor Ector
    Doctor Ector 1 місяць тому Send me an 80s playlist
  • ugk74
    ugk74 1 місяць тому @whatcha lookin at? Of course! Be lookin for ya
  • whatcha lookin at?
    whatcha lookin at? 1 місяць тому Damn good idea, can I come?!?
  • Bruce Chavez
    Bruce Chavez 1 місяць тому I'll go with you, Bro ! We're living in the shitty world now, it's just getting worse and worse as time goes by !
  • Alia belil
    Alia belil 1 місяць тому This generation will think you're coming from another planet
  • Antonio Barboza
    Antonio Barboza 2 місяці тому I’ll be there for the grand opening!
  • Saint_G0d
    Saint_G0d 2 місяці тому ugk74 yes omg my dream
  • ian flores
    ian flores 2 місяці тому Same idea here bro
  • radeon28
    radeon28 2 місяці тому I'm comin Help me I am stuck in a soulless world !!!
  • Mary Anne
    Mary Anne 2 місяці тому That would be fantastic, love the 80s
  • Abhik Mookerji
    Abhik Mookerji 2 місяці тому Go ahead
  • Pix-Elated
    Pix-Elated 3 місяці тому So do you want to open a money printing machine? Because that's how you get money printing machines!
  • Kato K.
    Kato K. 3 місяці тому we are waiting Bro...a call is call!!
  • Neel
    Neel 3 місяці тому Yes please!
  • mario Andres
    mario Andres 3 місяці тому So where are You going to open it ?
  • E B
    E B 3 місяці тому @mario Andres yeah.... I freakin'ly love 80's music. I grew up with it!
  • mario Andres
    mario Andres 3 місяці тому Where ? so we can visit there
  • Anthony Collins
    Anthony Collins 1 місяць тому (змінено) Who's here because they love great music from the 1980s and don't care about what year that you're listening to this song in?
  • Justin Bernard
    Justin Bernard 55 хвилин тому Just as thirstttty
  • Andra Mierlea
    Andra Mierlea 1 тиждень тому Meeeeeee!!!!!!!
  • Clean and Good
    Clean and Good 1 тиждень тому Dam straight. 80's have never let me down
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 2 тижні тому Me in 2019
  • Apeldjus
    Apeldjus 3 тижні тому 🙋
  • cptreech
    cptreech 3 тижні тому I had the privilege to drink with Kevin for a while, lovely bloke, huge talent. so modest, fucking shame.
  • Seth Gormley
    Seth Gormley 1 місяць тому 80s rocks ps I'm 9
  • Seth Gormley
    Seth Gormley 1 місяць тому I tried
  • Matisse Moretti
    Matisse Moretti 1 місяць тому Shut up kingslayer
  • Unlimited Aviation
    Unlimited Aviation 1 місяць тому *Me!
  • Unlimited Aviation
    Unlimited Aviation 1 місяць тому Ne!
  • Diana Gocławska
    Diana Gocławska 1 місяць тому I , just since od 1986.
  • danish raza youtube
    danish raza youtube 1 місяць тому Especially DON'T care for GOT NK or AS!
  • C4DeadCharge
    C4DeadCharge 1 місяць тому Anthony Collins I like your Ghost profile pic. Papa Emeritus for life
  • Roberto Escalante
    Roberto Escalante 1 місяць тому 32 years ago 05/02/1987), this song hit the #1 charts in the USA.
    VIMEDE SELEYI 3 дні тому A year after I was born n yet i find this song more beautiful than most of the songs today
  • jasmaart
    jasmaart 5 днів тому Still amazing song 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • Juanita Tucker
    Juanita Tucker 4 тижні тому 32 years have gone by SO FAST!!! It truly doesn't feel like it has been that long.
  • Paul Casey
    Paul Casey 1 місяць тому I was 5, and this is the first song that I remember (I was 6 when this played on the radio as we were traveling to Dallas).
  • not real
    not real 1 місяць тому Ha
  • Roberto Escalante
    Roberto Escalante 1 місяць тому @Artos Ap Nab 1986 actually, but became #1 a year later.
  • Artos Ap Nab
    Artos Ap Nab 1 місяць тому (змінено) is this song an Acquarius '87? ouch!!!
  • Decepticon Raider
    Decepticon Raider 1 місяць тому I still have the original single on vinyl
  • not real
    not real 1 місяць тому I was being born
  • Adi Z3
    Adi Z3 1 рік тому GTA Vice City still remember...
  • ZmarkerFTW
    ZmarkerFTW 1 місяць тому @Elman Ravager i miss
  • manny1977
    manny1977 1 місяць тому I appreciate very much that new generations know this kind of music playing a videogame and then they can understand that old time music is often better than todays one!
  • Marvo
    Marvo 8 місяців тому Best song in the whole game!
  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam 8 місяців тому That game was the thing when I was a kid, miss the old days .
  • mag leboucher
    mag leboucher 8 місяців тому One of the best game of all time.
  • David Slovák
    David Slovák 8 місяців тому Next up we have a beautiful record for you to get in touch with yourself, Cutting Crew I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight. Must have been something you said huh?
  • Rebel Records
    Rebel Records 8 місяців тому Vc had sound?
  • Tennis Fan
    Tennis Fan 9 місяців тому also this song :)
  • Krzysztof Światły
    Krzysztof Światły 9 місяців тому I'm still playing VC
  • Elman Ravager
    Elman Ravager 9 місяців тому I am Fernando Martinez and this is Emotion 98.3
  • Kristi Teneqexhi
    Kristi Teneqexhi 9 місяців тому Gaming music more like legendary music
  • Czarny Kot
    Czarny Kot 9 місяців тому Yea ur right
  • jeff_menace91
    jeff_menace91 9 місяців тому @darkruler19 Really? Gonna have to play that again because I definitely don't remember hearing this on that and that's still my favorite NFS game.
  • jeff_menace91
    jeff_menace91 9 місяців тому @Tennis Fan So many classics while driving in Vice City and Self Control is definitely one of the most played as soon as got in a car. Lol
  • Tennis Fan
    Tennis Fan 9 місяців тому like this one Laura Branigan - Self Control
  • Tennis Fan
    Tennis Fan 9 місяців тому great music in that game :) all kinds genres of music, very fun just to stole a car and listen to the radio, magic kind of stuff :
  • darkruler19
    darkruler19 10 місяців тому i remmember it from nfs most wanted (the original) just drinving my car across the highway
  • Jonko Maximus
    Jonko Maximus 10 місяців тому Vice City OST the best ^^