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OUAT || Crack/Song Spoof {#2}

Published on Nov 26, 2014 158,399 views


After completing my first crack video I just had to make another! So I've spent my Thanksgiving break working on this video for like the past four or five days. This may be my best work personally! I actually died laughing at my own video so...Also, I'm making a third one soon. The ideas keep coming xD. I might make one every week since OUAT as you know comes out every Sunday! :D Thanks for watching!

Songs used in order:

-Tiptoe By The Window
-Lets Talk About Sex Baby
-Painted Black
-That's Not My Name
-Random Hard Metal Playing
-I Believe I Can Fly
-Dive In
-Ghost Busters Theme Song
-Beat It
-Dick In A Box
-I've Got The Power
-Love Is An Open Door
-Solja Boy
-Double Vision
-Yakety Sax
-Suit and Tie
-My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
-Clouds In The Sky
-Mission Impossible Theme Song

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  • Kia Maria
    Kia Maria 4 роки тому LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT IT! By far my favorite part. It's pretty much what happened in the actual scene too, lmao
  • Demon 14
    Demon 14 3 роки тому +Kia Maria Hehe yes ikr lol :)
  • Khadijiah Kagoni
    Khadijiah Kagoni 2 роки тому Giving a like for the dream catcher scene "Please help me"
  • Jessica
    Jessica 3 роки тому My favorite of Snow's scenes is with the bluebird omg that was priceless
  • Khadijiah Kagoni
    Khadijiah Kagoni 2 роки тому Yep, the whole time I was thinking "Welp, there goes my Disney memories"
  • Taylor Neal
    Taylor Neal 4 роки тому dora and my little pony ha ha ha  and I love the eye thing with Emma and Hook :)
  • Stacy Brouner
    Stacy Brouner 4 роки тому I have a headache cuz i facepalmed so many times! oww
  • amelie
    amelie 2 роки тому normal people when friends have headaches friend: ugh i have a headache person: oh poor u me when my friends have headaches friend: ugh i have a headache me: i-i-i-i've got a migraine... friend: scowls me: ok.
  • Carmody Thielen
    Carmody Thielen 2 роки тому I already have a migraine! and I facepalmed so many times to I made it worse!
  • Once Upon A Jenn
    Once Upon A Jenn 4 роки тому Ha ha ha ouch!!
  • Caitlin Reedy
    Caitlin Reedy 3 роки тому The eyecount of Captain Swan was hilarious!!!
  • Anna Lee
    Anna Lee 3 роки тому And that was just in like 2 scenes!
  • Rute Ribeiro
    Rute Ribeiro 4 роки тому eye count was the best ahahahahahah xD
  • Nicamon
    Nicamon 4 роки тому @Wolfy Chan Come T pare.Io nn la vedo così.(Se C sono 4 commenti uguali io rispondo a tutti la stessa cosa.)
  • Vanargandr
    Vanargandr 4 роки тому No, contare no. Ripetere la stessa cosa in quattro commenti diversi, compreso il mandare a fanculo un ragazzo solo perché ad un certo punto si stufa e ti dà la ragione dei matti (cosa che sinceramente, leggendo la conversazione, avrei fatto anch'io) lo è. Così come lo è andare in giro ad attaccare gli altri, e so che lo fai perché in questo fandom ci sono pure io.
  • Nicamon
    Nicamon 4 роки тому @Wolfy Chan Scusa,ma nn mi risulta ke saper contare equivalga a scatenare una ship war.E in ogni caso la conversazione era terminata il 26 Dicembre...xké riaprirla D nuovo senza motivo?!Già su FB nn posso mai aprire bocca ké continuano a bloccarmi tutti gli account,hai idea D Qanto sia frustrante?!?!Fatemi il favore D lasciarmi la libertà D parola almeno da qualche altra parte!
  • Vanargandr
    Vanargandr 4 роки тому @Nicamon Nicola finiscila. Sono Regina, sai quanto shippi SwanQueen e quanto ami difendere la mia ship, ma andare ad iniziare delle ship war a caso sotto a dei video solo perché a qualcuno piace la CS è un'esagerazione, e butta fango su tutta la categoria. Vogliamo fare un paragone estremo? Come i terroristi buttano fango su tutti i musulmani, così quelli che iniziano le ship war senza senso buttano fango su tutti gli shipper. 
  • Nicamon
    Nicamon 4 роки тому I can't forget the ships because the ships are ONE of the reasons I love the show.I care very much about them so I can't just pretend they're not there or that they're not important(for me,at least).
  • Rute Ribeiro
    Rute Ribeiro 4 роки тому @Nicamon   I will not start a ship fight. I love this show, not because of the ships but for the story. I like all ships (BUT CS is my favorite ) i am OQ / SQ shipper as well etc etc ... the eye count for me was the best part of THIIIS video, not the best part of the show. enjoy the show and forget just for ONE second the ships. ;)
  • Nicamon
    Nicamon 4 роки тому @Rute Ribeiro Do you realize that 13 times out of 19 is only HOOK that"makes eyes"to Emma?And 0 times Emma makes eyes to Hook?The only time she looks at him is simply because they are talking(and yet...she only does it 6 times out of 16)!!THAT is"MAKING EYES"for you?Bitch,please,just watch...well,basically EVERY SINGLE SCENE with Emma&Regina( know...for example the one at 6:28 - 6:40 you know...and many many more...)and then come back and tell me who is that REALLY"makes eyes"!
  • Once Upon A Jenn
    Once Upon A Jenn 4 роки тому Thank you!! :D
  • Adrian Young
    Adrian Young 2 роки тому Captain guy liner lol
  • Lissia
    Lissia 4 роки тому So light em up, up, up! <3
  • Daughter Of Hades
    Daughter Of Hades 1 рік тому IM ON FIRE!
  • Zoë Voss
    Zoë Voss 2 роки тому I like to fall out Fall out what? Fall out boiiiiiiiiiiii
  • Sabine D.
    Sabine D. 3 роки тому Yeahh FALL OUT BOYY!❤️
  • allissa montrose
    allissa montrose 3 роки тому CHOCOLATE!!! CHOCOLATE!!! CHOCOLATE!!!  XD XD by far one of the funniest parts
  • Vicky Lee
    Vicky Lee 2 роки тому The eyes were the best well done for making this
  • Ziamodefiles
    Ziamodefiles 4 роки тому This is the best I've seen so far! 😹😹😹
  • Lacie Foster
    Lacie Foster 4 роки тому Omg I'm so stupid. This is like my tenth time watching this and I just realized the ahs reference. Wtf is wrong with me
    LALA KAYLA 4 роки тому Honestly this one and the first one are the best ouat crack spoofs I've seen!!! Good job!!!👍👏😁
  • Lizard
    Lizard 3 роки тому Alllll hell nawwe insidious song at the beginning
  • Maggie M
    Maggie M 4 роки тому The one where Emma opens the door omg
  • Beella
    Beella 3 роки тому For some reason I like the telephone one, among many others
  • Mia S.
    Mia S. 1 рік тому The Regina and Emma part talking about robin and outfits is hilarious
  • Isabella Pessin
    Isabella Pessin 4 роки тому jfc the eye count was so good im dying
  • Sabine D.
    Sabine D. 3 роки тому True!
  • Chloe Arellano
    Chloe Arellano 3 роки тому Bloody hell your good van you do one for Dark Swan and Killian