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The Story of Killian Jones (2x04-7x22)

Published on Nov 8, 2018 41,142 views

  • Elisabeth Mees
    Elisabeth Mees 8 місяців тому Colin did an amazing job playing Hook!
    AEAADCAWAE 2 місяці тому Caoimhe Kelly we first stayed in Dublin with our cousin that lives there, we stayed in Mountmelick with another cousin(sister to cousin in Dublin) & her husband, we visited another cousin(the two sisters’ brother) & his wife at the home place in Whitechurch their two sons & their families live there too we also went to Glendalough, Connemara, Knock, Galway, Wexford, we might have gone to Kilkenny, Killarney, & Wicklow but not sure as it was in 1990 so it’s been awhile but for sure the others I listed we even went to Belfast going to Ireland was an awesome experience & one I’ll never forget for the first few days I was homesick but I was fine after that & then I didn’t want to leave
  • Caoimhe Kelly
    Caoimhe Kelly 2 місяці тому @AEAADCAWAE where did u go in ireland
    AEAADCAWAE 2 місяці тому (змінено) Caoimhe Kelly my dad’s side is Irish & my mom’s side is German(her dad) & Polish(her mom) my dad & his parents were born in Texas I think his grandparents too & maybe great grandparents not sure when the family first came to U.S my mom’s German side came to Texas in 1846 not sure about the Polish side so even though most of my ancestors were born in U.S & I’m American/Texan born but I’m still German Irish & Polish & I’m very proud to be all of those & I also went to Ireland once with my dad & my grandma for two weeks we still have family there I loved it I’d like to go again this time go to where Colin is from 😍😍
  • Caoimhe Kelly
    Caoimhe Kelly 2 місяці тому @AEAADCAWAE oh cool are your parents from Ireland ?
    AEAADCAWAE 2 місяці тому Caoimhe Kelly yes I agree I’m proud to be Irish American
  • Caoimhe Kelly
    Caoimhe Kelly 2 місяці тому @Rusty yasssss
  • Rusty
    Rusty 2 місяці тому Caoimhe Kelly yes we are ❤️
  • Caoimhe Kelly
    Caoimhe Kelly 2 місяці тому Elisabeth Mees that's because the irish are amazing
    AEAADCAWAE 3 місяці тому Elisabeth Mees yesss I can’t imagine anyone playing Killian/Hook love Colin❤️😍
  • VegaJelissa ii
    VegaJelissa ii 8 місяців тому 6:39 Killian: ''And its a lie now!" His Father:"I will never leave him." Killian:''But you would leave me...'' This hurts my heart, his story is so sad:(
  • Kelsey Hay
    Kelsey Hay 1 місяць тому 😪😭
  • Majapiraya
    Majapiraya 8 місяців тому I'm so glad that he got his happy ending! I'm still mad that i didn't get that awkward Killian and Milah reunion in the underworld though..
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 8 місяців тому Ugh MY EMOTIONS. I wanna cry now. I miss him. Killian will always remain my fave OUAT character, and probably my fave character overall too. Anyways this was amazing. I particularly loved the flashbacks at the end – almost made me cry. Also congrats on somehow managed to put back together OUAT's shitty timeline haha. He's really got such a terrible past :') He deserves his happy ending so much. I also really like that you use songs instead of instrumental music like everyone else (including myself lol) seems to be doing, especially because you use such great and well-fitting songs! I loved this!
  • Alexeya the queen
    Alexeya the queen 7 місяців тому The Rolly Joger I’m crying it’s so romantic and sad and omg I’m crying hook will always be my fave charactor
  • The Rolly Joger
    The Rolly Joger 8 місяців тому Haha I can imagine that x)
  • Killiarious Youtube
    Killiarious Youtube 8 місяців тому The Rolly Joger I’m glad you liked it and same lol every time I even looked at the ending I’d die 🤣
  • Capitan Hook Emma
    Capitan Hook Emma 8 місяців тому Love Killian Jones 😍 😍
  • Giulia Ornaghi
    Giulia Ornaghi 8 місяців тому I’m crying, this is So beautiful. Could you do one about Regina too?
  • Tyler Baz
    Tyler Baz 4 місяці тому Giulia Ornaghi One for Regina would be amazing too. And Emma
  • Sophiee e
    Sophiee e 8 місяців тому @Killiarious Youtube whyyy pleasee you do it so good
  • Killiarious Youtube
    Killiarious Youtube 8 місяців тому (змінено) No, and thanks!! (I do think someone has done something similar for her though)
  • Ivania Arleth Monroy
    Ivania Arleth Monroy 8 місяців тому Such a wonderful video i love Killian so so much and while I'm watching this i feel super excited thank you for doing this amazing job Captain Swan forever!!!!😁😍😍
  • Once-Armenia/Հայաստան
    Once-Armenia/Հայաստան 8 місяців тому Wow! You really did a great job. I just realized how I miss OUAT. And Colin is perfect in every possible way!!!
  • KzCreationz & More
    KzCreationz & More 6 місяців тому (змінено) This pirate needs his own movie....... or tv show.......... or both........... both sounds good XD
  • Jesterladyscorn
    Jesterladyscorn 8 місяців тому Oh, how lovely. He is just the best ever and I'm happy to see his whole story here. It would be impossible to capture every single part of it so don't worry about missing scenes no matter what anyone says. This is just amazing and you did a fabulous job!
  • Elly M
    Elly M 8 місяців тому OMG – amazing. Thank you so much for sharing and all the feels, I’m so emo, you did such a great job – absolutely beautiful. Killian Jones is such an brilliant complex character with such an amazing development, to see him getting his happy ending with Emma, Hope, Henry and the rest of his family makes me so happy (& teary). Killian Jones will forever be one of, if not my favourite character ever & this just reminded me of how much I miss him (& Emma). Kudos to Colin O’Donoghue what an amazing job he did bringing Killian to life, watching your video was a great reminder of how brilliant an actor he is. Thank you again, much appreciated.
  • Julia Pakarinen
    Julia Pakarinen 8 місяців тому (змінено) So beautiful! chills It's awesome to finally see his story chronologically, you showed his character developement in a spectacular way. I like your song choices. Hats off to you...mate. ;) Are you planning to do something of Wish-Hook as well?
  • Julia Pakarinen
    Julia Pakarinen 8 місяців тому @Killiarious Youtube Okay, I understand.
  • Killiarious Youtube
    Killiarious Youtube 8 місяців тому (змінено) Thank you! and probably not, there's just too many holes in his story for it to make sense
  • Elisabeth Mees
    Elisabeth Mees 8 місяців тому This is amazing and so well done, thank you. Killian is such an interesting Person, I love everything about him.
  • Brandy Van Voorst
    Brandy Van Voorst 7 місяців тому the scene with hook and bae saying that hook tore his family apart breaks my heart every freaking time
  • Grace McDonnell
    Grace McDonnell 8 місяців тому I’ve been waiting for this for so long and so happy it’s here!! I’m only 10 minutes through, And I’m in love already! Congratulations on 3,000 subscribers! You definitely deserve it ❤️
  • Joy Torres
    Joy Torres 8 місяців тому HOLY LORD THIS WAS AMAZING AND MY EMOTIONS ARE EVERYWHERE THIS MAN HAS BEEN THROUGH HELL AND BACK (literally) and he finally got his happy ending 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧💕💕💕💕
  • heythatsmycigar
    heythatsmycigar 8 місяців тому (змінено) This was absolutely amazing, congrats on all your videos and I know you'll get to 3000 subscribers soon! Also, the song at the beginning means so much to me and it was amazing to listen to it with the story of one of my favourite characters ❤
  • Kiera Pagie
    Kiera Pagie 8 місяців тому This melted my heart I loved it ❤️ amazing job 😊
  • Erica Newman
    Erica Newman 6 місяців тому I want to be loved like that. Like damn...the look in his eyes and the emotion in his voice. Colin is such a great actor, I got chills so many times during this video
  • CPMV71
    CPMV71 8 місяців тому This was amazing. It must have taken ages to accumulate , arrange & put it all together in a chronological order. It was a joy to watch. Definitely on my fave list. Thank you!!